OMG! A little note about birthdays, I was really pissed when Lyndsay didn't even hint around that her birthday was coming up like a truck on a motorway and she was all grown up and crap. Turning 18. Not that we didn't know! When she came from her house to ours, Karla gave her some joke book that neither of them wanted me to see – like thanks girls, I know I don't get Lynz's Goth jokes but a gothic joke book? Oh and Deajai, sensible trustworthy Deajai, bought her a twelve-pack of beer and 2 bottles of Smirnoff that NEITHER of them were old enough to buy. But, trust Deajai to come up with an all-frigging-illegal celebration. Good thing I was (as always!) on the case, because I (being awesome) bought her a cake! OMG, it was adorable too. It was all layers with black and purple icing and an adorable vampire girl on top! Yummy, 4 layer heaven. She loved it! What can I say; I'm awesome at Goth shopping too! Oh and I got mint chip ice cream, so we skipped lunch and we all pigged out on ice cream, cake and beer. And by everyone I mean everyone. Anna-Bella, Me, Karla, Lyndz, Mikey, Meghan, Midnight, Eleasha, Shane (He wasn't at the gun store!) Chelsea, Max and Alex. I honestly LOVE living here. I just hope we can hold together for a smidge longer, maybe a month or so. Because the money? Not really coming in that fast. My pay check from bartending covers my share of utilities and the weekly shop, and my parents cover the boarding school tutoring costs. It's the same with Meggie, Alex and Deajai, fuck even Karla ponies up her fair share. Don't ask me how the hell she does because all I've seen the girl do is slack and horse ride. Yeah, I hope we sort something out soon. Or I'm screwed.

Chow 4 now! XXX


OMG! That bitch Anna-Bella bailed on us! She packed her bags and left! At least we could find someone who could pay the rent but . . . And she's pulling out of her schooling! She was so good! Oh this isn't very long but I have to help post an ad in the campus paper for 2 new roomies. Yup 2, the old room and the new room. So off I go. Oh and BTW HOW THE FUCK DO YOU FINISH SUPER MARIO BROS ON DS? Gonna have to ask Meggie . . .

Chow 4 now! XXX


OMG! I am the luckiest girl in the world! You remember Lynz, don't you? Yeah Miss I'm-Glados's-real-life-equivalent is moving into the old room! It's quite Goth, so it fits. At the mo, she's arguing with Alex (The only male resident BTW!) about . . . . Skyrim. Why did we let another gamer in the house? Oh coz IT'S LYNDSAY! I hadn't seen her since year 7 and she was on my doorstep. Would I deny such an evil creature access into hell? Nay, peasant, nay one shan't. OK Gotta go! Love you lots!

Chow 4 now! XXX

So ok. Thanks for reading!