"What about our future?" she gulped down the fear that rose in her stomach. "What are you talking about?"

"We need to go somewhere more private." he told her. This didn't help her fear at all.

Was he... going to break up with her?

Silence engulfed them as he took her to a garden in one of the parks. Luckily, it was still a bit chilly, the snow gone though, but enough chill to keep the garden area empty of others. Marcus lead her over to a bench and had her sit down on it. She started to feel sick to her stomach as he paced back and forth, not knowing what to think.

"O-Okay, you have me alone... talk." she tried sounding collected.

"There is something I have been meaning to tell you for a long time now Hadassah." he spoke, whispering almost. She narrowed her eyes and tried not to cry. "It's something that I don't know how you will take.."

"Look." she couldn't handle it anymore. "If you are breaking up with me, then just say so! I can't handle you just having me wait!" Tears already started to drip from her eyes as he stood stocked before her. His eyes searched hers and he instantly felt horrible.

"No! No! No, babe!" he sat down next to her and pulled her into his embrace. "That's not what I meant!"

"... really?..." she tried to calm down and not let her sobs consume her more. He pulled back and gently cupped her face with his hands.

"Yes. I would die if I lost you."

"Then... what?" she sniffed. Her brown eyes searched his blue ones.

"Do you love me?"

She seemed shocked at his question. Sure, she believed she loved him, but couldn't remember actually telling him that before. This was a big step. "What?"

"You said you loved me before... the night I called you, remember?"

"No... I don't remember... what are you talking about?"

"Hadassah, this is very important." he tried choking back his own tears. Yes. This was that intense. "Do you love me? Because I am head over heels in love with you. I don't think I could live without you, and honestly, I don't want to ever try."

"Marcus.." she felt her nerves getting to her again.

"Do. You. Love. Me?" He never lost focus, his eyes beaming into hers. She could feel him reaching in and touching her soul. A moment went by while she battled with herself. To admit something so intimate, would mean she was willing to allow herself to be fully under his will.

"Marcus, I do love you." she spoke, meaning every word. Gulping she watched him move and get down on one knee before her. "W-What are you doing?" she quickly asked. It was true. He had won her heart a while ago, probably the moment he stood in front of her and saved her from being beaten. It was too hard to admit though, but she felt good to finally have that out. Her eyes went wide though, as he pulled out a small black box.

"Hadassah Applebii, if you love me, please... be my wife." he opened the box to reveal a nice size diamond ring. Her heart stopped and her jaw dropped. This didn't make any sense!

"Woa! Wait... just... wait!" he pulled back the box and waited. "This is all... so fast! So strange... just.." she tried to think, but her thoughts were long gone right now. "Just rewind like... everything!"


"No! Just.. Stop!" she tried to get something moving in her mind. "Okay... why!?"

Sighing he stood to his feet, putting the ring away and hesitating. He began pacing again and she was so not used to seeing him in such a state! She thought she knew him, but this was.. beyond anything she thought he was like.

"I need to marry you." he finally stopped. "I have an arranged marriage back home." he looked at her. "I love you, and only want to be with you. If you will have me, then I won't have to go through with my duties as a..." Hadassah listened carefully, her eyes wide and focused on his very breath. "As a Prince in marrying her. I could rule and be married to you."

Everything just went out the window.

Hadassah couldn't believe her hears... and obviously didn't believe him. She began laughing hysterically as she held her stomach.

"This isn't funny Hadassah." he told her. "I'm being serious."

"Yeah, whatever.." she slowly calmed herself down. "What did you really need to tell me?"

"Damn it Hadassah!" he growled, looking like he was being torn apart! "I'm the fucking Prince of England!"

Her face went pale and her whole world seemed to stop instantly. "Your kidding r-right?"

"No!" he stopped in front of her and sighed. "I'm not joking, I'm not kidding, I'm being dead serious. Hadassah, I am Prince Marcus Alexander the 2nd... of England." he gulped. He waited to see her reaction again, maybe this time turning out a lot better than before.

"You... lied to me?" she stood to her feet to face him. "Your a fucking Prince and you never told me!" she gasped, holding her chest.

"I wanted to tell you... I did.."

"But you didn't!" she started breathing heavily as thoughts started to consume her mind. He lied. She didn't know this man in front of her. The entire thing was wrong! "You used me..." tears started to well up in her eyes.

"I have never done such a thing!" he snapped, not believing she would suggest such a thing. "I would never do anything to fucking hurt you Hadassah!I love you!" he pleaded.

"This is something you normally tell someone Alexander!" she yelled back, for the first time since they met she used his last name. Marcus was so scared. He didn't want to lose her, to have her walk away. She had to understand, she just had to! "You know, hey my name is Marcus, I like you, I have a tendency to be a stalker, oh and I'm the Fucking Prince of England!" she freaked at the last part.

"Would you have ever even looked at me if I told you that when we first met!?" he gently took her arms and pulled her closer to him. "Please Dasi, understand... I can't lose you..."

She saw his eyes, his hurt, his regret. She saw how he wanted to take it all away, to take it all back and to make things good again. For Hadassah though, that just wasn't good enough. She had finally put all her trust in this man, and he had been lying.

"Your such a selfish bastard!" she snapped, pulling away. Marcus grew angry, yes, he was trying his best to do the right thing, to be happy and for her to be happy. She just wasn't understanding!

"I'm selfish!?" he questioned.

"Yes! You kept this from me!"

"It's you dear, that is the damn selfish one!"

"How the hell am I selfish! I didn't keep anything like this from you!" she snapped back. Both now angry and Hadassah full of rage.

"I have poured my attention, time and heart into you! I have worked my ass of to get you to trust me and to actually open up! I would go on and on asking you about things, to get to know you better, to be there when you needed me! You? Ha." he spat. "You hardly ever ask about me, what I like, fuck, you don't even know my middle name!"

"Do you even know mine!?"

"It's Elizabeth!" he replied quickly. She was taken aback by that, not knowing what to say back. "That doesn't prove anything! God, I can't believe I actually said I love you!"

Marcus stopped right then, all anger, all feelings gone except for that fear that was present earlier. "You don't mean that.."

"Oh I do!" Tears still pouring down her face, rage built up in her chest, pain in her chest, she narrowed her eyes at him. "Fuck you!" she spat. "I don't ever want to see you fucking face again!"

"No Hadassah! Wait-" he reached out and grabbed her arm. She instantly reacted and pulled away though, glaring.

"Don't touch me!" she warned. "I hate you!" she told him, feeling her very heart break at those words. She couldn't believe she allowed them to flow out of her mouth, her body knowing she didn't. That was a lie. She couldn't take it back now, he deserved it, or at least thats what she tried telling herself as she saw him hang his head, his body begin to shake, and his hands fell to his side, limp. "... don't follow me..." she whispered.

With that, Marcus watched her walk away, and as much as he wanted to go after her, his body failed him. Hadassah didn't look back, but Marcus fell to his knees and began punching the ground in regret.

This was horrible, he hated himself right now. Yes, he was the Prince of England, and he moved over her shortly after his parents died in a freak car accident. The pain from that day filled his heart and he tried his hardest to be strong and not cry. Hadassah didn't want to be with him, even though he had done so much. He truly loved her, and he did all of this so that they could be together.

She hated him. At least, thats what she told him. He knew she had to be lying, the way she said it though, broke his heart and he felt like he didn't have any fight left in him. This was it. This was over. There was nothing left here for him.

It was time to finally go back home.


Danielle jumped as she sat at the kitchen table, hearing the front door slam shut. Her eyes darted over to see Hadassah running up the stairs to her room.


Quickly throwing down her magazine, she ran up the stairs after her friend. As she reached her door, she heard loud thumps and growling coming from within her room. She actually was afraid at first, but then slowly opened to the door to see her friend throwing a few of her books across the floor in anger.

"Damn chick! Don't touch my stuff!" she warned.

"I'm not in the mood for your wise ass jokes, Danielle." she snapped.

"Woah!" she held her hands up. "Mine room, my rules. Calm. The. Hell. Down." she demanded. Hadassah glared at first but then groaned and gave in, plopping down on edge of the bed.

"Fuck my life." she covered her eyes.

"Okay, what in the world is going on?"


"Oh shit.." she gulped. "He didn't... um... break up with your or anything, right?"

"No. Much, much worse." she tried to stay calm. "He told me that he's a fucking Prince!" she lowered her hands and looked at Danielle, who's mouth dropped and eyes went wide.

"That's.. it?" she breathed heavily, more excited than anything. "He's a Prince?! A Prince of what!?"

"England." she rolled her eyes. "He fucking lied to me, Dani! This whole time he has never told me who he really is!"

"HE"S THE PRINCE OF ENGLAND!" she gasped, and jumped up and down, squealing like a hyper girl. "I'M FRIENDS WITH THE PRINCE OF ENGLAND! HOLY SHIT!" she pointed at Hadassah. "THE PRINCE OF ENGLAND IS IN LOVE WITH YOU!" she squealed again. "You have NO idea how much I envy you right now!" she giggled and couldn't lose the smirk on her face.

"Hello? Are you listening to anything I have been saying!? He LIED!"

"Oh damn, your still caught up on that!?" Danielle sighed. "Get over it, it's not that bad."

"Not. That. Bad?"

"He told you didn't he? Shesh.. It might have been bad timing, but who could blame him." she smiled, acting as if it was no big deal.

It was pissing Hadassah off.

"What do you mean!? Who couldn't blame him!? Uh, hello! I got damn trust issues and lying to me the entire time we have been together is NOT something I would just shrug off!" Hadassah stood again and began to pace, anger rising again even more in her chest.

"Calm down, your over reacting."

"What!? Who the hell are you!? Cause your sure as hell not my best friend!"

"Oh shut up, Hadassah." Danielle rolled her own eyes. "Honestly, if he were to tell you up front that he was the Prince of England, you wouldn't have EVER given him the time of day! He had to work his ass off to let you entertain the thought of him being around. He never gave up, and have you already forgotten what he has done for you!?"

"So what? He took a beating for me. Big deal! I've taken hundreds of those! And I do not owe him anything! He is just using me like my father used my mother! And how my mother used me! Can't you see that!?"

Danielle got offended at what her friend was saying. She knew that Hadassah didn't mean any of this stuff, that she was just speaking out of anger, but still, she couldn't take that. Hadassah's eyes went wide as she felt a hard slap smack her across the face. Silence filled the room as she held her cheek.

"Don't you dare compare your amazing boyfriend, who loves you, to your father or your mother. They were evil, and you know that. Marcus is no where near that! Your angry, I get that, but stop trying to find reasons to compare Marcus to your father! He's not him! He's not going to turn on you and start beating you! He's Marcus, the one you know! The one you fell in love with and still love, no matter how much you deny it!" Danielle took a deep breath. "Look, Hadassah, I love you, your my best friend." She started, but then got down on her knees in front of Hadassah. She looked over and faced her friend, listening to what she was going to finish saying. Tears welled up in her eyes. "I understand he kept this from you. But I know from knowing you that, this was the only way he could ever get close to you."

"It hurts though..." Hadassah whispered, sniffling.

"I know. I'm sorry that it does. But Marcus is probably hurting ten times worse right now, just like you. I'm sure it wasn't easy for him to keep this from you..."

"He was really freaking out..." she agreed remembering back. Danielle smiled softly, grateful that damn slap on the face actually worked.

"See? He was torn apart about it. Look..." she took a deep breath. "I don't agree with how he told you, he really should have said something earlier, but yet, I do understand how he would be afraid of this kind of thing happening."

Hadassah nodded. "I feel like I don't know him. That everything I know about him is a lie."

"It's not though, because of what he did, as horrible as it was, allowed you to get to know the real him without all the titles."

"... that's not all he said though..." Hadassah sighed, wiping the few tears that had escaped. She was feeling more overwhelmed now, and full of regret and hurt than of anger. Danielle sure did know how to get through to her, that was for a fact.

"He said more?" Danielle asked.

"Yes." she nodded. "He um..." she tried to form the words on her tongue, but they were such powerful strong words, she felt she couldn't handle them herself. She was scared.


"He asked me to marry him."

Danielle's mouth dropped to the floor. She couldn't believe the words that were just spoken, a bit of joy, excitement, jealousy, and fear filled her heart. "He... did?..." she gulped. "What did you... say?"

"Well..." she stopped and thought back for a moment. "I actually didn't give him one.. He went on telling me how much he loved me, and how much he couldn't live without me, and asked me if I loved him... then got down on one knee and purposed..." she continued to think. "Then I freaked as he pulled out a black box with a diamond ring in it... I told him to rewind like... everything and he put it away."

"Are. You. Serious?!" she managed to say.

"Yes." she nodded. "I asked him why, because I was shocked and confused, I mean, we just graduated high school for god sakes!" she looked at Danielle. "That's when he told me... and we both got into it... going back and forth... I called him selfish and he told me..."

"Told you what?"

"He told me I was selfish. He told me hurtful things like, he had worked his ass off to love me, but I've been taking it all in and not putting anything back into it myself."

"What?... eh.. I could see that."

"What!?" Hadassah glared. "I have put a lot into this!"

"Not as much as he has." she pointed out.

"I have too! How can you say-"

"No, you haven't." Danielle held her hand up to stop her. "He's gone out of his way so much to be there for you. Took a beating from your father, saving you and at the time, your father as well. He could have easily beaten your dad to a bloody pulp, but just stood there and took it. He's cared for you, been there for you, asked about you, and never once asked for anything in return. You have done a lot, I'm not saying you haven't... but learning how to trust someone, is not exactly do that for him... that was doing that for you."

"Your on his side!" she gasped.

"No! No! I'm on your side. Always have been. I want what is best for you though, and I know how you set yourself up for failure every time something good comes along! Just... have an open mind."

"Whatever." she looked away feeling betrayed by her best friend as well.

Sighing, Danielle tried to push forward. "What happened next?" It took a moment, but Hadassah finally spoke.

"I told him not to follow me. To leave me alone. That I never wanted to see him again... I told him I hated him." she choked on that last part, pain and tears following instantly with them. They hurt so bad, worse than the first time she spoke them.

Instantly they both jumped when Hadassah phone started ringing. She pulled it out of her bag and just clenched the phone tightly at the name on the caller ID.

"Who is it?"

"Marcus..." she whispered.

"You going to answer it.?"

"No." she hung her head low. Danielle quickly reached over and grabbed it, flipping it open and answered it. Hadassah's eyes went wide as she watched her friend.


"Hey Dani... is Hadassah there?"

"Yeah but were kind of in the middle of something here."

"I see... is she... doing alright?"

Danielle could hear the hurt in his voice from all the way on the other side of the line. That was pretty bad. She was a bit shocked to hear him sound such a way. "No. She's a hot mess."

"Oh... Well... can you do me a huge favor?"

"Uh, sure."

"Tell her that I love her."

"She knows that genius."

"I'm leaving in a week."

"What!? Where!?"

"Back home."

"To England!?" she questioned, and Hadassah instantly felt her heart drop at the way Danielle had said that. She watched her friend's composure, and waited. Danielle looked over at her and knew she needed to be taking this call in another room. "Just a minute." she lowered the phone. "I'll be right back."

"No! Don't..."

"Just stay here!" she demanded and quickly walked out to her father's office and shut the door. "To England!? Why!?"

"Yes. My Uncle is fed up with me not being home to resume my duties. I must return. He's sending people to take me back."

"You can't leave! Hadassah needs you!"

"She said she hated me."

"And you believe that shit!?"

"Look, Dani. Your a great friend to her and to me. I can't imagine what your going through with being the middle man, and I'm sorry. But this is unavoidable. I cannot take things back, change things, or chase after Hadassah if she truly doesn't want me to."

"She needs you to not give up!"

"She doesn't love me. She doesn't even want to see me anymore. What's the point?"

"She's fucking lying!"

"Now why would she do that?" he asked.

"Monkey does as monkey sees!" she growled. "She lied to you to hurt you, because you kept something away from her that hurt her! She needs you Marcus! If you leave... I.. I don't know what will happen to my best friend... please..."

There was silence. Danielle thought he might have hung up but then she heard what she thought was a sniffle.


"Marcus... just come over."

".. No... I can't... She has to want me. She must choose. I want her so bad, Dani. I love her, but I'm dying without knowing that she wants me too."


"Tell her I love her. I only want the best for her, and I never meant to hurt her."

"You can't leave..."

"Thanks for everything Danielle. I hope to be able to say goodbye to you all before I leave, but I'm afraid that will turn out badly. Just... thanks. Take care of Hadassah for me."

"No! Don't-! Awww... damn.." she cursed as she heard him hang up. Pulling the phone down she began to panic. Dialing his number again, she waited for him to pick up, but it didn't even ring, it went straight to voicemail. "Damn you Marcus!" she growled, closing the cell and taking a deep breath. Quickly she opened the door to find Hadassah standing there, tears falling from her eyes. "Hadassah... I told you to stay-"

"He's leaving?" she asked through sobs.



"In a week." Danielle watched her body began to wrench into uncontrollable sobs.

"I'm so stupid!" she cried, wrapping her arms around her best friend and hugging her while she broke down. "I should have never said such horrible things!"

"Shhhh..." she tried calming her down. "Just.. go after him then... tell him..."

"I can't..." she whispered.

Danielle grew angry and slowly pulled away. At a loss of advice or what to do, she sighed. "Fine. He can't, you can't so you both just give up!? Whatever, I can't be in the middle of this anymore!" she expressed. "I need some time away for a couple hours. I'll be back, but I need to see Brandon." she told her, walking past her and running down the stairs. "You both are weak!" she yelled, slamming the door behind her.

Danielle was right. Hadassah was being weak, she was being scared and just taking the worst way out. Seeing her phone on the ground, she realized that she must have dropped it. She picked it up and opened it up. Shaking and hurt she dialed his number but quickly shut the phone. She couldn't bring herself to call him. She couldn't. He was finally giving up on her, and now, she was all alone. He was leaving to go back home and everything was ruined because of her.


Six days. That's how long had passed since Hadassah had learned of Marcus's secret.

She still had not seen or heard from him.

Hadassah had been depressed, and spent a lot of time alone in Danielle's room. She couldn't handle being around anyone, and even Brandon tried cheering her up. Nothing worked though. Today was just another day passing before she knew her life would be empty forever.

Marcus was leaving in the morning.

Today was nasty and Hadassah just sat on the bed and starred out the window at the pouring rain. It fit her mood and everything just felt numb. Cold and numb.

"Hey, you want to watch a movie with us?" Danielle popped her head in and asked. Hadassah never lost her focus of the rain outside.


"You sure? You've been in this room for days now..."

"I'm sure."

Sighing she shook her head. "Okay. If you change your mind though, we will be downstairs." she shut the door behind her.

A single tear ran down her cheek. She missed him. His perverted ways, his gentle touch, his sweet words and... his love. Hearing a noise she looked over to see Alec's kitten getting into one of her bags. "Hey, don't get into that.." she quickly got up and grabbed the kitten, pulling it against her and petting it. It purred and she smiled a bit. Looking down at the bag she bent down and opened it. "So what were you trying to get? Hmm?" she asked it. Pulling out a few books, her heart stopped once it saw one of them.

The book Marcus gave her.

The kitten jumped down and began to swat at the string bookmark that she had in the book. She gulped, and reached down to grab it. The kitten's eyes followed it and Hadassah realized that she never finished the book. How could that be? She always finished books... Opening it up she threw down the bookmark for the kitten and then made her way back over to the bed. Her heart racing, her stomach getting butterflies, she opened it began on one of the last chapters. Her eyes scanning the lines, the book started to once again take form and come alive...

"Once there they stood outside his room Elinore watched as he began to open his door.


He stopped and looked at her. "What?"

Looking down she took a deep breath. "I think I'll sleep in my room tonight."

He gave her a confused look. Why was she being like this? "Why?" he asked, not expecting to have to be away from her tonight as well as everything else. He wanted to wrap his arms around her in his bed, he wanted to kiss her goodnight and just... be with her.

"Well... I am already messing everything up... I don't want to cause more damage..." she told him.

"And you think doing that is not causing more damage?" he glared.

She was shocked at his reply. So even though she was horrible to him, didn't give him an answer, he still wanted to sleep with her? "I... um... well... I just thought-"

"Apparently you don't think things through! If you want to sleep by yourself away from me, that's fine. Just... goodnight!" he huffed and stormed into his room, slamming the door behind him.

Tears stung her eyes. Oh god, she just kept making the wrong choices today! She slowly walked into her room, trying to think of something to make things better. She had to make it better. Elinore changed into a thin nightgown that lay across her curves nicely and laid down in bed. She sighed as she starred at the ceiling. How would she make this better?

An hour or so passed, and Elinore was still lying there, wide awake. She gave up, this was useless. She quickly got up and walked out her bedroom door, carefully looking around to make sure no one saw her in her nightgown, since it was a bit see through, and then made her way towards his door.

Quietly she opened it and then closed it behind her; she walked over towards his bed and only the light from the moon shown through the window. She could see his figure lying on the bed, not moving and she just stood at the other side of it, watching him.

Grayson was of course, awake, but she couldn't tell with how he was laying down. His eyes traveled up and down her body and a small smile came across his face, that's when he decided to lift up the covers and she instantly climbed in under them.

"I thought you were asleep." she whispered to him.

"I couldn't sleep." he replied back, taking his arms and wrapping them around her small waist. He pulled her against him and kept her close, taking in her scent.

"I'm sorry..." she whispered.

"I know... I'm sorry too for overreacting."

"You had every right to act that way." she told him, looking into his sea blue eyes as she played with his hair.

"I didn't have any right to do so. I should have been more careful, and I should have just done things differently."

"Me as well." Elinore agreed. "I have a new favor to ask of you..."

"You and these favors." he chuckled. "Whatever you want." he told her, kissing her forehead.

"Ask me again..." she whispered softly. He stopped and gave her a stern look.

"Look, don't worry about it Eli, I'll take you out again tomorrow, and-"

"Ask me again... please Grayson..." she pleaded.

His eyes softened and he was quiet for a moment.

"You sure you want me to ask you now?"

"I said ask me damn it!" she whined. He didn't hesitate.

"I love you, Eli. Will you marry me?" he whispered.

Her heart stopped. Man anymore of that and she might die! Did he just say the three words she had been longing to hear for the longest time?

"You do?" she couldn't breathe.

"Yes. Very much. I love you, Elinore, and I want nothing else in this world but to be by your side and to wake up to you every morning for the rest of my life... as your husband."

"You... actually love me?" she still couldn't believe those words. She had been praying and longing for them for so long! Now here he was saying them!

"You still haven't answered my question..." he chuckled.

She snapped out of la la land as she looked at him lovingly. "Of course I'll marry you! You mean the world to me... I love you so much! Yes! Yes YEs YES!" she shouted, only to be stopped by Grayson's lips pressed passionately against her own.

After a few moments of making out, Grayson pulled back and looked at her.

"Eli..." he whispered.


"So does this mean I still have to take you out tomorrow?"

Hadassah couldn't help but smile as a few tears feel from her eyes once again. This whole week had been nothing but crying, but these were good tears.


She quickly realized what that word meant. Sure, she had been thinking about what tomorrow might bring, but this was all so stupid! Was she really willing to lose him? Lose Marcus forever? Just because she was being dumb?

Didn't she love him?

In the book, Grayson and Elinore both had fights... that was normal. They hated each other, truly did but yet still fell in love through all the pain and lies and fear. They never stopped giving up! She had a moment where she couldn't believe what she was doing, threw out all fear and quickly pulled out her phone. Hadassah dialed Marcus's number but it said that the number didn't exist. She panicked and quickly called the apartment building.

"Hi, this is Kingston Apartments, how may I help you?"

"Yes, I need to speak with Marcus Alexander, is he by chance there!?" she breathed.

"Mr. Alexander? Hmm... Um, yes but he's busy at the moment. He's with the packing company and loading things up. Can I take a message?"

Hadassah threw down the phone and left everything behind. She threw on shoes, and raced out of the house as fast as she could. Danielle jumped as she heard Hadassah run out, and wanted to check on her, but knew it was of no use.


Marcus sighed and rubbed his eyes. He pretty much hadn't slept in a whole week, and hadn't eaten that much. The dark rings under his eyes proved that. He groaned as he looked at all the boxes sitting in the back of the moving truck his Uncle had hired. It had been a very long, painful week.

The rain continued to pour down and Marcus looked around at movers and the boxes once again. This was it, he was finally done. All things were packed away safely, except for his damn heart.

"Mr. Alexander, we are ready if you are."

"Yes." he nodded. "Go ahead and take her away. I will be ready in a short bit. I just need a short while to myself."

"As you wish." he bowed slightly but Marcus eyed him, and the man quickly stood back up. "Sorry."

"It's fine. Don't let it happen again, please." he told him, still trying to hide his secret that tore him apart only a few short days ago. This whole day had been hell. He was finally leaving, and still Hadassah had not chosen to come to him. He felt so cold and so empty. It was a strange but familiar feeling, one that he had wished he never had to feel again.

But alas, it just happened to be his one true friend. How cruel was this world?

He finally allowed the men to leave, allowing all the cold rain to pour down over his body. His blonde hair sticking to the sides of his face, his shirt and jeans becoming covered and sticking to his body within only a few minutes, still brought no relief. There was something inside of him that just couldn't take it anymore. He had to do one last thing, just one, against his better judgement, and give in to his urges.

He had to see her.

She probably wouldn't even want to face him though, probably still wanting to call him a liar, a horrible man for lying to her and hurting her. She probably wanted to smack him or spit in his face. All which he didn't blame her for. Sighing he decided to walk, he didn't know where at first, but all he wanted to do was walk somewhere...

After a while, and walking randomly through different streets and different parks for no reason at all, he realized where his feet had lead him.

Danielle's house. A few minutes passed as he stood in front of the door until finally he had the courage to knock.

A couple footsteps were heard on the other side and his heart stopped. The door opened and he let out a sigh.


"Hey Dani." he spoke to his love's best friend. She instantly jumped forward and hugged him tightly.

"Where the hell have you been!?" she asked, worried.

"Packing." he gently patted her on the back. She pulled back and looked at him, now wet herself. "Where is she?"

"... I don't know." she answered, making his heart sink even further.

"What do you mean?" he asked again.

"She ran off about an hour ago. I didn't have the chance to ask her where she was going. I tried calling her, but she left her phone."

"Well so much for my luck..." he told himself, running his hand through his hair, causing it to stay slicked back. Danielle would have fanned herself if she was still single, because she still found him so damn attractive!

"Why don't you come inside and wait... she should be back sometime..."

"No, I can't." he looked away for a moment. "It's probably for the best anyways... I just hoped..."

"She does love you, Marcus."

"So you say." he nodded. "I have to go. I am going to be late for my plane ride back home."

Danielle looked down as well, feeling defeated with the whole situation. "Just... call once in a while would ya?" she looked back up at him and he smiled softly at her.

"Sure thing."

Danielle hugged him tightly once again, and Marcus returned it this time. "Take care of yourself." she whispered, trying not to cry.

"You too and take care of that man of yours."

"Oh you know I will." she chuckled. "Goodbye for now Marcus."

"Bye." he pulled back and walked back down the front sidewalk.


Hadassah ran into the Apartment building tired and breathless.

"Can I help you Miss?" A woman working the front desk at the time asked as she watched her soaked figure run in.

"I'm... looking for Alexander..." she breathed. "..Marcus Alexander..."

"Mr. Alexander?" she looked at the door and back down. "I'm sorry, but he left my dear."

"W-What?" she narrowed her eyes in disbelief. Her lungs burned as she still tried to catch her breath. "He couldn't have left..."

"I'm sorry, but the movers and himself left about 45 minutes ago."

Hadassah felt a sharp pain stab her heart. She felt defeated, and even felt a dead inside. Not saying anymore, she slowly turned around and walked back out.

He was gone. She missed her chance.

She fucked up big time.

Sure, she could run off and buy a plane ticket and go after him... but in this moment she felt defeated and cold. The rain poured down over her body, down her face, masking the tears that flowed. She walked, until she found a small park. It caught her eye and she looked over at it. It was the park where she read to Marcus that one rainy day... a day like today.. She found herself drawn to it, and ran to the small area out of the rain where she used to go.

"I can't believe it.." she whispered to herself. "Why?... why was I so stupid..." she began to cry even more, feeling the sobs starting to arise once again. "I fought... I fought everything... and now I finally... finally didn't give up..." she hugged herself. "Why did you give up on me?" she asked herself.

"I would never give up on you."

That voice. That sweet, amazing, deep manly voice. Hadassah spun around to see that face that she had been dreaming about for the past week.


Author's Note:

Muwahahahahahahaha! SO did you all see THAT one coming!? HMM? haha. I love a good twist. :) Okay so now the secret is out! Marcus is the Prince of England! Wow! Haha! Got to love it! But... on that note here is something to keep I mind from here on out:

This is a fiction story and I am not that good a research. Haha. When I write I usually just want to write whatever comes to me, and I usually lose my mojo when I look into facts and blah blah. SO from here on out, if there is something does not make sense in the real world about England, and the royal family, that's because IT A FICTION story! :D Okay? So just bear with me! When I read fiction, I usually don't expect to ask questions about facts and such, because it's not real anyways. So, I tend to write that way as well. So yeah, don't think too hard into this, just sit back and enjoy the ride! :D

So what did you think? I hope you all liked it and I hope you were surprised! :D Review! :D Thanks so much for the ones you have given already! I'll try to get the next one up soon!