Shall I tell you my tale?

Of my brushy red tail

Once I was a young lad

Considered quite a cad

I fell for all the girls

Most of them with curl's

Till I fell for the milky white skin

Of the local witches kin

With hair of ruby flame

How it made me tame

With eyes of jade

How it had me made

Her lovely smile

Could be seen for a mile

Her aura lit up the room

Till there was no more gloom

The witch did not approve

She sought to have me removed!

Her first ploy

Was really quite coy

She offered me jewels

The size of mules

If I forgot the milky white skin

Of the local witches kin

I thought...

I wouldn't be bought

My love for her kin

Was too great to be considered sin

At my refusal

Her expression became unusual

At that, I felt queasy

That expression made me feel uneasy

Her second plan

Was quite insane

Try to kill!

Though those she hired were quite run of the mill

I was then free

To experience plan number three

At my feet

The witch as red as a beet

Threw down a skin of a fox

She cursed with a pox

With a bellow,

'Jump into that skin or I'll turn ya yellow!'

So there my darling, is my tale.

Of my brushy red tail.

With a twist and an bend

I'm afraid this is the end.

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