Falling Pieces:

Final Chapter

Cree came too with his eyes slowly opening. He saw Cecilia standing in front of him with the same shirt he took from the fox man and the same wounds he was inflected too for days. His body trembling from the cold breeze.

"How did you get my wounds?" he asked in a fainted whispered. Cecilia wiped the blood off her cheeks and stepped forward carefully with her fist shaking away.

"What the fuck are you talking about!? You're the one that did this to me!" she screamed. Cree stared at her closely and then looked down on himself.

Bullet holes? He thought in his mind, Cree raised his hands up and saw the blood fusing into his palms.

"H-how?" he asked fearfully. Cecilia breathed in and out and glared at him.

"You were the one that took me and tortured me. What do you mean how?!" she asked, she used her hands to button up her breasts and sat down on the spot she stood on. Cree closed his eyes, flashes of everything were corrupting his thoughts.

"You must pay for what you done, damnation was created all because of you. Now you must face the punishment for your crimes." Cree whispered in a sweet tone.

Cecilia struggled from the chair, glaring with small tears of fear streaming from her face.

"I didn't do anything to you or your family! You're the sick bastard that wants revenge." She growled. Cree smacked her with the back of his hand.

"Shut up bitch." He dug the knife towards her shoulder where he shot her, making it bleed even more. Cecilia winched in pain.

Cree looked at Cecilia and let himself relaxed a little so the pain can overcome his body to make it numb. He smiled at her carefully.

"I remember now.. I attacked you days ago. I'm so sorry.." he whispered. Cecilia hissed and went up towards and gripped the knife that was on the back of his neck.

"Tell me why you did this to me!? I didn't kill your wife and son." She squeezed the knife into his skin, Cree groaned.

"I-I did for my father.." he answered. Cecilia stopped and looked at him.

"Father?" Cree nodded, his head hitting the wall gently.

"Y-yes.. The original f-fox man was my father, Richard Gregory.. H-he was kill-ed two years ago when the c-cops found him trying to take another woman that looked similar to you." Cecilia stepped back, letting go of the gun.

"But I don't understand, why did take me here?"

"Yo-your brother was the one that killed my mother.. My father was filled with rage that he forgot about me. I was in the accident with her, but I managed to live. He trained me to seek and kill off the family of the ungrateful ones." Cree coughed, feeling the pain hitting close to his heart. Then looked at Cecilia with tired eyes,

"Your brother didn't want to live and when the accident occurred, he took the life of someone who wanted too, so my father created a philosophy that took over our thoughts and passion. 'A life for a life, those who don't wish too, shall let damnation take over with sheds of blood. We carry the burden of our goddess that died at the hands of an ungrateful being.' Since then, I was forced to play the little drug addict who took and let my father torture that ones that socialize with your brother. You were his final toy to play with and my first victim."

"My brother wanted to live before he died; your father was a crazed bastard, why didn't you escape?" Cecilia asked raspy, new tears forming from her eyes.

Cree moaned and bled fast, he realized then that he didn't have enough time. He raised his hand with the remaining strength he could pull out of him.

"By my pillow, th-there is a phone, call your parents and the cops to leave the Pine Hill forest. You have the will to live unlike your bro-brother.. Like your brother, I never wa-wanted to live either once my father became obsess with his revenge. I'm s-sorry." Cecilia got up and went over to the empty cot, and grabbed the pillow.

A silver flip phone was at the center; she grabbed it and walked over back to Cree who gazed at her with hollowness in his eyes. "C-Cec-ilia, I can't move my body, I w-wish we met i-in different times, I grew to like you."

Cecilia shook her head and opened the phone to make the call to the police. Before she touched the number pad, she whispered "Just rest, the pain will be over soon.." Cree chuckled and let his hand fall down his side.

Before closing his eyes, he met Cecilia's gaze.

"T-tha-ank you for se-tting me free.." he whispered, voice fading away with the breeze, his eyes closed and his body went limp on the floor, blood spreading everywhere around him. Cecilia sat down next to the entrance in order to avoid Cree's corpse.

She dialed 911 shakily and let the phone ring.

"911, how may I help you?" the dispatcher asked. Cecilia drew in a breath.

"Hello, I need someone to come get me, I'm bleeding everywhere and I don't where I am."

"Alright, we got the cell signal, just stay with me. Tell me what happened?"

"I-I was ki-dnapped" Cecilia answered crying softly to herself, she looked at the corpse of her kidnapper and then back at the tree straight in front of the barn. "He tortured and r-raped me. Please I just wanna go home."

"The police are on their way, can you tell me the description of where you are?" Cecilia's legs went up to her chest.

"The middle of Pine Hill forest, please hurry and save me!"

Hours passed, rain was pouring down on the ground around the rusted barn. Police cars scattered in a circle formation, the lights blinding everything nearby. Cecilia sat in the car in the arms of her crying mother, who wrapped her in a blanket to keep her warm. Her eyes watched as the policemen walked through the barn carefully, cleaning everything that was placed inside. Two of them were holding a body bag and carrying it to the truck for the medical examiner.

Her heart pounded, she touched her chest to feel it pound again. She looked away once they shut the doors to the truck, patting it so the driver can go off to the morgue. The fox masked killer finally gone and erased from this world once and for all.

Cecilia, I'm sorry.. Cree's voice lingered in her head. Cecilia looked right at the window again and glanced around the site.

"Something wrong baby?" her mother asked, Cecilia's eyes widen at Cree's spirit as he stood with no injuries who watched her in spirit; his gaze was filled with peace. Her head shook and the image of him was gone as soon she opened her eyes again to the same spot.

She looked at her mother and felt the tears dripping from her eyes. She wrapped her arms around her mother's waist.

"N-No mom, I'm just happy to see you again.." she answered. Her mother returned the hug as her father started the car and followed one of the cop cars out of the woods.

"Same here sweetie, I never want to lose you just like we lost your brother." Her mother whispered back with a small smile. Cecilia smiled and looked back at the barn that forced her to fight and live on, even if it meant losing a sense of hope once in a while.

I hope you're with your mother now. I will never forgive you, but maybe someday you will be back as someone who lives in peace and away from hell. After all, you were human too.

The end.