Though I remember that event like it was yesterday, it happened five years ago. I am now twelve years old. Did I find my family? Nope. Did I regain my normal life? Definitely not. Am I still on the run from the demon scientists? Of course I am.

I thought that after I escaped, they would forget about me. Obviously I was wrong. I'll always be hunted by them. They would kill to have me back. And they have. Which is why I can't go home. Wherever I am, I put others in danger of dying. I can't risk that. So for that reason, I practically live in the forest. Of course I come out to get food and water all the time, but I try not to socialize too much. Besides, I'm always changing locations. If I did make any friends, I'd have to ditch them and move on.

And since I'm fending for myself, I'm forced to live a thief's life. I have to steal everything I need: clothes, food, water, and blankets. Over the years, I've gotten a little too good at stealing. I'll be in and out of a store within in seconds, and no one will notice I was even there.

I sighed and leaned back on the tree, letting my legs dangle from the branch I sat on. It was early in the morning, around six or seven o'clock. The september air was cold and stale. I wanted to stay in the tree, but my stomach was screaming for food, so I decided it was time to get started.

I stuffed my blanket into my worn-down backpack, which was hanging on a small branch above me. I took out my sneakers from the front pouch, which were falling apart because of all the years of running away. After I laced them up, I looked down at the forest floor. I was about two stories up, which now seemed like two feet for me. I strapped on my backpack, then closed my eyes. Then I squatted down, and pushed myself forward. Wind rushed past me, making my already messy hair go wild. I loved the feeling. It felt more like flying than falling. The hoodie of my jacket flapped violently in the wind, blocking out the noise of everything around me. I hit the ground quickly, ending my exciting descent. I stood up, brushing the dirt off of my only pair of pants. After I looked somewhat decent, I headed out of the forest. The walk was a long and lonely one. City noises buzzed in the background. Very few animals were in this forest, very few when I was around, at least. Colored leaves scattered on the ground, making a crunching noise when I stepped on them. The sound of cars zipping by increased gave me the cue to find an empty area where I could step out without being noticed. I slipped out by a closed-off road, with no workers at the time. I ran across the street, and onto the sidewalk. After I turned a few corners, I came across a cluster of shops. Luckily, one of them happened to be a restaurant. I steered myself to the very back of the restaurant, and waited behind a concrete wall. I peered out to see a large trash can. Perfect. I backed up against a wall again when I heard the sound of of the back door opening. I quieted my breathing, and listened to the noise of trays being emptied into the garbage. Moments later, I heard retreating footsteps, followed by the click of the the closing door.

I let out a deep breath, and emerged from the wall. I walked over to the trash bin, and took a look inside. I could've sworn my stomach did a little dance when saw that person had dumped a load of food. Definitely edible, but not servable, food. What a waste. I pulled myself up and sat on the edge. I always get excited when I find stuff in the trash, because it meant I didn't have to steal. It's not exactly a five star meal, but it's food. I bent down to grab a cold pancake, but I was interrupted by a crash and an ear-splitting shrill. I quickly sat up and turned my head as chorus of screams arose. "Here we go again," I thought, and hopped of the edge.

"Over the years, the scientists realized that they were no match for me. They stopped trying to catch me themselves. They brought me worthy components," I thought as I ran toward the screaming. I pulled down my hoodie, so it covered my face in way where I could still see clearly, but no one could see who was. "Over the years..." I continued think, "I've realized I'm not alone."