AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first attempt at a romance so if i apologize if it lacks a certain amount of depth and sappiness. This story is true and is based on a chapter in my life. I though i would write it out. I'm still hurt by it and i decided to write about it as an act of hopefully healing.

This is the story of Dante who lives in the quiet suburbs of Laurel, Maryland. Amber skin, shoulder length black hair with a perpetually melancholy expression to hide his pain. And Isabella, a beautiful, well endowed women with crystalline blue eyes who lives in an unknown city in the U.K. Never revealed to protect herself.

The story is told from Dante's point of view. It is told in 2012.

I met Isabella 3 years ago on a Yahoo Chatroom. I didn't have much luck in my real life relationships. They would always end with "It's not you, it's me." But i saw right through that bullshit. It was always me. I never really opened up to anyone so i guess that was my fault. Anyways so i decided to try my hand at online relationships. I first met Isabella at 11pm on a Friday. We talked for a little bit, got to know each other so of course it didn't start out as a relationship. After a month she loved me. I never replied, i didn't know how i felt but i regret not saying anything. Instead of going on and on and making this too sappy, ill skip to the day where i reccomended we visit each other.

I added Isabella to my windows messenger contacts after a series of emails so we would be able to have like conversations. I logged on with a smile on my face hoping and thinking Isabella would be online. The welcome screen popped up and there she was. Isabella was online.

"Hey baby!" the messaged popped up.

"Hey Bella" i typed back with a smile.

Isabella and i would talk about many things; Current events, video games, Random stuff and sometimes nothing at all. Those times we would just echance emoticons. Cute love, it was.

"Whats up babykins?"

"Not much"

"Did you see the news, Dante?"

"No. What happened?"

"There was a story about a Toddler fight club. One of the kids died!"


"They didn't go into detail but im sure it was one of the damned caretakers!"

Keep in mind Isabella and i lived in different states so sometimes i wouldn't understand what she was talking about.

"What do you think about that"

"Uh, Babe." i interjected.

"Yeah hon?"

"I'm 17 and your 22."

"So? I love you."

"I...Know. And i really want to see you..."

"I really want to see you too, Dante, but do you realize how much i have to do? I can't just get up and go across the street. I need to get a passport and we don't even have a date set."

"How about Friday?

"Dante, it takes 4-6 weeks to get a passport, this is a serious matter."

"Isabella, I...if i could i would fly over to you in but an instant but im only 17. I have a place where we can meet."

"I love you, Dante. I'll try and get my passport tomorrow."

"Ok baby please do."

Did i love Isabella? Of course i did. But i couldnt bring myself to say it. I've been hurt too much in the past. I felt strongly for her. I planned to tell her i love her i loved in person. That was my plan.

5 weeks have passed. Isabella and i continued to talk each other and i, in my own way, continued to shower her with love and she was doing the same. I even revealed a poem i wrote to her. She obviously loved it. I was a talented writer. Or so people said. Ever since 3rd grade. But enough of that.

"Guess what, Babykins?"


"I finally got my passport! yay!"

"No way!"

"Yep! i just need 5 - 7 days to track it online"

"Oh. So you ALMOST have it?"

"Soon baby. I love you, be patient."

I was impatient.

Another week passed. We continued to shower each other with love and finally decided on a meeting spot. The Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

"Hey Bella" I messaged her.

"Heya, My passport came in the mail today."

"Alright, thats good. How do you feel?"

"EXCITED! All i need to do is make flight plans. I can't wait to see Washington, D.C."

One week later. The date was June 14th 2011. I got off the transit bus and spit out my gum on the sidewalk and zipped up my jacket. I walked to the corner of the street and leaned against a pole as i waited for a break in the busy street. Finally one came and i jogged across the busy road. I gazed at the line around the Washington Monument. All those people wanting tickets to go INSIDE the monument when the view outside was just as good. I walked over to a nearby hill, took a deep breath and collapsed into the wet grass and looked into the blue sky, which resembled the color of my Bella's eyes, which were littered with clouds that reminded me of cotton balls. I dug into my pockets and go out my phone and logged into windows messenger. What i saw...I won't soon forget. The message was over 2 hours old. The message read:

"Dante? This is Kimberlee, Isabella's friend and next door neighbor. There was a break in last night and...Isabella was found dead. The police found her like that. I don't know if it was self inflicted or if she was killed but- I'm sorry."

I quickly jolted back up and jumped to my feet and stared at the message with quickly watering eyes.

"No..." i mumbled to myself...

Did i love Isabella? Of course i did. I always did. I just never said it. this day i don't even know if it was some sort of prank or whether or not it was serious. For months i would log back on ocassionally and see if she would be on, possibly waiting for me. She was never on again. Since then...I don't know what to do with myself.