This new story of mine is gonna be filled to the brim with traditional fantasy creatures, plus some of my own creation. There will be monsters, vampires, faeries, Dragons, Zombies and the most terrifying of all... Humans. Enjoy and feel free to review. This is just the intro so yeah it is gonna be pretty short i'm afraid.

There are angels and demons everywhere. Within every living thing. Within every soul. Within every City and every world and every universe. It just depends what takes control. Within the Lightside there is much Darkness but it is not yet completely engulfed in it unlike the Darkside, in the Darkside there is not enough good to keep the Darkness at bay and restore balance. The girl ran, her twin brother next to her, they had to escape the hideous Darkside beast that was approaching them; if it caught up with them they were dead. 'How many explosive pellets have you got?!' Lauren shouted over the howling wind. 'Four!' Alex shouted back. 'After three, throw them!' She almost screamed 'One!' The beast was right behind them 'Two!' Lauren could hear it's breathing 'Three!' Lauren screamed as her and her brother threw several, tiny, red balls at the creature, it howled in shock as it was surrounded by mini explosions giving Lauren and Alex just enough time to escape into an abandoned hospital.
'Hello kiddies!' said, who Lauren and Alex assumed to be, a Vampire nurse. 'Would you like me to check your blood?