Chapter 4


Brown hair, the color of deep oak in the mid-autumn. Green eyes, speckled with gold. Attitude, "I will eat you if you tick me off." Loves me no matter what. My cat, Anniese, is basically none of these things. She has black fur, midnight colored. Tawny eyes. Attitude, "Give me a belly rub on this vast eternity called my stomach." Hates me and constantly pees on my pillow. Maybe it's because I'm a Water Elementalist. The last one of my kind. Maybe it's because I left her in the rain as a child.

Nonetheless, the secret is out. I am a Water Elementalist. Was it my name? I think it's ironic, the name, the Element, the place where I was found as a baby. Yes, I was found in a river, the river that runs no more. I like to think that it sustained my life force when the fire happened. I don't even remember it, at four months old when I was found, I was a mere babe.

I step from the deep pool, with its crystalline waters, which ripples as I take my foot out of the water. Being a Water Elementalist, I tend to practice my powers in the pool. I raise my left arm- I'm left-handed- and twist my wrist. A shimmering blue ball emerges from the waters. I move my arm to the right a bit and the orb follows my movements. Flicking my wrist, the globe morphs into a square shape.

"You sure you should be practicing out in the open like that?" a voice startles me and I put my arm down instinctively, making the square explode outwards. I hold both my arms out, and will the water away from me. It hits the owner of the voice and she shrieks. I know that scream. I gather all the water with a sweep of my arm and guide it back to the pool. Turning around, I recognize Dawn. She isn't wet, I took the water before it could hit her. She's a good 20 yards away.

"I can do what I want, and if you hadn't so RUDELY startled me, I could've done something way more impressive" Her pale eyes narrow in suspicion. We're best friends, as we've been since we were found. Oh yeah, she's a Light Elementalist. We were found together, but I was two months older than her. Supposedly, according to my adoptive parents, I was found in the water of a river, while the moon was shining on her.

"Show me, if you're so cocky." I create the ball again, and stretch it out into a cylinder shape. I look back at Dawn. She's half-smiling. It's an intoxicating look. I twist the cylinder into a ring, and make it spin in a circle. Raising my right arm, I ball my hand into a fist and and tiny orb flies up. I center in in the middle of the ring, and it forms an eye shape.

"I know you have some issue with practicing, but would you mind?" She raises her arm and flicks her wrist, and a beam of light reflects off her hand and hits directly in the center orb. A rainbow erupts from the ball, and spreads to the ring. The ring is now flickering with different bright colors, and it's reflecting to my pool, coloring it goregeously.

I toss my head back at Dawn, and grin widely. "Look who's been practicing!" She gives me a venomous look.

"I have NO problem with practicing. I do have problems with practicing in public. People can see us."

"Its not like people don't know who we are." She huffs.

"It doesn't matter! We're freaks!" she pauses. "Well, you're a freak." She smiles.

"Well, as freaks, we complete half the Prophecy." I say, grimly. I hate the thought of the Prophecy. Dawn and I will have to run away, and I don't want to go down that road. True, there is no real law enforcement, but if the King were to send out his men after us... I shudder to think of what'd happen. The King doesn't do much to help the lives of commonfolk, and he isn't aware of the Elementalists' existance, for if he did, we'd be nobles... And he'd use us to kill whoever ticked him off last. Holy Flaming Death Moose, I don't want to think of that. I don't want to be used as a murderer, such as the half-Elementalists are used for.


"Well we do!"


"Don't start with me Dawn! I know we HAVE to complete it at some point!"


"We have to! It's destiny! It's crazy how it works, but us! WE have to go and find the Shadow boy and Fire girl!"

"River! Listen!" I stop. "I don't want to think about the Prophecy now. I'd have to run away from my parents, and they love me and I love them and they're the only ones who seem to! It doesn't matter that they're red-haired! It doesn't matter that their eyes are bronze! I love them!"



"What have I told you since we were two?" she mutters the answer under her breath. "What? I can't hear you!"

"You love me. And I love you. We're like siblings."

"And if you run away?"

"I'll have someone who loves me with me."

"Good." I hold out my arms. We embrace and I smile.

"Don't worry, Dawn. We'll make it alright out there on our own. And then we'll meet the others and we'll be way better." I whisper in her ear.

"I know."

Sweet ending right? D'awww. :) It'll be better soon! More Action! :D