Dead at night.

Well, not actually that late; a while before midnight.

Four apparitions approach the outer wall of the huge school standing silent surrounded by trees.

The guard is dozing, snoring rhythmically.

The last one of the apparition takes something out from its pant's pocket. A metal object of oval shape. It rolls the object on the ground. The object stops under the window of the guards room. All on a sudden it grows four legs, two ears, a tail, a nose and finally, a mustache.

"Meow." The object cries and the guard wakes up. He looks around with a confused expression and then spots the object.

"A cat!"

The object, which has turned into a cat, starts crying non-stop. "Meow meow meow meow..." And it's so loud that the whole school seems to be filled with the noise.

The guard jumps up, "At this rate the whole neighborhood's going to wake up!" He comes out of his cabin and tries to shoo away the cat. The cat takes a glance at him, cries even louder and starts running around.

"Hey!" The guard shouts and starts chasing after it. Soon he was far from the school gate.

The four apparitions reach the gate. The dim neon light shows them. Four people, teenagers. Three girls, one boy. They're wearing black shirts and black trousers, with black backpacks. The first one of the queue whispers,

"Coast is clear. We have to hurry."

The boy, the last one of the queue, takes out a long rubber cord from his backpack and ties it into a knot, making a circle with it. He places it in front of the wall near the gate and presses something like a button near the knot. Instantly the circle grows four leg-like stands and a surface appears.

The four of them stands on the raised surface and the circle grows higher and higher, and reaches the top of the wall. They stand on the wall and lift the circle up, and place it on the other side of the wall. Once again they ride it, this time going down.

After they reach the ground, the get down and their ride turns back into a cord when the button near the knot was pressed again. The boy puts it back into his backpack.

One of the girls says, "Good going, bro!"

They boy smiles and says, "You guys owe me your gratitude for my today's service!"

The girl says, "Yeah, that comes after we're successful."

The group runs toward the premises. They run past the first building and heads toward the staircase between the first and the second building. They run up the stairs, all the way to the fourth floor and stops in front of an iron gate. It's locked.

One of the girls takes out a laser knife and starts cutting the knob. It makes a screeching sound.

Another one, standing next to her, whispers, "Quietly Himi!"

The girl called Himi says, "Okay, okay." And continues slowly.

It takes a while for the knob of the door to melt and fall off. The girl standing next to Himi catches it in mid-air before it hits the ground.

Himi utters a sigh of relief, "Good catch Mou! It'd have made a huge banging sound. And the teachers' quarter isn't far."

Mou puts the knob at one side.

The girl who has been leading then all this while, the one who was always the first of the queue, opens the door with a little force and whispers, "Let's go."

Mou says, "Right behind you Nori!"

So the leader, Nori, walks through the door, followed by the rest of the gang.

The four of them walks into an open space. A cool breeze blowing, sending chills down their spine.

Himi throws her arms into the air and says, "Woohoo! We did it! We broke into the school!"

Mou scratches her head, "But, won't we have to face consequences for this?"

Nori replies to that. "It's the authority's fault. They don't let us come up to the roof so we had to break in."

The other two nod in agreement.

The school's rules are strict. Students can't go to the roof. But this little group of four just had to come here and see the rooftop.

Himi says, still excited, "Let's explore!"

So they start walking around the place, looking in every nook and cranny, hoping to find something weird. They search and search, but find nothing.

Nori kicks the floor and says in annoyance, "There's nothing in here. It's freaking empty!"

Himi says, lacking excitement, "And I thought there'd be something up here. Something like tools for devil's worshipping, for torturing students or maybe some new illegal weapons. But there's nothing!" She's all depressed.

The boy stretches his arms and yawns, "It's quite late. I think we should head back."

Mou says, "But, how are we supposed to distract the guard from this side of the wall?"

The boy opens his mouth to say something but Himi speaks before he can. "Bro's gonna come up with something. Right, bro?"

The boy nods, lacking enthusiasm, "Yeah, right." His eyes grazing the sky.

Himi, the boy's sister, asks, "Something wrong bro?" Looks up at the sky. Mou and Nori follow her action.

Then they all notice an air-bike hovering over the school. Then it lands right in front of them. The rider is a guy, same age as them. He slowly walks to them and drawls, "Hey there guys! I see you really did come." And smirks.

Nori says with a looks of annoyance, "What brings you here, Phil?"

Phil, still smirking, says, "I really didn't believe you all goody kidos would really break the rules and come up here. Let alone at night! So I came to check."


Nori, Mou and Himi were discussing what could be up on the rooftop and decided to take a look for themselves. Phil is their classmate, someone they really dislike. He heard their discussion and laughed at them. So they got desperate to visit the roof. And now, here they are on the roof, with an additional member who is Himi's brother.

-Back to present-

Phil just notices Himi's brother. He looks surprised. "Hey! What are you doing with the girls over there Ivan?"

Himi's brother, Ivan, looks at Phil sheepishly. He yawns and says, "Yo! What's up?"

Phil nods, "So that's how you got up to the roof. Of course. With Ivan's help. Now I see. And here I was wondering how you got so smart."

All on a sudden, they hear a shout. "Who's up there?" It's the guard.

Mou glares at Phil. "Your air-bike attracted his attention."

Phil smirks, "What's it to me? I'm gonna ride back home, you're gonna stay here and get caught!"

"Going anywhere?" Himi's voice sounds. Phil looks behind to see her playing with the key to his air-bike. He becomes shocked. "When did you get that?"

Footsteps are heard, and there seems to be more than one people down there.

Phil tries to snatch the key from Himi. Himi throws it to Nori. When Phil approaches her, she throws it to Mou. Mou passes it to Ivan but Ivan wasn't looking. The key flies above his head and lands in a far corner.

Mou almost shouts, "What the hell Ivan?!"

Ivan looks up. "What?"

Phil panics. "What the hell did you do?" Then he regains his composure. "If I'm getting caught, you're getting caught with me."

"That's not happening man." Ivan says. He has a flat square metal object in his hand. It looks somewhat like a remote controller. He presses a button and in front of him pops up a portal.

Nori's jaw drops. "Is that...a teleporting portal?"

Ivan nods. "It leads to my room. C'mon." He starts for the portal.

Himi jumps, her excitement is back. "Now that's my genius bro!" And follows Ivan. Mou follows after her, still confused about the teleportation.

Nori exclaims, "When the hell did you make something like that?" and follows the others into the portal.

Phil was staring in silence all this while. The footsteps become even louder and he jumps. "Hey you guys! Take me with you!"

But the portal has already closed.

Phil grinds his teeth and curses.

The group of four walks into Ivan's room and girls gasp at the gadgets lying here and there. They're all ultra-modern technology and some are even unknown to them. They keep staring and staring. Ivan comes to his sister and stretches out his palm. Himi makes a face, shoves her hands into her pocket and slams some bucks onto his open palm.

Ivan grins. "Thanks sis!" Then his face gets all serious. "Now everyone, out of my room."

Mou asks, "How the heck did you get your hands on a teleporter?"

Ivan shakes his shoulders and says, "I made it."

Mou's jaw drops to the floor. Himi shouts, "Then why didn't we use it to get inside in the first place?"

Ivan says, "It would've killed the fun."

Himi glares at him.

Nori says with glee, "But it was fun. That Phil's gonna learn a good lesson." Then she looks worried. "But he's gonna tell the authority about us."

Ivan waves his hand in the air. "They're not gonna believe him. A teleporter is beyond their imagination."

Mou stares at him. "What if they come and search? A teleporter's a huge deal."

Ivan says nonchalantly, "They're not gonna find anything." Then he clears his throat and says, "Okay, time's up people. Out." then he shoves the three out of his room and slams the door closed.

Nori throws a glare at Himi, "Why the heck did you never tell us that your brother was such a genius?"

Himi says, confused, "I didn't know myself!"

The three of them heads toward Himi's room. Nori and Mou's parents know that they're having a sleepover at Himi's place. They have no idea that their kids broke into the school to check out the rooftop.

Ivan looks at his teleporter controller carefully and says, "It needs more work." He gets busy with his tools. Suddenly he feels something rubbing against his legs. He looks down to see the metal cat he had used as a decoy to distract the guard. He picks it up and pets its head. "There you are my Kitty! You did a great job out there."

The cat says, "Meow."

Ivan pets it more and more. "You don't pee or poop. You even do what I want you to do. You're the best Kitty ever."

The cat says, "Meow."

Ivan puts it on his lap, turned off its power and it becomes an oval-shaped object again. Then he starts working on his teleporter controller; something that hasn't yet been discovered by the Science Research Faculty.