Of Dragons and Men

Chapter Seven: Without Warning

The red dragon closed its colossal jaws around the upper body of Kurik'vivex. He screamed and flailed wildly, trying to break free of the vice-like grip that now threatened his life. He tried to reach for his sword, but to no avail. He was pulled, screaming from the crumbling castle keep. The dragon flew off, over the forests. Redir could hear the screams of the dragon rider that slew his family in the distance. He climbed, slowly to his feet and reached for the sword that Kurik'vivex had so effortlessly knocked from his grasp, and began to limp from the ruined greeting hall. Past the bloodied bodies of his father and Arthur. Past the disembodied head of Finmor. He left the hall, and stepped into the hallway. He saw two men, dressed in black armour at the end of the corridor, frantically chattering and rushing about. They stopped in their tracks when they spotted Redir. They looked at him, and then at each other. They turned and slowly began to approach the wounded nobleman's son. They drew their swords and broke into a light jog. Redir tried his best to adopt a stance, but he failed and fell to his knees.

Suddenly, an arrow pierced a glass window and found its mark in one of the men's temple. He let out a guttural scream, cut short by death, and fell flat on his face, sliding a few feet along the floor, dispensing the momentum gathered from his run. His companion stopped and looked around, panicked,

"Who are you!?" He shouted. He was from Swordswind: his accent was obvious. He spoke in deep tones, and his voice sounded slightly silvery, if not callous. He brandished his sword and shouted abuse at the unknown attacker. He jumped violently as a window directly behind him exploded inwards and through it came a short female figure. She slid on the glass shards, and effortlessly trained a crossbow on the man's forehead. Without delay, she fired and the man's head snapped backwards, a crossbow bolt protruding from his cranium. He slumped to the floor. Redir only saw the woman approach him, before falling into unconsciousness.