I walked into the living room and put my hand in my hair. I had my course work under one arm and my laptop under the other. Lucky and Miranda were crashed on the sofa, Lucky in her usual tight vest top and really short shorts and Miranda sporting a knee-length red dress, both of them making me look 50 years out of date. I put my laptop on the coffee table, pulled my black shirt over the top of my black jeans and tightened my pony tail. "Nice shirt," Miranda said with a puzzled look. I flopped down in-between the two and curled around my homework.

"Thanks" I muttered while scribbling down different chemical compounds. AgCl, Silver Chloride. AIBO, Aluminium Boron Oxide. AsO, Arsenic Monoxide. C'mon Lynz, Think! Lucky quickly got up and grabbed her phone just before "One Thing" by One Direction blared out of it. That only meant one thing. "Lucky, are you going on a date with that dick Alex Whitehall?" I enquired. She awkwardly started playing with her Blackberry phone.

"Well, at least I have a boyfriend," She snapped. Ouch. She sank back onto the sofa and curled up into the purple fluffy cushions that Lil helped me pick out. Deajai quickly paced in looking very annoyed.

"What's wrong, Deajai?" I asked quickly, scribbling down the wrong compound and then furiously scribbling it out. "Crap" I muttered under my breath.

"What?" Deajai said.

"Nowt" I replied.

"You said something,"

"No, I fucking didn't,"

"Yeah, you did"

"Yeah," I said giving up, "I swore, well done. I fucked up, big style." Deajai frowned. She isn't big on the swearing thing.

"Hey, Hey, Hey," Karla said, sliding across the dining room table and coming through the door to the living room. "No swearing, Miss Homework nerd." She looked at me in disgust "Don't you have a party to get ready and go to?" I stood up and put my laptop on the Coffee table.

"Yeah, I do. But first I need to go get Lil from the coffee shop first," I announced. I picked up my car keys and my bag with my party clothes in and logged off my computer. "Luck, You coming?" I asked as I went to the door where Karla was standing. She smelt like horses. Yack, Yack, Yackidy, Yack, Yack. Lucky walked up to me and we both went to the front door, her slightly behind me. I shoved my key into the temperamental lock and opened the front door. "So luckby" I said.

"Yeah?" She replied, opening the gate. "Where are you needing dropped off at?" I quickly unlocked my car and jumped behind the steering wheel. God, It's been a while since I'd driven my car. We drove into the main campus and I parked up in the shopping centre's car park, the Boarding school looming over me from atop the hill.

"Just here." She said. We got out the car and she headed towards the cinema, me going in the opposite direction to the bar.