The Game

It was just a typical Friday night for the young teens. Like always, the bunch were at Jayne's house so they could have a great time together. Jayne, the social one of the group, always had something fun up her sleeve. Because of that, every Friday night was a good one. They've done stuff from watching scary movies to playing ding-dong ditch with the neighborhood. Tonight though, Jayne had something really devious planned.

In the group of friends there are 3 girls, and 3 boys. Jayne, Marci, and Corey are the girls, and Ash, Mell, and Nate are the boys. Jayne knows that her two friends, Marci and Corey, both have crushes on Ash and Nate. She has told them that she'll help them out, but she didn't tell them how or when. What the two girls didn't know was that Jayne would help them tonight, when they played the game Jayne picked out for the group.

Although Jayne was currently helping her friends, she was still planning away to get closer to her crush, Mell. She didn't want to be sly and use a game to get closer to him, so she was thinking of a different solution. She has already suspected that Ash and Nate like Marce and Corey, but she doesn't think Mell likes her, him having a girlfriend and what-not. She hasn't met his girlfriend, but the way he talks about her, she can tell that she makes Mell happy, and that he truly loves her.

Currently, Ash and Mell were sitting on the couch in Jayne's living room watching the latest B-movie on Syfy, Nate was in the kitchen raiding Jayne's fridge, Marci and Corey were in the living room, but they were whispering to each other about "girl stuff", and Jayne was in her bedroom preparing for the little event she had planned for the five guests she had over.

She had an empty glass Coca-Cola bottle, and she had an old base-ball cap filled with activities that they would have to do with a partner if they got spun on. What Jayne had planned was not an ordinary game of spin-the-bottle, where you spin and kiss. In this version you spin, and whoever you land on has to draw a piece of paper from the hat, not looking of course, and whatever the paper says, the two have to do. Jayne smirked at the thought of how Marci and Corey would react. She knew the two despised games like these, because it always led them to embarrassment. "They'll thank me later." Jayne said when she put the last strip of paper in the cap. Jayne picked up the items and went downstairs into the living room to gather the rest of the gang.

"Okay everyone! Let's get started! Tonight I have something exciting planned!" Jayne yelled sitting criss-crossed in the middle of the living room on the floor. She had already laid the cap and bottle into place, and was ready to get started. Ash and Mell turned off the TV and walked to the middle of the room where Jayne was. "You know we can hear you right? We're in the same room as you." Ash said flipping his bangs out of his eyes, before sitting beside Marci, who had already joined Jayne in the circle. Mell sat down on Jayne's left side, beside Corey. "Give her a break Ash, we all know how slow this one can be." Mell said smiling. He received a punch in the shoulder for that, which resulted in him laughing. Nate was the last one to join in, since he was busy eating whatever food Jayne had in the fridge. Nate sat in between Ash and Corey.

Corey grinned like a madman as Nate sat down beside her. Marci was blushing like crazy, sneaking a couple of glances at Ash. Jayne saw her two friends reactions and felt herself smile at her small victory so far. "Okay are you guys ready for the 'How-to-play' speech?" Jayne said looking at her friends. Nate was leaning on his elbow, that was placed on his knee, "Sure, knock yourself out." Jayne could've sworn she heard Corey say "Literally" jokingly. If she did, she earned a silent chuckle from Nate. "In that case, all you do is spin the nifty bottle here, and whoever it lands on will be your partner. Your partner will then draw a slip of paper from this cap right here. On the paper there, will be an activity, and you and your partner will perform that activity." Jayne let out a breath and examined her peers. "Got it?" She asked. Corey and Marci slowly nodded their heads, Nate gave her a thumbs up, and Ash said "Al'righty". She turned to Mell, who was partially blocked from her view, he smiled and said, "Let's do this!" Jayne smiled back and handed Nate the bottle.

Nate gave the bottle a once-over and then placed it down to spin. Corey chewed her bottom lip in anticipation. Spin...Spin...Spin... The bottle was slowing down. Pass Corey...Pass Mell...Pass Jayne...Pass Marci...Stop. Nate looked up at who the bottle stopped at, and saw a horror-stricken form of Ash. Nate felt himself look back at Jayne with pleading eyes, begging to get a redo. Jayne mentally laughed herself to death, when she spoke to Nate, her voice sounded weak, so she had to clear her throat before she could repeat herself. "Uh, if it lands on the same gender, you can spin again." Nate felt himself sigh in relief, as well as Ash. Nate once again spun the bottle. Pass Ash...Pass Nate...Pass Corey...Pass Mell...Pass Jayne...Pass Marci...Stop. Nate rolled his eyes and spun again before Ash could say anything. Pass Ash...Pass Nate...Pass Corey...Pass Mell...Pass Jayne...Pass Marci...Stop. As the bottle passed Marci, Jayne had yelled out, "Hey look!" knowing that it would land on Ash again. Everyone looked into the direction she was pointing as the bottle stopped on Ash. Jayne sighed heavily, but quiet enough so no one noticed. She turned the bottle so it was pointing at Corey and sat back up, so it didn't look like she moved at all.

Corey's eyes widened as she saw who the bottle landed on. "So I guess you're my partner Corey." Nate said smiling at said girl. Corey blushed as she nodded, eyes widened. "Here girl." Jayne said, passing the cap towards Corey. Corey took the hat and mumbled a quiet "Thank You", before she looked away and took a piece of paper from the cap. She blushed as she saw what the paper read. 'Kiss'. "What does it say?" Nate asked as he leaned closer to Corey so he could see. "I-It's okay! It just says to get a new piece of paper!" She said sheepishly holding the paper behind her.

Nate took hold of her arm and took the paper from her grasp. Corey's eyes widened as Nate read the paper. Nate smirked as he read the word 'Kiss' to himself. "I-It's okay! We don't have to-" Corey was interrupted by her and Nate's lips connecting. Nate's eyes were closed as he gently kissed Corey. Her on the other hand, had her eyes wide open in surprise, but she shortly closed them and kissed Nate back. As the two broke apart they both gave each other one last glance before remembering they weren't alone. Corey smiled sheepishly at Nate and put her head down so no one could see her blushing face. "Thank God it wasn't me." Ash said, breaking the tension. Soon, the room was filled with momentary laughter.

It was now Corey's turn, and what do you know!? She landed on Nate. Nate picked out a piece of paper and read it to himself, 'Peck On Cheek'. He smiled at Corey and lightly kissed her cheek before returning to his original position. Corey's face grew red again and she returned to looking down at the floor. Mell spun the bottle. It spun before it slowed down to land on Marci. She pulled out a paper and read it out loud before showing everyone. "It says 'Skip. Try Again Later.'" Mell nodded and handed the bottle to Jayne who was patting herself on the back. No one questioned why, because they all knew how weird she could be at times.

Jayne patted herself on the back because she had purposely made a few 'Skip. Try Again Later' papers, just in case something like this happened. She applauded herself for thinking ahead, and thanked the lord that she was lucky enough for Marci to pick that paper. "My turn!" she said before spinning the bottle. The bottle slowed down to a stop in front of Nate. He took the paper that was laying on top and read it out loud, "'Skip. Try Again Later.'" Jayne nodded and handed the bottle to Marcie before she patted her back again. She heard Corey sigh probably from relief.

"Okay. Let's do this." Marci said, cracking her knuckles. She took hold of the Coke bottle and spun it lightly so it wouldn't turn for too long, but it would turn for a short while either. Pass Ash...Pass Nate...Pass Corey...Pass Mell...Pass Jayne...Pass Marci...Stop. The bottle's top pointed at Ash, he smiled, taking a paper from the cap. He smiled more when he saw what it said. 'Both of you must ask a question and give an HONEST answer.' "Okay, it says 'Both of you must ask a question and give an HONEST answer, I'll let you go first Marss." Ash said leaning back on his hands. "Uh, okay. Ash, do you have a girlfriend?" Ash smiled, raising his eyebrows, "No, but I thought you knew that Marci." Ash said hanging on to the 'i' a little longer than normal. Marci looked as if she was caught but quickly replaced it with a blank one, "No, it's just you never talk about having or wanting a girlfriend, so I was just curious." Ash nodded, still a little suspicious of Marci's actions. "Okay, it's my turn now. Marci, would you, if given the chance, go out with me?" Ash smirked as Marci turned a bright red and adverted her eyes, while her mouth hung open. "D-Uh...I, I don't know. Maybe? Yes? No? How the hell would I know! Ugh! PASS! I said pass, give me another question."

Ash smirked even more, shaking his head slowly, "Nope. You have to answer the question. No passes allowed. Right Jayne?" Jayne felt herself shrink a little as Marci gave her a pleading look, while Ash gave her one of those 'Do it or I'll kill you' glares. "Um, yeah what Ash said." she managed to say. Marci suck in some air, trying not to cry from the embarrassment she was about to receive. Her next words were barely in a whisper, "Yeah, I would...I would go out with you. I would take the chance, always." Ash was taken aback and looked at the girl, surprised. Marci, who took it as rejection, scooted away a little and kept her head facing down. Ash tried to ignore the sad stricken girl, so he wouldn't spoil the game or cause a scene that would allow her to become more embarrassed, but he couldn't help but glance at her every so often.

He spun the bottle and it landed on Jayne. She picked a piece of paper from the cap and read out loud, "'Lose your turn. Sorry, no action for you.'". There were a few laughs from among the circle. "Okay Mell, your turn." Jayne said gesturing towards the bottle. Mell nodded and spun the bottle. Pass Marci...Pass Ash...Pass Nate...Pass Corey...Pass Mell...Pass Jayne...Pass Marci...Stop. "HOLY HELL! Why does it always land on me! I'm not gay DAMMIT!" Ash yelled, "Spin it again! Spin it again! Spin it again..." Ash repeated the same sentence until Mell spun the bottle, which he was going to do from the start, but was stunned from Ash's sudden outburst. Pass Nate...Pass Corey...Pass Mell...Pass Jayne...Pass Marci...Pass Ash...Pass Nate...Pass Corey...Pass Mell...Stop. Mell and Jayne looked up from the bottle and at each other. "Uh, okay?" Jayne said as she pulled out the last piece of paper, before she read it she said, "Oh, I guess after this the game is over." The group nodded, excluding Marci who was still looking down. Jayne wanted to replace her pat on the back for a slap in the face. She had totally forgot that she and Mell would be participating in the game when she made the slips of paper. The paper read, '7 minutes in Heaven'.

"Uh, we'll be right back." Jayne said grabbing Mell's hand and leading him to the emptied out coat closet. "7 minutes in Heaven? I didn't know you still had that kind of mind Jaynie." Mell laughed as he pulled the door closed. Jayne was so glad the door was closed, or he would see her blushing. She set her timer on her watch and looked up at Mell. "Shut up. We don't have to do anything. Sorry, I didn't think you or me would get this one so, yeah. Oh an-" Jayne was soon speechless, as the feeling of Mell's lips reached her senses. He was kissing her. She was quick to return the kiss, and soon it was full lip-on-lip action.

Jayne wrapped her hands around his neck, and was soon playing with his black hair. Mell was rubbing Jayne's back and every once in awhile his hands would return to her waist. Mell backed Jayne up into the wall, causing the girl to wrap her legs around him. The two still hadn't broke away for air, and were soon interrupted with a- BEEP! The two gasped and pulled away. Mell placed Jayne down and she fumbled to turn off her watch alarm. The two didn't have time to talk as the closet door was opened. "Hey there tigers, I saw the paper when you put it down and set my phone timer. And guess what? Your times up!" Corey said winking.

Mell and Jayne could only nod, still trying to catch their breaths. When the two returned to the living room, everyone was preparing to return home. Marci was already gone, and Ash was rushing to finish re-tying his shoe. Nate and Corey lived beside each other so they were going to walk together. "Bye guys. Thanks for coming." Jayne said, picking up the items used for the game. "Bye!" She heard the others say. Jayne heard her front door closed and was shortly jerked back up from her leaning position. Jayne gasped as she stumbled backwards. She looked up at the person who jerked her, "Oh it's just you. Thank god, you almost gave me a heart attack." Mell looked at Jayne, his serious expression never changing. "Jayne, about what happened back there-". "Yeah I know, it didn't mean anything. That's fine, I kind of expected it. You have a girlfriend after all..." Jayne said turning around, walking towards the kitchen with Mell behind her.

Jayne was jerked around again and fell into Mell's chest. "Gosh, could you stop that? I need these!" Jayne said shaking her arms a little, while standing back up. Mell ignored her, "No, I kissed you because I meant it. Not because I had to or anything. I did it because I love you. I really love you Jayne." Jayne looked at Mell, shocked. "Wha? Bu-but you have a girlfriend!" She frowned at his unfaithfulness, even though she was partly glad he said that. Mell shook his head, "That day you said, "'How's your dream girl? What's she like?' You didn't ask me if I had a girlfriend. I never said I did. When I answered those questions, I answered them honestly. When you asked me how my dream girl was, I told you she was doing fine, because you were doing fine. When you asked me what she was like, I told her what you were like. I was hoping that you would catch on, but I guess I just should've asked you straight out. But, judging from what happened back there, I'm guessing you feel the same." Mell said smiling. Jayne's frown was turned into a small smile. She dropped the items in her hand, not caring about the possibility of broken class, and wrapped her hands around Mell's neck and planted her lips onto his. "Yes, I do love you. I always have." She whispered in his ear, before he pushed her back a little so he could return her kiss. "Perfect, then its official." Mell said before their lips clashed again.

As soon as she heard Corey's cell phone timer go off, Marci quickly put on her shoes and left. She ignored Ash's yells telling her to wait and walked out of the house starting into a sprint. She was now far away from Jayne's house, but most importantly, Ash. She couldn't stay in front of him any longer, she was lucky she hadn't burst out in tears right after he rejected her. She let tears slip down her cheek, not even attempting to wipe them away.

She stopped running and began to walk so she could catch her breath. "Idiot. Stop crying. You knew he'd reject you anyway." She mumbled to herself. Marci ignored the footsteps that were growing closer to her, and continued walking back to the comforts of her home. "Marci! I said wait!" a voice called out while grabbing her shoulder, forcing her to stop. Marci immediately registered the voice that called her, and recognized it as Ash's. "Let go! What more do you want!?" she said, never once looking his way. "Marss, I, it's not what you think. I, I didn't reject you. I was...I was just surprised, okay? So calm down and listen to me when I say this: I, Ash Bennet, love you. I love you Marci Parker." Marci quickly turned around and glared at Ash's form. "That's not funny." She turned back around and continued walking home.

"I'm not joking! Listen, I can prove it to you! Just stop!" Ash pleaded, while running to catch up to the girl. "I'm listening.". "You have to turn around. Or it won't work.". Marci rolled her eyes and turned around, glare still on her face, "Well?". Ash leaned down towards Marci and gently grabbed her chin, making her face tilt up towards his. He looked into her eyes as he placed his lips on hers, the perfect match. He kept his brown orbs on her blue ones as he kissed her. Her eyes never shut either, not even when she returned his kiss. The two embraced, and Marci placed her head into Ash's chest, "I believe you."

Corey and Nate were holding hands as they walked home together. "Why are you smiling?" Corey asked Nate, who was smiling like a giddy idiot. "Oh it's nothing, just the fact that I had a good day." Corey found herself smiling too. "Oh, is that so?" she said looking away. "Yep, I got to kiss the girl I like, and I found out she's not stupid. Why isn't she stupid? Because, she knew that I felt the same about her as she did me when we kissed. Yeah I know, it's pretty deep." Corey giggled as he talked like she wasn't there. She decided to play along. "She's a lucky girl, I'm sure she likes you a lot." Nate nodded, "I know she does, so I want to ask her something." Nate stopped walking and took Corey's other hand, and looked into her eyes. "Corey, will you be my girlfriend?" Corey blushed, but laughed a little. "I thought I already was, gee I didn't know the guy I liked was an idiot." Nate smiled and kissed Corey on the cheek.

"Yeah, but I'm your idiot." Corey laughed once again and kissed him, "Damn straight."

A/N. Prompt #1. Did you guess the word? No Wrong! It was 'Games'. Hope you enjoyed the story! Keep an eye out for Prompt #2!