Logan trained in a military training facility for 5 years. His parents were on there way back from Africa when there plane crashed in the ocean. After that he swore to do

something meaningful with his life. He decide to fight crime, He was running after these criminals when he was struck by lighting. He all of sudden woke up fine with super

strength and super senses. And he could fly, He didn't age anymore. He can travel at the speed of light, In the weeks since hes been able to stop crimes much easier. He

stopped two bank robbery's and 3 purse snatching`s. His parents were billionaires He is very rich. Logan also never cusses.

Chapter 1

Logan was in his underground weapons lab and garage, Logan was working on a prototype shotgun. He got done testing it on a paper target, It worked fine he sat it done on his laboratory table.

He walked up stairs, He made himself a sandwich, and sat down at his dinner table and ate his sandwich. He heard a noise upstairs, He heard his window opening with his super senses.

He silently walked up the steps, His bedroom door was closed he kicked his door in, His Best Friend Reggie screamed Ahhhhhh.

What the heck Logan! yelled

Sorry I was coming over to tell you I have news from the boss. Reggie said

What do you mean the boss? Dylan asked

Joseph . Reggie said

He`s not are boss we just help him on missions. Logan stated

They both walked down stairs Reggie said that Joseph wanted them to go on a mission with him.

There was a nuclear bomb about to go off, They got to Joseph`s house, He got into Logan's Mustang Gt 500. Logan took off, They arrived at the nuclear facility, Logan got his prototype shotgun out of the trunk.

They walked up to the door, Logan knocked on it a man opened the door, Logan shot him with his shotgun. It killed the man instantly, 2 men inside the facility got up and started shooting at them with pistols.

One of the bullets hit Logan in the chest he immediately healed. He shot both of them with his shotgun, It killed both of them. They got to the room with the bomb in it, Joseph

kicked the door in, Logan started shooting at the man with the detonate switch, The man with the switch yelled out shoot another bullet and I will hit the switch, Logan sat his shotgun down on the desk.

The man asked Logan to slowly step forward, Logan slowly started walking forwards, Logan ran towards the man at the speed of light. Swatting the switch out of his hand, Logan started throwing punches at the man,

He broke the mans jaw, Behind him a man dressed in all white put a gun to Joseph`s back. Reggie screamed Logan by the time Logan turned around he shot Joseph and ran away,

Logan ran over there to Joseph.

Stay awake for me buddy. Logan said calmly

Reggie call 911! Logan shouted

The paramedics are on there way. Joseph Logan said

Joseph softly said Avenge me and hunt down that man.

No Joseph stay with me. Logan yelled

Joseph slowly died,

Logan stood up and walked outside,

Reggie ran after him Logan took off in flight.

What will happen next will Logan avenge his friends death or Is he gone forever.

P.S new chapter coming soon / Smiley Face