"Jazeera." Nova greeted her not even turning to look at her.

"Nova." She greeted in a similar manner.

They stood in silence, neither saying anything to the other. This was the norm for the two of them, there was hardly any talking, no sharing of feelings, no asking how the other's day was, nothing. And they wouldn't have it any other way, well at least one of them anyway. Jazeera finally moved from her spot by the door and closed and locked it behind her, she made her way to her lover standing in front of his massive windows in his apartment overlooking the city below. He stood motionless, his back straight and his arms folded across his chest, she came up beside him and peered up at his profile.

Nova eyed her too out of the corner of his eye, waiting for her to do something. He silently and appreciatively took in her form, his eyes raked over her form almost hungrily. She was beautiful there was no denying that at all, in fact Nova could not remember the last time he had encountered a woman with beauty such as her. She was considered tall for a woman, her skin was a chocolate brown and her hair was black like midnight, it was thick and wavy, it framed her face and stopped at the middle of her back. Her eyes were a piercing violet color, large, her pupils were narrowed serpentine slits and they seemed to penetrate whatever she cast her gaze upon, the only demonic feature on her otherwise seemingly human appearance. She was curvy but not overly so, her hips rounded and feminine and her legs long and lean, she had a nice full pair of breasts too, which was always a plus. Her face was soft, her features delicate and her lips full and lush, one of his favorite parts of her body. Yes, she was beautiful and she was his, though he'd never admit that out loud.

Jazeera eyed him in the same appreciative manner that she was doing to her; she always wondered how she ever found a man as handsome as he. Nova was tall, easily standing over six feet; he was a few shades lighter than her. His hair was white, pure white like freshly fallen snow, it was swept back from his face and strewn about his head in a mess of unruly curls. His eyes were crimson and glowed in the fading light of the sunset, his sclera were black; it made the crimson irises stand out that much more. His face was strong masculine, he had thick arched eyebrows, a nice chiseled jaw and pointed ears just like hers. He had a strong build, rippling muscles covering every inch of his body; he was the very embodiment of strength and wisdom.

They stood silently and motionlessly, both waiting for the other. Nova often wondered how it had come to this, their relationship, if you even wanted to call it that, was so shallow. They used each other for release, like a sentient sex toy. Maybe a decade or so ago the ancient demon wouldn't have even considered something like this, he was old, much older than her, he was easily three or four times her age but she didn't seem to mind. His status in the demon realm meant he had women pining for his attention all of the time, at first he relished the attention, maybe even exploited it to some degree.

But after a while it all grew, very old. If there was one trait Nova hated in a woman it was submissiveness, now he didn't mind a certain degree of submissiveness he was male after all. But he didn't just want for a woman to bend to his will all of the time. No, he wanted someone that would fight him, argue with him, most of all he wanted someone that wouldn't kiss his ass.

He glanced at Jazeera out of the corner of his eye; she was the embodiment of the perfect woman for him. She was strong, confident, formidable, sexy, a true alpha female. She wasn't afraid to tell him what she thought, and she wasn't afraid to question him. She was like a breath of fresh air, an oasis in the dessert so to speak, she was unlike any woman he had ever been with.

Their 'relationship' had started out simple enough; he had met her through a mutual acquaintance at a formal party. They chatted, had a few drinks and the night ended with him going to back to her place for sex, after that they went their separate ways. A few years went by before he saw her again, their reunion was casual, cordial but it ended with them having sex again. The next time he saw her, the same thing happened, and again the time after that. They sort of fell into a routine after some time, when they saw each other they had sex and went on their merry way. No feelings, just sex, stress release, nothing more.

Or at least that's what he kept telling himself nowadays, for the first time in centuries the ancient demon was unsure of himself. He knew he was physically attracted to her, there was no denying that and he knew she was attracted to him. Okay, that was easy to understand but what about everything else? He tried to think back, he tried to remember if there was ever a time he felt this way about a woman and he was coming up empty. Jazeera was something else, she made him feel things that….well she made him feel period.

Nova was a man that showed little to no emotion, almost one hundred percent of the time. In fact the only people he could think of that could get any kind of reaction out of him was, his lifelong friend Claude and Jazeera. She had broken through his barriers in such a short amount of time, making him second guess himself at every turn, it was infuriating. But he would never tell her that, he could never try to explain to her how she made him feel. He wasn't even entirely sure what it was he felt for the demoness but he knew it could prove to be problematic in the future.

Jazeera was a woman that knew what she wanted and how to get it. She was strong and vicious, she cut down her enemies like weeds, she didn't let her emotions get the better of her like most women. She was stoic, unreadable; he could never tell what was running through her mind. He saw her mouth turn up into a subtle smirk, and she looked up at him.

He couldn't help but to smirk back at her, he knew when it came to emotions she was just like him. She didn't let just anyone see her smile, it made his chest feel warm when he thought about it. He was the only one that could make her smile, and it made him feel funny thinking about it. Her smile faded slowly and a predatory gleam light up her violet eyes as she looked at him. She blatantly looked him up and down, drinking in his form; Nova felt a chill run down his spine.

With Jazeera, Nova had come to realize he had a very vast sexual appetite, he found he wasn't averse to trying new things, at least when it came to her. He found that he really didn't mind who was in control in the bedroom, well at least when it came to her. She's dominated him more times that he cared to admit, and he loved every second of it.

Surviving to be as old as he is doesn't come without a price; he often has to be in control of many situations. The younger generation looks to him for guidance and strength, it grows very tiresome after a while. With Jazeera he can take the back seat, so to speak. It was a nice change of pace, she brought him to his peak as much as he did hers, they played off of each other perfectly, more so than he cared to admit.

"You are awfully quiet today." Jazeera said bringing him out of his thoughts.

He cast her a sidelong glance and shifted his weight on his feet, "A lot on my mind I suppose."

"Hmmm." She hummed moving to stand in front of him now; she trailed her fingers up his chest, "I'd rather you not think of anything at all."

"Oh?" he said reaching up to run his hands down her arms.

"Yes," she said huskily, "And I think I know the perfect way to clear your mind." She leaned in and trailed soft kisses up his neck and to his jawline.

Nova tilted his head up exposing his throat and sighing softly, "And, what does that entail?"

She hummed in amusement and lightly nipped at his earlobe, "How about I just show you instead?"

He let out a shuddering breath and she proceeded to undo the top buttons of his shirt, she kissed his collarbone and nipped at the skin there, "That could work." He said finally.

She undid the rest of the buttons of his shirt and pulled it open, exposing his toned torso to her hungry eyes. She leaned in and lightly trailed her hands down his torso, slightly scratching him with her clawed fingers. She dipped her head in and kissed her way up his stomach, starting at his navel and ending at his collarbone.

Nova let out a sigh and captured her chin lightly and tilted her head up, he captured her lips with his and kissed her fiercely. He traced his tongue along her bottom lip begging for entrance, but she didn't oblige, he hummed his disapproval and nipped lightly on her bottom lip. He trailed his hands down her shoulders and onto her back, giving her feather light touches, his hands eventually stopped on her ass and he gave it a rough squeeze. She let out a moan, and he wasted no time plunging his tongue into her mouth, he swept his tongue all over her mouth, no crevice was left unexplored. They battled for dominance, a seductive battle of tongue and teeth until eventually they both had to pull back for air.

They stared at each other eyes half lidded and their lips puffy from the rough kiss, Jazeera gave him a sultry smile, and trailed her hand down to the top of his belt. Nova's breath hitched in his throat and he ground his pelvis into hers, his arousal pressing against her, hard and rigid in the fabric of his pants. Jazeera chuckled lightly and let her hand stray over his clothed erection, she cupped it in her hand and stroked and teased it.

Nova let out a shuddering breath and captured the hem of her shirt, she stopped stroking him long enough to let him lift it over her head and toss it somewhere. He raked his eyes over her and dipped his head into kiss her again, he brought his hands up and massaged her breasts through the lacy fabric of her bra. She moaned into his mouth, and trailed kisses along his jawline and nibbled on his earlobe lightly.

He reached around and unclasped her bra, exposing her to him; he wasted no time trailing his tongue along the curve of her breasts. He licked the valley between them and moved to flick his tongue over her nipple, he moved his thigh in between her legs, he could feel the heat of her sex through the fabric of his pants. He continued his ministrations on her breast, suckling and nibbling the flesh there; Jazeera let out a loud moan and ground herself against his thigh wantonly.

Nova grunted and moved to back her against the massive window, she gasped as her bare back hit the cold glass. He trailed kisses down her torso, lightly biting her flesh leaving marks and soothing them with his tongue. He reached the waist of her pants and deftly undid the button and fly, he jerked her pants down taking her lacy panties with them and they pooled at her ankles. She stepped out of them, and looked at him lustily; Nova smirked at her and sank to his knees, his face just inches away from her glistening sex.

He leaned forward sticking his nose into her folds, he heard her let out a moan, he inhaled deeply taking in the musty, sweet smell of her arousal. He let out a shuddering groan and pulled away, she huffed her disapproval. He gently ran his finger along the seam of her pussy, looking up at her lustily; she looked down on him with a similar expression, lightly rocking her hips back and forth.

His fingers found her clit and he circled it lightly with his fingers, her eyes closed and she threw her head back. He continued to circle her clit with the pad of his index finger, watching her writhe and moan all the while, she was so beautiful to him, especially when she was like this. Suddenly her hand shot out and grabbed his wrist, stopping him from his ministrations, he cast her a questioning glance and she smirked in response. She tugged at his wrist urging him to stand, he stood up slowly, she spun them around quickly before he had a chance to retaliate pinning him to the window. She chuckled lightly and pulled his shirt the rest of the way off; his pants followed joining the pile.

She trailed her tongue down his body, sinking to her knees in the process. She gave him a look, like she wanted to eat him alive, it made a tremor run through, it started at his head and shot down to his groin. Jazeera lightly grabbed a hold of his erection, running a feather light touch from the base all the way up to the head, her finger running along the slit. Nova bit his lip, stifling a moan as she gripped him a little firmer, her strokes becoming longer; he closed his eyes and began to buck his hips into her fist. She leaned in and used the flat of her tongue to run a teasing lick up the length of his cock, his breath hitched in his throat and eyes flew open so he could watch her.

She flicked her tongue along the head, looking up at him all the while, he almost wanted to cum right there, he couldn't even begin to explain to her how sexy that look was. She kissed the head and finally took him in her mouth, Nova hissed in pleasure and tried not to close his eyes. She worked her mouth over him slowly, using her hand to cover whatever she couldn't fit in her mouth, he felt her tongue flicking and teasing his length and her fist circling the base of him.

He finally let out a moan and threw his head back, it collided with the glass a little hard but he didn't care, all he could feel right now was Jazeera's hot, wet mouth on his cock. She let him go and ran her tongue up and down his length again, this time she stopped to lick his balls. She ran her tongue over them teasingly, eliciting a loud groan from the demon male.

He couldn't take much more of this; he looked down at her, his eyes overflowing with need. She seemed to catch on and gave him a sultry smirk.

"What do you need?" she said flicking her tongue over him, "Tell me."

He tried to talk but all that came out was a series of gasps and moans, he threaded his fingers through her hair.

"You want to fuck me Nova?" she said taking him in her mouth again, sucking him fiercely.

He let out a startled cry and bucked his hips into her mouth; she trailed her hands up and down him thighs looking up at him. He couldn't speak; all he could do was nod his head vigorously.

"You have to say it." She whispered over his length.

He groaned again, she knew how he felt about saying things like this. Nobody knew but Nova was quite uncomfortable with swearing, even in the throes of passion. "Jazeera…." He mewled.

"Say it." She said again, she took him in her mouth again taking him all the way to the base. Nova let out a shuddering sighed as he felt her throat clench around him.

"I…I want to fuck you." Said barely above a whisper, almost not believing how vulgar that sounded coming out of his mouth.

She pulled back from his length with a pop and smirked at him; she stood up and roughly grabbed his hair pulling him down for a kiss. She plunged her tongue in his mouth, making him taste himself on her; they finally had to pull back for air. She spun them around again, so her back was against the window once more, Nova hooked her legs around his waist and trailed kisses along her collarbone, lining himself up with her entrance.

He buried himself in her in one stroke; he let out a shuddering breath, giving her time to adjust to his size. She urged him along, squeezing her inner muscles teasingly; he moaned loudly and began to thrust into her. Long slow sensuous strokes, perfect for love-making, but Jazeera was having none of that.

"Nova," she groaned biting into his shoulder, "Fuck me harder."

He grunted in response and his cock twitched inside of her, he pumped into her faster, roughly grabbing her ass and angling her to meet his stokes. She said his name loudly and let her head fall back against the glass, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Oh, fuck, harder." She moaned, biting him harder this time, her fangs drawing blood from him.

Nova groaned and felt his cock twitch again; it wouldn't be long before he came. Somehow, her saying such vulgar things turned him on that much more. Jazeera being the observant woman that she is, caught on quickly and gave him a mischievous smirk.

"Nova," she sighed, "I love your fat cock," she moaned loudly and bit her lip, "Pounding into my pussy."

He moaned and bit into her shoulder, driving into her harder and faster, his mind was blank with pleasure. He faintly registered his claws digging into her backside, but he couldn't have care less at the moment however. He felt her walls begin to tighten around him and his name became a prayer on her lips, she was close and so was he.

He continued his punishing pace, driving both of them closer to the edge of release, with a string of obscenities and jumbles that sounded like his name, Jazeera came. Her walls clamped viciously on his cock, shuddering and spasming around his length. He didn't let her rest; he continued his pace, seeking his release, he thrust into her, once, twice more before his body when taut and his breath caught in his throat. He pumped in essence inside of her, his shoulders jerking with the force of his release, he let out a groan and stumbled forward bracing himself on his forearm. They both struggled to catch their breaths, he locked eyes with her, studying her in her afterglow, he didn't think she would ever understand just how beautiful she was to him.

She unhooked her legs from around his waist, he moved back from her so she could retrieve her clothing. Nova found his pants and pulled them on, returning to his stance in front of the window, he watched her dress. Neither of them said a word, she pulled on the rest of her clothes and fixed her hair, she looked at him again.

"I'll be back tomorrow." She said unemotionally, you wouldn't even be able to tell what had just happened if it weren't for the slight flush to her face.

"Of course." He said nodding to her.

She turned on her heel and exited his apartment without another word, leaving him to his thoughts once more. He turned back around and stared out his window, the sun had almost fully set, and it was then that he realized the curtains had been open the entire time and he hadn't even noticed. He was slightly perturbed that, that didn't bother him like it should have, the thought of someone seeing him like that sent a pleasant tingle down his spine. He shook his head to himself, what was she turning him into?