Chapter Three


I'm diving now, I'm screaming in my head. Jay can't die, Jay can't die. Jay can't. Jay. My hair is hitting the water now, sending a chill up my scalp that runs down my back. I'm scared. Who is the hooded man? Why did he throw rocks? What is so special about the solstice?

I reach about it the cold current and feel bubbles. A reach a little lower finds lips. Jay! I wrap my arms around my brother and start to kick upwards. But am I facing upwards? What if I am swimming lower, still being carried to the lake by the river, a route we've taken a lot in the past. Not one I want now.

My face breaks the surface and water runs down my face in miniature streams that go back to the river. I gasp for precious air, and think about how lucky Jay is I found him in time. He would have drowned if I hadn't been there. But it won't go to my head. I'm nice like that. That, and I'm not sure if I can save him.

"Ella! Help me!" I scream over the roar of the rapids. I start kicking towards the bank stream. She wades in and pulls the seemingly lifeless Jay from my arms and I collapse in the shallow water. But I'm not done here. I pull myself up and help Ella set him down on the soft summer grass, the plains land. I sprawl his arms and legs out like he's flying and carress his face, pushing aside the blond hair that has fallen in his eyes. I take in the features I was so mad at just a few short minutes ago. I pick my fist up and drive it into his chest.

"EMBER!" I ignore her and keep pushing untill start blowing into his mouth to keep him alive.

"Don't die on me, Jay! I know you want to, but for my sake and Ella's DONT DIE!" I yell into him.

A stream of water hits me in the face. Holy Snap he's alive! He chokes and water dribbles out of the side of his mouth, down into his long hair. I feel hot tears leaving stinging trails down my cheeks.

"Wass' happenin' Ember?" he slurs.

"Omigosh, Jay!" I bury my head into his chest and sob. He hugs me and I lose it. "I love you, Jay. I love you." Sibling love. One of the strongest kinds.

"The man, Em. The man!" he rasps. I gasp in alarm. My head turns upwards over to the opposite side of the river. A black silhouette's shoulders, moving up and down, catches my eye. He's laughing.

"You've passed the first test, child. But I will get you sooner or later! Just you wait!"

"Ember!" They call my name. I will finally get my apprentice job! I step up proudly and shake the hands of the Officials. "Do you accept the terms of apprenticship?" I nod. "Your new apprenticeship is-" I gasp as a spark of firey pain flashes through me and I can't hear his words.

"Could you repeat that please?" He smiles.

"Nervous? But of course I will! Your new apprenticeship is-" People in the crowd gasp and someone screams. The firey pain flashes through me again and this time, I look at my hands and fire is circling them.

"Holy Death Moose! I'm on fire!" I yell, brilliantly. I look behind me. Fire comes out of my back in circles. Oh. No.

I have a new destiny.

I have a new life.

I am a Fire Elementalist.

I am Royally Screwed.

This flies through my mind. Then, I black out.






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