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Anywho... This chapter is in the POV of the mystery character from chapter 4 (The one that set himself on fire).

Mystery character's POV


Something small bounced off my head, wakening me from my deep sleep. I lazily lifted my eyelids. I sat up from my curled-up position, rubbing my eyes. The world's blurriness slowly subsided until everything was crisp and clear. I was still in the forest. Not in a cage, not strapped down to a metal table. I blinked a few times, just to make sure I wasn't imagining things. But the scene remained the same.

I struggled to pull out memories from last night after I was injected. Nothing. I strained even harder, but still, nothing came up. My brain seemed completely blank on the subject. The fact that I couldn't conjure up one single event scared me. If there is anything I hate, it is the feeling of emptiness.


For the second time something small bounced off my head. I winced at the tiny flare of pain. I watched as the penny that hit me roll off my body and into leaves. Slightly startled, I quickly looked up at the tree it had come from. Everything about the tree seemed completely normal, but I still continued to examine it. After a few more seconds of intent searching, I pried my eyes from the tree's branches. As soon as I did this, about a dozen more pennies fell from the branches, creating a shower of coin. I quickly put my hands up in an attempt to keep them from pelting down my head. After each penny had fallen, a clearly audible voice came from the branches.

"Oops," it said in an unworried tone.

I whipped my head upward to see the head of a young girl peering down at me. She sat impossibly high up in the tree, wearing a smug look on her face. I watched, paralyzed, as she braced herself to jump to the ground. My mind became crowded with unsensible and panicked voices. "She's from G.E.O!" the voices scream, "Get out while you can!"

I scrambled to get up. I start running.


The voices screamed louder than ever. So did my sore muscles.

"Don't think about the pain. Just run."

I looked back for a few seconds. I didn't see anybody. I heard no other footsteps. These things were hinting to me that I was no longer being followed, but my legs wouldn't stop. I was pushing myself as hard as I could, but I had only just woken up, which meant my energy levels were not at their highest.

Suddenly something landed on me. Actually, something slammed into me. Attacking me from above, G.E.O's experiment dropped onto my shoulders. Within seconds I went from sprinting to face planting. The soggy leaves provided no type of cushion whatsoever as I my head went slamming into the ground.

A jolt of pain unfurled throughout my forehead. Blackness burned holes through my vision. I groaned as my consciousness slipped through fingers.

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