My heart cries out

In loneliness

The suffocated screams

Speak out to me

And I let all but my eyes

Die away

I see the world

Only in logic

I see the world

In all the flaws

That no one else could see

I am the pain dealer

I prescribe 300 mg of heartbreak

I prescribe a little 20 mg of sorrow too

A little anger

A little fire

In your mind

I let all the mental illnesses

Flare and siege all but joy

Joy will no longer be ordered to you

I say the medicine isn't healing

Let you suffer

Let you scream

Let you anguish in agony

Scar all those who wronged you

Kill all those feelings inside

I say this will help you

Because I have a Ph. D

In knowing what shade of blue

Your scar tissues are

Hollowed out the bones

The veins had their death

No longer breathing all of the world inside

Your mind shall be erased

White slate

White as a fang

From the rattlesnake

I picked up from the Mojave

As hot as it gets there

I can't sweat

Because I gave all my thoughts

Donated to the cause

Of the world curling up

On its knees

And only can I hear your shriveled soul

Plead away

That God wants us all

To pray