Just a poem I wrote back when I was in 9th grade that I found yesterday. Its very short. I wrote it for Halloween and I'm not too proud of it but here it is anyways. Please enjoy. ^_^

Halloween Night

It is this day, when the beasts of the night,

Shall come out for prey, hidden from sight.

Hidden in the bushes, shrouded with shadows,

They wait for their prey,

Once in their grip who shall never run away.

It has happened before, it shall happen again,

For no one can mess with fate.

And once you are taken, I do not lie,

It shall drag you to deaths gate.

There you shall have a choice;

Do you wish to be dead?

Or do you wish for a life?

"The answer is simple" you shall say,

"Who would want to die?"

And lo, the foolish prey had made the mistake...

You shall then be the night's child,

Until that one night, and then you shall be

His slave who put that venom in you,

With crimson colder than icy death,

and footsteps fainter than a whisper of few,

Shrouded in darkness, you shall wait for someone new.

And trust me on this one, my dear, its hell...

For I am the contractor of your soul,

The Devil himself!

Guess thats about it. I told you it was short. Until next time. ^_^