Shriveling and snuffling

In your dismal little hole

W I D E, B I G

Body as incandescent as my eyes

Your belly full of all the lies you told

With thousands of razors

That tears through the shit

Of all the falsities and mistruths

And you can look up to me with a

W I D E, B I G


And tell me you never ate someone's

Dead carcass

But you actually

Were born in it

As a troop of Satan's spawn

It is your duty

To make sure all the garbage is gone

You never told anyone of how much of

A piece of shit you are yourself

As you continue to devour

The falsities and mistruths

Of everyone else

And Satan only smiles

And taps his desk with his red fingers with his

Black, sharp machete nails

As he says

Welcome my child

You are what you eat

You are garbage, you are decay

You are nothing but the lowly and the


Who wishes to kill away

All my fears, all my pain

That makes the person I am


You have no tongue to know the taste

Of the shit you feed

So you never know how much of a

W I D E, B I G

Maggot you really are

Shriveling and snuffling

You have no nose to know how much

The hole filled with your demon brothers and sisters

With you


You will only taste with your

Gyrating blades of your mouth

Your shredded tongue

Bits and bits of pink

Of the disease-ridden insect

You will become

One day

II. The Fly

Your crystal clear wings

Shine like winter's dreaded ice

Your radar eyes

Shine like gems with night's stars

Razor sharp needle

You feed and suck

Acid you spout

You gargle and gargle

Chew, chew softly with the bile

You just throw up and lick and suck

Eat up your vomit

Realize how the taste of food

Turned from shit to corrosive razors

Bleed in your throat

Rust in your teeth

The long red streaks

Tell me if I've done that

You will say


I have become what I ate

You fly around my hole

The sign of the deceased and rotting

You make a pithy noise as you cry

The guttural of your wings

The rubied eyes see the world like a


You see the colors all glazed like food with your spit

Like your eyes

You only live for 24 hours, babe

Said Satan

As I crush you

Under the heavy nectarine light

Before you died

You fucked with another

Lowly miserable piece of shit like you

You laid your followers

The ones who believe in your religion

In my wound

And they shout and they bite

As it sheds slowly till I am pink and bone

Shriveling and snuffling

In your dismal little hole