Thousands of men

Are walking around

In my head

They speak so kindly

They speak with loathing

They speak of ordinary things

They speak of me

Children crying

In this little apartment of mine

Phone rings, a million

Splotches of electricity

In my head

I hear of men

Talking about my future

Talking about how


I can be

Talking about how


I really am


I know what sick is goddamn it

It's when your nose is stuffed up

Filled with lies

And mistruths

And sheep

Who tell you the news

I can't withstand all those fish

The electricity

Stabbing into my brain

Sharp lightening bolts

Bleed bleed bleed

All the red

All the thoughts

In my head

As the men drink their wine

And they smile and laugh

Ring ring ring

It's for you

But my rationale is gone

Please leave a message

After my cold, dead heartbeat