Peter Piper Pickled Peppers

Is a dead man like you and me

Stories that tell of fake things

Why tell me such lies when you can sing

About angels and demons

That one snuck in

And gave me a choice

Of letting the world burn

Or letting a child learn of its voice

I am dead because my stories are always false

They speak of blood that I have shed

In case you want to know about the kid

He was inside me

And I E V





As you see my thin mouth mark

As I suck you in

Peter Piper Pickled Peppers

Those peppers were red

Like the blood that's on your doorstep

And I can swear to the authorities that it wasn't me

But my insanity

Peter Piper Pickled Peppers

Peter Prickle Tickle Peppers

Peeper Reeker Pride of Zest

Go to Hell

Before I can begin my rest