I can't be they're little lab rat anymore.

I will escape.

I'm not sure how but I will.

I will.

I realized I had muttered it out loud when the silhouette in the cage near mine slightly lifted their head to look at me. All I could do was stare back. The experiment was curled up in ball on the floor of its cage. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl in that dark, damp room.

I couldn't tell if it was all human.

It slowly lowered its head, returning to its curled up position. This one hadn't been next to me for a long time, maybe a few days. I figured it was new, but the way it acted, so dazed and quiet, I was sure it was here longer than just a few days. I would know. I've seen experiments come and go. I know how this place tears them apart. The first few days they spent crying and shouting for their families. After that, they come to their senses. They won't see their families again. The horrible tests would not stop. The needles and operations would just keep coming.

I would watch kids go insane, rattling the bars of their cages, like the human in them had vanished, replaced by a dangerous animal. Most kids would walk in the operation room and never come back.

I wondered why I wasn't one of them.

I wondered what was so special about me. Why didn't they throw me out with the rest of their failures? Why are they so proud of their new creation? I was a completely normal seven-year old. After every operation and every injection I would hear the scientists talk to each on my improvement. And as far as I knew, I was the same. I couldn't figure out what was so impressive about me. I felt I would never know.

The next morning I was woken up by man who kicked my cage against the wall. I was used to this kind of wake-up call by then so I just rubbed my eyes and crawled out the open door. The man followed me out of the door of the cage room, down a long hall that seemed to go on forever. The hallway was lined with doors on either side. The floors were covered with white tiles that reflected the flickering lights up ahead. The whole set-up reminded me of a hospital. The tiles beneath me froze my bare feet, and the freezing air made me wish I had something beside the thin hospital gown to wear. I could tell my short, light brown hair a was mess by the way it felt: dry and knotted. I peaked at my arms and legs and decided I needed a bath. I must of looked like a bush-baby to the scientist. I tried to ignore the man supervising my every footstep, and focused on the walk to the lab. I decided to stare blankly at the floor the way I always did. Finally we reached my stop. Twenty-seventh door to the left.

My supervisor kicked me through the door and slammed it behind him. I stumbled forward and fell on my knees. I didn't feel like getting up. I felt weak and hungry. But I knew staying down wasn't an option. I slowly began to stand up when I felt a strong hand grab my arm and dragged me to a large metal table. I knew this table too well. Scientists were scattered among the room, working on numerous tasks. some were on the computer, bringing up the files for number 9-12-5, my experiment number. That's all they would ever call me. I was scared that I would start calling myself that, and I would forget my real name.

I lay back down and let them strap down my arms, legs, and my waist. It was pointless trying to fight it. The people were giants compared to me, there was no way of escape at the moment. I noticed that the number of scientists had been tripled.

I watched as the head scientist pulled out a shot filled with a clear liquid. I clenched my fists as they injected the substance into my arm. Immediately my vision became blurry, I felt myself slipping into sleep. I tried to resist but my body wouldn't let me. I slowly drifted away into a deep...

I woke with start. I couldn't remember what happened, or when they brought me back to my cage again. I sat up and looked down at my body to see if anything changed. Nothing. I should have been relieved, but I was disappointed. After every operation I woke up sore and exhausted, only to find that I was completely normal. What was the purpose of this torture? My hands grabbed the bars of the cage and slid down. I dropped my head in defeat. When would stop? I just wanted to go home. Even though I knew there no chances of me were of seeing my family again, the idea of home always lingered in the back of my mind. I squeezed the bars tightly, closed my eyes, and concentrated. At the time I wasn't sure what I was concentrating on, but I didn't care. My eyes closed tightly and filled with tears. Suddenly I heard a slight sizzle. I quickly removed my hands and sat up. I stared down at the bars. They were beginning to melt. I didn't know what to think. I did that. I almost melted metal with my bare hands. I looked at my hands. My palms dimly glowed the color green, and a thick glowing liquid dripped out, as if someone had broke a green glow stick on them. My thoughts were jumbled and I barely remembered how to breath. One word screamed louder than any other thought: Escape. If the scientists knew that this new ability worked, they wouldn't have put me in something I could easily destroy. They must've thought they had failed again. That I was still helpless. A huge, slightly evil, grin stretched across my face. I was busting out. And no one, could stop me.

I listened closely to the voices outside the cage room. The guards outside were having some conversation about science and the mutants they created. There had to be more than ten out there, and if they saw me they would call for back-up and I would never escape. I had a feeling they would not be leaving soon, and when they did, some different guards would take their place. There went the 'walking out the front door' plan. I tried thinking of a new approach, but my mind blanked out. Then it hit me: I could melt through the wall. I scooted toward the back of my cage and thanked the lord it was backed up against a wall.

Time to make the magic happen. Hoping that I could do what I did last time, I clutched the bars in the back of my again, I heard the bars sizzling of the metal burning, followed by a new rush of energy and hope. The green liquid began to ooze down the bars, burning them as it snaked down to the bottom. I squeezed them until the metal was melted. I made a hole large enough for me to squeeze through. Then I put my hands flat on the cold concrete wall. Even quicker than before, I made a hole. The dim light of the sunset poured through the hole and brightened the room. I heard some of insane experiments back away, whimpering at the light. Some even seemed to hiss at it. It was too late to help them. How could they survive outside if they were terrified of light? I wish I could do something, but I knew I couldn't. Trying to forget about the experiments being left behind, I peered my head outside. Crap. I was about seven stories up. Bellow was an empty alley with nothing but a large, green trash bin tucked into the corner. I began to wish I had an alternate plan. I sat back and sighed. I thought I had made a breakthrough, but the next time the scientists would come in, they would see what I did and put in the appropriate cage. I heard some type muttering. I turned my head quickly toward the noise. It was the experiment next to me. It was the first time I heard it talk, and the first time I could actually see it. It was a young boy a little older than me, maybe eight or nine. He had light brown skin, with floppy dark hair. He looked... normal. He didn't back away from the light like the others did. He looked at me and muttered something again.

"What did you say?" I asked. words felt weird in my mouth. It had been the first time I talked in months.

He paused for a moment before saying softly, "They're coming. They will be coming in to check on us in a few minutes."

My heart stopped for a second. Now what? In just a few minutes I'd be forced to make an impossible decision. I maybe I wouldn't make it out. I turned my head to stare at him, and made up my mind. He was still sane. He still had hope. Just in case I didn't make it out, I didn't want this plan to be completely meaningless.

I reached over to the bars of his cage and started melting them. He gave me a look of confusion. In less than a minute the left side of his cage was gone. I pulled my cage toward his, so you couldn't tell a side was missing.

"When those people come in, they will see me trying to escape. Chances are they'll call for backup, leaving the halls empty. That'll be your chance to get out."

He nodded, but I could tell he was confused why I was helping him. I turned around and dangled my feet over the edge. Well now that his escape plan is complete, I have to come up with one for myself. I thought.


The door slid open slowly. Crap. I'm dead.

The man's head immediately turned toward the light, where he spotted me. without hesitating he picked up his phone and dialed a number. "Code red. Number 9-12-5" is out it's cage."

I froze. what the heck was I supposed to do now? I could jump and die, or run and get captured, which seemed equal to death at the moment. Outside of the room footsteps thundered. I should have thought this through.

I was almost positive that the man would charge at me and knock me out, but he just stood there, paralyzed. His body was shaking a little, and his eyes darted around the room. For once, I had the advantage, I was the one to be feared. And I liked that. They gave me a fair taste torture, and now it was my turn. I looked down at my hands. The green glow had returned, and I felt pumped. I couldn't help smiling.

Payback time.

I pushed the front my cage away, and stood up. Horror rose in the man's eyes. He knew what I was capable of. I could've sworn he was going to scramble away in fear, but the door burst open. Tons of men and women flooded in, more than I've ever seen. I was outnumbered by about two-hundred people. I started to panic. My confidence level dropped to zero. The scientists circled in on me. I looked around frantically, when my eye caught sight of a woman scientist, pointing a gun at at once,the other scientists took their guns to. I was trapped, and the two options appeared again. Live the rest of my life miserably, or end my life now. I locked eyes with the scientist that pulled out her gun first. Then I did the only thing my retarded, seven-year old brain could think of. I dropped to the floor pushed myself out the hole I made.

For the briefest moment, I felt like I was free. I felt alive, even though I was about to die. Suddenly that moment ending. A bony hand grabbed my ankle, throwing me back into reality. In no time, I went from flying to dangling. Blood rushed to my head, making me feel dizzy. Only then did I realize how high I was. Everything seemed miniature from my view. My vision doubled. I tried to wriggle myself from the grip of my holder. It was no use. I struggled to look up at the person who grabbed me. I finally saw it was the head scientist, Doctor. (I could never remember the other part of his name, so I just labeled him as Doctor). He was the one who always made orders, and usually the one to lead tests and operations. He was bald, with a face that was way too slim, and emerald green eyes. To sum things up, he was pretty ugly. And at that moment, the one who held me from falling seven stories. Panic struck his eyes, and I realized why. He probably spent his whole life making the perfect formula. And now it was dangling from a hole in his building. I knew that the next thing I did had to make him regret every second he held me here. I threw my hand up shot the green liquid straight up. I couldn't see where I was aiming, which was stupid and dangerous. I heard a wail and a sudden rush of wind: I was falling again. I twisted and turned in the air, trying to put my feet first, as that would save me from breaking all the bones in my body. It was hopeless, I was falling too fast. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact.


I was almost positive that was the sound of all my body being crushed, but when I opened my eyes, I saw I fine. In fact, I was in better shape trash bin I landed on. I didn't get it. Why wasn't I dead, or at least bruised a bit. Not that I wasn't happy to be alive, believe me I was ecstatic, but it just didn't make sense. but I remembered that I didn't have time for that. I pushed myself out of the dent I made in the trash can, and took off as fast as my tiny legs could carry me. I dashed out of the the dark, lonely alley, and into the streets. I hoped that my little distraction had saved me enough time to find help. The sun was slowly lowering itself down, the city sky dimming every minute. I had no idea where the heck I was going. I didn't recognize this area. But I didn't care. I had been in that lab since I was three, and I had my fair taste of torture. There was no way to stop me. I should've been terrified, but I couldn't stop smiling. I got almost everything I wanted that day. Revenge, freedom, and the power to be feared by my enemies. Stupid and naive thoughts buzzed in my mind. Things like: finding my family, and regaining my normal life. My smile grew bigger. No one could ever torture me like that again. No one could ever lock me in a cage again. No one could ever call me 9-12-5 again. My name is Isabell Rose, and this is my life.