"Hadassah!" the girl called frantically down the hall to her friend. She ran as fast a as she could past all her classmates and getting some really strange looks.

Hadassah lifted her head from her book and looked over at her. "Dani, what's going on? You're creating a ruckus." she stated bluntly. Danielle stopped in front of her and tried catching her breath. Hadassah studied her brown haired, blue eyed friend. She was beautiful and hyper, didn't have much of a curvy figure, but that's what all the guys were into right now. Unlike Hadassah herself. She was very curvy, and hated it. She had been called fat and all other sorts of names before. Of course she didn't care, but that didn't mean she liked hearing it. She wished she had the carefree quality that her friend had.

"You'll... Never... Believe... What... Just... Happened..." she finally got out looking over and watching Hadassah scratch her red auburn head, which was pulled into a tight bun behind her head. Only a few strands of her bangs fell freely against the sides of her face.

"Which is?" Hadassah still did not close her book, but held it ready just in case this 'news' was not worthy of her attention.

"Marcus! He's turned down another girl! Plus I heard that he might like someone! Can you believe that!? Maybe I have a shot!" she squealed with excitement.

Hadassah smacked her forehead in annoyance. "Seriously? Dear god, why are people spreading such lies?" she sighed. "I can't believe you pulled me away from my book for that." she told her honestly and began to go back to reading.

"What!? Oh come on Hadassah! Marcus is the hottest guy in school! I can't just act like you're not interested!" Danielle was going to make a point. No one didn't find him attractive in some way.

Hadassah didn't budge.

Damn she was gone... back in her fairytale life.

Danielle sighed. "Fine whatever." she huffed. "I'll just keep that stuff to myself from now on." She straightened her green school uniform and turned.

Even though Danielle was sure Hadassah was lost in her reading, she watched her friend walk away a little disappointed. It wasn't that she wanted to make Danielle upset or anything, it's just... she hated men. They were all scum and she didn't want anything to do with them. Sure, her friend was right, Marcus was attractive, but it wasn't anything she wanted to get involved with. She had too many problems of her own to be like a normal giddy girl.

Hadassah sighed and shut her book, wrapping her arms around it and holding it close to her chest. The only relief from this world that she could have would be from these books. They weren't real, and they wouldn't hurt her. They were perfect. The bell rang and Hadassah cursed under her breath. That's when she opened her locker and grabbed her next class books and ran to it.


Danielle whined about the pop quiz they just had in Mathematics as her and Hadassah walked down the hall towards their locker. School was finally over for the day and she couldn't wait to leave.

"Man that was horrible! I'm pretty sure I failed... he should have given us a heads up or something..."

"That's why they call it a 'pop' quiz, Dani." she chuckled, smirking at her friend's brainless nature. She found it refreshing and entertaining, and quickly grew to love her passionate friend. Hadassah wasn't quite the popular type or the friendly type either. She always did things alone and didn't care about anyone else's problems. She had her own, and that was hard enough. Somehow though, Danielle made her way into Hadassah's heart and they had been best friends since.

"Shut up. You're not complaining because you passed with flying colors!" she crossed her arms and pouted. She watched her brown eyed best friend.

"How do you know that?" Hadassah looked at her friend as well, still carrying some books against her chest. "We didn't get the results back yet."

"Oh don't play dumb with me! You're the first to finish the test!"

"I went up last."

"Yeah, but you do that on purpose." she pointed out. Hadassah smirked and looked ahead, but a little too late.


She didn't know what happened, but she was now on the floor, her book and textbook on the ground. Looking in front of her, her eyes met beautiful green ones. On the ground was none other than Marcus Alexander. His hair blonde and shaggy and all the girls swooned over him. His build strong and lean.

He quickly glared and stood to his feet, not offering a hand or anything. Hadassah growled and grabbed her books, quickly standing to her feet as well. "Watch where you're going, asshole!" she snapped.

He didn't say a word. Their eyes trained on each other's. Danielle flipped and started to plead for her friend's forgiveness. "I'm so sorry! Are you alright!? She didn't mean it! Really! She didn't!"

Danielle noticed that even though she was pleading and trying to get his attention, his eyes never strayed away from Hadassah's. Finally though, he snickered and walked away, not saying a word.

"God he's an ass." she stated frustrated.

"Oh. My. God." Danielle looked at her with wide eyes. "Did you seriously just call him an asshole!?" She instantly grabbed her uniform and pulled it. "Are you kidding me!? That god of a man!? You called him an ass!?"

"Seriously, personal space, ever heard of it?" Hadassah rolled her eyes. "And yes, I did call him that, for that is what he is."

Danielle dropped her grip and couldn't believe her. "He's a fine piece of ass, not an actual ass!" she declared.

"You need to get your glasses checked." she sighed.

"I don't wear glasses!"

"Exactly." she shook her head. "Look, he is an asshole. All men are, you know that. He has been making girls cry every day since school started. He's just a bastard, like the rest of them."

"Don't compare all of them to your dad."

Hadassah, glared and became stiff. "Don't mention that man." she bitterly spat. "I'm going to be late to work." she changed the subject, not wanting to talk about it anymore. Danielle watched Hadassah walk off this time, feeling bad for bringing up that man.


Hadassah, dressed in all black jeans and shirt went around and waited on the different men at the bar. Yes, she was a bartender, and yes she hated her job. But she was good at it.

Considering her whole life had been surrounded by alcohol. Go figure she would end up here. Yes, she was still in high school, but she was about to graduate and was already 18 anyways. Plus, a friend of her family's owned the place and they gave her a part time job. She needed the money too. The sooner she saved up the sooner she could get a place of her own.

She wiped her brow of the sweat that had built up over the past couple hours. It was busier than normal tonight. The loud music drowning out most of the conversations she was surrounded by, and she finally had a moment to herself. No one seemed to be ordering for a moment, and she looked around at all the women that worked the floor. All skinny, pretty and showing a lot of leg. The men loved it. Those pigs.

Hadassah scrunched her nose in disgust, but yet she couldn't be surprised by it at the same time. She had seen this her whole life, she just didn't understand how men could be so evil.

"Hadassah." a voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she looked over to see the pretty woman with long black hair and brown eyes, named Janet. She was the wife's owner. "You have been working really hard today, I say you call it a night." she smiled at her.

"Oh no! I'm okay, I can still work if you need me too!"

"Honey, you're going to overwork yourself. I must insist. Take the rest of the night off, I'll let you make up the last couple hours another day. Okay? You won't lose any pay."

Hadassah really didn't want to leave just yet, but she knew better than to argue with the tall woman. Nodding she let Janet take over and made her way to the back to grab her stuff. She grabbed her large shoulder bag and changed her shirt really quick. Throwing on her plain green t-shirt and her light black jacket, she made her way out the back door and headed for home.


That word tasted bitter in her mouth. She instantly felt anger as she got closer and made her way through a small park that she always went through. It was the longer way home, which was ideal, even though it was dark out.

"What on earth are you wearing?"

Hadassah jumped and looked over to see green eyes staring at her. His frame tall, and strong, he was leaning against the play equipment.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" she glared.

"Passing by. I did ask a question though. " He grinned.

"If I wanted to talk to an asshole, I would just go to a bar." she retorted, looking away and began to walk again.

"You already do that. Bartender. Why don't you pour me a drink?" he smirked more.

She froze. Okay, so she had a part time job... which only Danielle knew about and she didn't want it to get out. It wasn't exactly... the best job for a high schooler.

"I don't know what you're talking about." she told him. He stood up and walked towards her, gently reaching out and pulling her chin towards him. She had to look at him now.

"I know you do." he stated. Hadassah for some reason, couldn't seem to look away from his beautiful green eyes. "Don't lie."

Hadassah then realized that she could feel his breath against her face as he talked. Holy shit.

He was so close to her right now, only meir inches!

She glared and slapped away his hand and took a step back, a slight blush coming across her face. "Leave me the hell alone."

"You should wear the other outfits that the maids do. I'm sure you'll look good in those."

She cringed. "You're a perverted freak, Alexander." she told him. "Leave me the hell alone and forget all that you've saw."

"Hmm.. your no fun."

Hadassah balled her fists and couldn't believe he said that! He was being such an ass! "I'm sorry I'm not falling into your 'perverted' fantasies! I'm not like all the others who will swoon and fall at your feet! Men are scum and you're not exception!" she snapped. She started walking away and he instantly grabbed her upper arm to stop her. She cringed instantly and pulled away, holding that spot.

"Are you alright?" he asked. Did he hurt her? He didn't think that he grabbed her that hard.

"Don't touch me." she hissed. He could see her brown eyes throwing daggers at him.

"Fine. Whatever. I was just trying to make conversation." he turned away. "You're welcome by the way."

"What the hell for!?" she asked, very annoyed and pissed at this idiot.

"I took care of the two men who were waiting to jump you. Have a good night." he waved, leaving her dumbfounded and lost at what he meant. Looking closely over at the play equipment, there were two guys, knocked out and tied up to the posts. Her eyes went wide.

She instantly looked up to see Marcus again, but he was already gone.

Perverted freak of a bastard.

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