And today you get to meet a new character! I created her ages ago but had no idea what to do with her, so I though she'd be a nice addition to Paris. I'm sorry for how short the chapter is but the next ones gonna be longer than the others. Enjoy!

Karalia, unlike most of the assassins, was very good at sticking out. She thought that doing that just made them look suspicious and sticking out was the best way not to get noticed, as ironic as it may be. And she did stick out, like a sore thumb. Her hair was bright blond, she walked around wearing coloured jeans, band t-shirts and either converses or Doc Martens in wild colours. She wore coloured contacts in her eyes to match whatever coloured eyeliner she had chosen for the day but apart from that did not wear any other makeup... except for the mascara. She always had her I-pod with her, listening to whatever punk or rock band she was obsessing over this week. Unlike most of the other teenage assassins she actually acted like a teenager, but in battle she was ferocious and terrifying, under her jacket or hoodie she would always have her Katana blade on her, and if she just couldn't be bothered she'd use a small handgun hidden in her bag.

Karalia was incredibly bored, she was sat in her room at the Paris base where she was permanently placed, she was in fact, from America, and she missed it dearly, especially her bi-monthly (every two months) visit to New York, but unfortunately she was not permitted to leave France. She decided to spend her day flirting with guys. The best place to do this would be the airport; she would pretend to be a tourist from America who's lost and the guy would show her around Paris for the day, taking her to the Eiffel tower and cute Café's and anything else a hot French guy think would interest a hot American girl, it was the perfect plan. She spotted a group of hot guys, about 17, 18. Just a year or so older than her, perfect! She walked over to them 'Excuse me, uh, Excusez-moi, uh, connaissez-vous des endroits intéressants à visiter,' the guys smiled and where about to reply when Karalia heard someone shout her name 'Karalia, hey Kara!' Much to her dismay she turned around to see who it was. 'Uh Darryl, go away! Can't you see I'm busy?'
'Nope,' replied Darryl as he began to drag her away. Karalia quickly scribbled her mobile number down on a piece of paper from her notebook and threw it to the guys. 'Call me' she said while making a phone with her hand and holding it up to her ears.
'This! Better be good, or I'm gonna...'
'The Masquerade has taken over the New York base!' blurted out Kayla.
'You what, when did you get here?' said Karalia in confusion 'You mean that crazy dude who's been killing off bad guys in New York?'
'Precisely,' said Darryl 'and we need to contact Dyre, now!'
'Right! Follow me!'