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Victoria Castle

sorry my keyboard is not working with me, and i broke my glasses and won't be able to get a new pair until November. This was made for a certain gothic friend of mine (they know who they are.) but I had chose that opening it up to the public would be a good idea too. And I was planing to keep it to myself a while longer, but meh. I don't usually write dark, mysterious stories...

I Had always loved Gothic Architecture, of the grand castles with their dark wind panes, large haunting presences they would always carry within. The Magnificence of them. I loved that. I loved that more than anything.

Victoria Castle was a fabulous example of this architecture, It looked almost like Hogwarts, but hauntingly more dark, and beautiful, It had a Large Cross on the front right above the massive Doors that looked as if they were built to let a giant in and not people.. My name is Shana Noris Blanc'Deiris , and I go to the Victoria Castle Academy, I don't approve of the Castle being made into an academy-but I am not the on in charge of this family. No, I am one of the lesser ones, but I do not mind, seeing how the higher-up -as you may call them- have many more issues to deal with than I.

Victoria Castle has a secret, A nice, but dark secret. We are not what you could call human, but we are not inhumane. We are almost demigods, but we do not stand above Humans. How is this so? you ask, well... Its hard to explain. We are not vampires, no, no silly. We are not werewolves, or some other odd mythical being. Though those do exist, but only in our world and never have they been in yours. they've no care what happens here, but we, we care deeply about you.

Now don't get impatient, I'm going to tell you what we are-all in good time... first, Victoria Castle. It was founded by Loreena Noris Victoria, When she found the castle she made a great deal of change to it. Then we were born into the castle-to protect it from undesirables. Miss Victoria , however, wanted the best for the Humans. So she decided to make the castle into an academy. With more changes it was made into the academy she desired . So then-what was our purpose? We were to protect all who entered Victoria Castle, and punish all who tried to harm the children from them.

That was our purpose.

Shana Noris Blanc'Deiris Entry 3
June 18th, 2018.

( "Anna ni Issho Datta no ni)
Kate Vincent: Born July 6th, 2003. Age 15. Sign:Gemini

Hair-Short brown,

Eyes-medium, Gray


I checked this-it was wrong, I was 5'7 not 5'6... stupid charts... onward;


HOW Many times did I have to send in my weight? I inwardly groaned, it doesn't matter. Who said that you need to be "this weight" to get into a damned academy? I scrolled down the rest of the application, I didn't really care about what I had sent in. I only wanted to see if I "qualified or not."

YES! Victoria castle here I come!

I rushed down the stairs with a wide grin on my face-It felt odd. I'm usually not the type to smile alot. Its not that I'm "emo" or "an angry person" or anything. Its just smiles look fucking dorky on my face.. I run into my room and grabbed the suitcase that I had packed for whatever school I would be heading to. I Also took the $80 bucks mom gave me for the year and headed off to tell my parents.

Mom frowned as I showed that the results. She didn't really want me to go to Victoria Castle, the place had a lot of rumors, "Look" she said for the millionth time"There are other schools you could go to, Balivore sound like it would be more of you kind of place."

Balivore actually had a reputation of giving donation to the wrong companies and anti-gay unions. Which wouldn't work with me at all-seeing how I was openly Bi-sexual, More gay than straight.

"Mom, don't worry 'bout me. I know what I'm doing."

She frowned, "Well, if you're that sure of yourself.."She stared up at the ceiling "then alright, I won't stop you. But you'll face your consequences"

My Original Characters (Angel of Darkness: Nightcore)

Alicia Mia Blanc'Deiris
Neka Shou Medow
Mellony Holy Draishi
Lyra Oceana Distoritia
Kate Angel Vincent
Neka Darkniani Ford
Dae Ursia Victoria
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Dixie Elizabeth Angelia
Alanis Musicbox Angelia
Trinity Max Lennon

Shana Noris Blanc'Deiris

Coria Holyja Victoria

Samual Night Ford

Wakana Konoha Vieu

Bio sheet:

Full Name:










Sexual Oriantation:





Ideals and Goals?:

Plans for the future?:

What is your favorite class?:

Applications will go straight to The Headmistress of Victoria Castle.

Signed by Ms. Coria Holyja Victoria