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Chapter 7

'The inside of a friend'

It was a long walk to the station, but holding Joel's hand made it so much easier.

We didn't have to walk all the way to the station. Joel's squad car was parked a little down the road from the place that had becoming a living hell of memories and distant realities.

His car looked like any other police car. Except that it was squeaky clean and the inside didn't smell like bad after shave like the other cars did.

Everything about this guy was so different. I had a feeling that he might be the only person in my life right now who genuinely cared.

I swung myself into the passenger's seat and buckled up tight.

The smell of pine made me sigh and I giggled at the Christmas tree shaped air freshener.

His seats were soft and tightly covered with navy blue seat protectors. I noticed that the dark grid separating the front of the car from the back seats was just as clean as the dustless dashboard.

"You have a very clean car." I went to take off my grass covered shoes but he stopped me smiling.

"Don't worry about that, it just causes you the fuss of having to put them back on. I'm not a neat freak, we had inspections yesterday and my uncle would be absolutely irate if I didn't pass with flying colours like everything else." He smiled at me starting up the car. I heard the purring of the engine and suddenly missed my car. I saved up for two years to by that car. It was my Dad's project. I brought it when it could barely start its engine and my Dad spent all his free time getting that thing running and purring like it was a porche.

I sighed angrily at the thought of the man who murdered my father ever putting his grubby hands were I had.

"Kerry, you seem quiet, are you okay?" He had his eyes on the road but I could clearly see his concerned features as he looked down to change gear.

"I'm fine Joel, I just miss my car." He raised his eyebrows at the heat buckling tarmac in front of him.

"What happened to your car?" he asked not missing a beat.

"The Ringmaster used it as a getaway car, that's why I ran into you, because I was running to Mum's instead of driving." I raised my fingers to the plaster above my eye. It hit me how fats my life had flipped upside down and dumped me into a big pile of unneeded drama.

"Well, I have to say Kerry; you have been hit with a very bad stroke of luck." My sleepless night was catching up on me. I slurred back a reply but was quickly swept into a dreamless sleep.


Sirens screamed in my ears and woke me up with a Jolt.

My eyes snapped open unwillingly and I took in the scene thorough black tinted windows.

"Sorry, Kerry, we are here." I turned to the producer of the voice and found that Joel was unbuckling my seat belt and lifting my out of the open door beside me.

He set me on my feet, but held me against his chest till I was fully awake.

"He said it was just a couple of budding graffiti artists, but then suddenly it's a full blown murder scene." He whispered into my ear. I could hear him clearly over the sirens and his words woke me up like a splash of ice cold water.

"No." I looked up at his face and saw him look around for other officers. Suddenly he pushed me gently away and walked off.

I was stunned to say the least. Where had he gone?

I looked around and saw officers scrambling around the place. With a gasp I realised he had pushed me away because he was doing what I asked and keeping us a secret.

My body ached as I stretched, taking in my surroundings properly this time.

Everything was a blaze of flashing lights and blue uniforms.

I quickly recognised the place in front of me as the local shooting range.

"No way," I made my way up to the yellow tape, pushing my way through the gathering crowd.

I was suddenly wide awake. The scene unfolding in front of me was all too familiar.

The numerous police officers, the flash of cameras and the loud commands to stay back.

I slipped under the tape and stealthily made my way to the shed where the customers took their shoots at the targets from.

Somehow I managed to slip through the doorway and make my way over to Joel. My presence was masked by the ensuing chaos of the gathering press.

I laughed sadly to myself at how easy it must have been for the Ringmaster to slip out of the complex unnoticed.

Creeping soundlessly was easy enough, but getting Joel's attention was not.

It took a rough shake of the shoulder to finally get him to notice my presence.

He jumped almost six feet off the ground and turned to grab me by the shoulders roughly.

"Shit, girl, don't ever freak me like that again." His breathing was ragged and I noticed how horrified his expression was.

"How did you get in here anyway?" he cracked a small smile and hugged me close. The world around us was so busy I doubted anyone noticed what had passed between us, let alone my presence here.

"What has happ-" I couldn't speak another word when my eyes feel upon the body on the dirty wooden floor.

The body was a pale colour that resembled cream cheese. The stomach oozed scarlet and the eyes were staring accusingly at me, as if I was to blame for this.

My blood froze. My heart struggled to push it through my reluctant veins.

A fiendish chuckle, similar to the one I had heard in my room earlier, resounded in my ears.

"Officer Mathers, would you kindly remove that civilian from the premises!" A thundering demand shattered my thoughts.

I looked up into the eyes of the policeman bounding towards us, only for him to be stopped in his tracks as he realised who I was.

"Oh my, I am so sorry Miss Eliham, I didn't reali-" I stopped him short with a glare so powerful that if looks could kill, he would be the second murder victim on the floor.

"Don't even bother." I didn't know for sure, but I guessed by the way he was staring at me and Joel that this was his uncle. He looked around my Dads age, balding, hints of grey scattered through his sixties moustache.

He took another step towards me and I snapped.

My eyes flew to meet his and I balled my hands into tight fists.

He staggered back a step and looked at Joel for help.

His eyes had an eerie resemblance to Joel's.

I felt soft hands clutch my waist and I sighed, letting my anger be washed away by his breath on my neck.

"Calm, babe." Did he just call me babe? I smiled giggly.

Joel's uncle, obviously calmed by the sight of the smile, relaxed.

"She may be who she is but she is not an officer Joel." He sighed relieved but disheartened that he had to force me to leave.

My attention was pulled away from the arguing kin.

A movement in the rafters of the small and very open shed caught my eye.

I wrenched myself from Joel's grasp and mad my way towards the movement.

I made a huge leap for the lowest beam of the low roofed shooting shed.

Heaving myself up to stand on the narrow beam, I started to walk the line with extreme precision.

I held my arms out to the sides like a tight rope walker.

"Kerry, get down!" I heard Joel's worried yell as I stepped closer and closer to my goal.

I fixed my eyes on the thing which I had now identified as a piece of paper fluttering in the wind.

With one last step I reached up and snatched the paper from the crack in the wood it had been wedged in.

Perching precariously on the beam I started to read.

'Ring a ring of roses, a pocket full of posies,

You have now seen what happens

when people don't control their noses,

if you give up know you may never step with in my walls,

but if you continue your quest watch how all your friends fall,

within a ring of roses a darkness falls,

the Ringmaster is close behind you

listen for his call.'

This note was horribly different to the first one.

It was now apparent that he knew who I was and has been following me around today.

Oh god, he killed this man because of me.

I looked down to find a lot of started face staring up at me, murder victim forgotten.

I hadn't realised how high off the ground I really was until I looked into the eyes of the dead body.

Did someone move his head? 'Cause I swear he was facing the other way last time I checked. Those cold eyes stared into mine again, unforgiving, accusing and severely horrifying.

"Kerry, please come down." Joel's voice was calm and a little worried.

I turned to look down at his raised arms.

With one quick movement I was in the air and heading towards the hard wooden floor.

The shed was quiet save for the distant clicking of cameras outside.

Without any hesitation I took off back through the door way and back into the loud and chaotic crowd.

I heard my name being shouted from behind me, in tones ranging from angry to worried sick.

Ducking under the yellow tape and tearing through the crowd was the easy part. The hard part was figuring out where to go next.

heaps of action to come stay tuned :)