Thick strands of silver blue smoke

Blowing from your mouth

You tell me to not worry

That I don't know what life is all about

Stop being so paranoid

Stop being such a panicky sort

Why can't you be happy

Just like me?

Happiness doesn't grow on trees

But to me it grows on a plant

Can't you see, what I mean?

I smoke it everyday

It makes the pain of my daily life

Go away

You sit on your high chair

So tall it reaches the skies

Your mind is perfectly awake

And you simply don't care about the time

You tell me

To relax

To sit down

To watch life go by

When everything in yours is










You have nothing in yours to live for

Just getting into your town

Finding the dealer

Finding the junk

And watch life as it goes


round round

round round


everything in your life begins to decay

no one wants to be with you

you lose all your family and friends

including me, I'm gone

you just smoke your pot

smoke your weed

have fun

even if your life is slowly going to smithereens

I would rather suffer

Than deny the pain

That life will bring

The smoke around your eyes

Must be making you blind

I'm sorry

That you can't see