Falling Pieces


He glared at them through his mask while holding up his knife close to his ear and above his right shoulder. His victims eyes darken in fear, one was screaming out of mercy as she held her brushed up knees close to her chest. Tears pouring down her battered face.

The other victim, a lone boy gripped his bleeding shoulder carefully while trying to get up from the worn out cot he laid on. The boy pushed their attacker with the little strength he had remaining. The man barely stumbled as he scratched his victim with the knife.

Blood dripped even more from the fresh mark on the boy's chest. The boy went down on his knees against the cold flooring, shaking viciously from the single sight of blood and pain he was enduring. Realizing that his fate was nearly sealed, the uproar of sobs from the girl were fading away like a whisper, while their attacker's footsteps echoed loudly within the boy's eardrums as he gotten closer.

Moments later everything was silent. The only thing that made a sound was a sharp, piercing slice between the copper knife and its victim.

8/23: Hiya everyone, sorry for not being around so much this pass summer. I had foot surgery and my computer was busted while I was in the process of healing up. But now since I'm heading back to college this weekend- I'll like to post up this little Novella that I completed :D I'll love some feedback on it! Thanks for reading!