Logan flew into the shadows of an alley way, He saw an old lady walking up he went to fly away then a man with a black mask started to mug her. Logan ran over there and started punching the man in gut,

The man was yelling stop punching me, Logan said you think its funny to rob little old ladies. Logan told the old lady to call the police, He left the man with 3 broken ribs, Logan said to the man before he took off ever do anything like that again and I will kill you.

He flew back to his house his Mustang was parked in his driveway Reggie must have drove it home. He walked inside and fell onto his couch and went to sleep, He woke up the next day at 6:00 AM. He got up and ate a bowl of cereal, After that he grabbed his car keys to his Lamborghini Gallardo, He got onto the highway and sped up to 200 mph.

He was headed to Joseph`s funeral. He arrived he sat on the hill above the funeral, He watched on as they buried him. He got upset and took off he watched the speedometer climb up too 240.

He saw a bunch of cars in front of him he slowed down to 40, And started passing a bunch of cars, He pulled into the police station. Logan walked inside and started to go to one of the computers,

He searched for the man dressed in white. He found him his name is Kendall Parker, He lives in Unknown location great Logan whispered. Logan walked back outside and flew around the city interrogating criminals.

He finally got a tip on his location after giving the criminal 20 thousand dollars, The criminal told him he was at 2000 Fox Ave. Logan pined him against the alley way wall and got his money back,

Logan said thank you as he walked off. He took off in flight and went to his house to get his Mustang GT 500, He got to his house his Mustang was parked outside of his circle driveway at his mansion.

He walked inside to get the keys, Kendall was their with a gun pointed at his chest. Logan said your a sick man, Kendall responded I know but i had a good reason to kill your friend,

That would be what Logan screamed out.

He stole my wife Kendall replied.

He wouldn't do that I knew him he was a good man Logan responded.

Logan jumped to the left behind his kitchen counter, and grabbed his handgun he kept in his cabinet. He started shooting at Kendall it hit Kendall in the leg, Kendall started shooting at Logan,

He hit him in the back, Logan fell to the ground in pain he will heal in about 30 seconds, Kendall tried to shoot him in the head again but Logan rolled out of the way. The 25 second mark was coming up soon,

Logan got up and tackled him to the ground, Kendall shot him in the chest and ran trough Logan`s glass window. Logan layed their in pain the bullet hit his heart, He will die in a matter of seconds if he doesn't pull the bullet out,

He put his hand in his chest and pulled out the bullet. He passed out from the loss of blood he will heal before he dies from the loss of blood, He woke up and checked his watch it was 3:40 P.M.

3 hours later he followed the blood trail but it ended in his yard, He must have been picked up, The tire tracks looked like a Bentley. He got into his mustang and drove to Reggie`s house.

Reggie walked outside Logan said get in, Logan spun out going up to almost 80 mph, He slowed down a little bit to get onto the highway, He got onto the highway and sped up to about 200 with a turbo V12 engine.

They were headed to Fox ave Logan said to Reggie.

Wheres that Reggie asked.

Its where Kendall lives the man dressed in all white Logan said aggressively.

ok whats the plan Reggie asked

I`m going to get there and kick his ace Logan said smiling.

How will it work will Logan kill Kendall or will Kendall escape again. Find out in the next chapter. Please Review