The cold streets where filled with rubble and bodies. The wind sent shivers through me and played with my long auburn hair. Bodies where scattered everywhere, some where human; men, women, children. Others where of the many creatures that inhabited this dark realm. There where more human bodies than beast. As I stepped over yet another child, covered in it's own blood, an arrow of pity shot my heart. Had this world always been like this, it certainly had since me and my brother had been born. Our government does less than nothing to help us, why do they even exist? What do they do? I was glad to be joining the slayers, with them we could fight properly, not just hide behind rocks and throw pellets at whatever creature is after our heads this time. Now we could get real weapons and really fight, we could help others and if the rumor is really true we could get to the lightside, we could be free. They say in the lightside you don't have to fight, the say there are no demons, only angels and beauty and love and peace. Peace, what is peace, I've never known peace but it sounds so beautiful, it sounds so happy and calm and it's everything I want.

It took us a while but we finally reached the base, there where several kids sitting around, reading things, looking at the weapons or just staring at the four walls of this small abandoned house. There where knives and guns everywhere, I also noticed a shelf full of jars with different types of pellets.
'New kids,'

muttered a teenage boy to the right of me, sitting on a crate staring intently at some sort of map.
'This is Seth,'

said Kai.

Seth responded with a slight flick of his head.

I looked around the house, it was broken and dirty, the same as the rest of Darkside. Talking about dirty neither me or Alex have had a shower in weeks. As if reading my mind Kai said

'There's a bathroom upstairs,'

'You go first,'

Alex said, I thanked him as I hurried upstairs.

I peeled of my sweaty dirty clothes and stepped into the shower and closed the curtains. The water was a little too hot but I didn't care. I looked at the mirror, my sunken green eyes had dark lines underneath them, proving my lack of sleep for the past several days. You could see my ribs and my arms and legs where unbelievably thin. How did I survive this long if I'm this pathetic I thought. How am I still alive? I reached for the body wash and I rubbed it all over my body, making sure all the grime and sweat was off my body and down the plug hole. Next I grabbed the shampoo and rubbed it into my hair, there was no conditioner but I could live with that. When I stepped out of the shower I noticed my clothes had been replaced, I was glad, even though someone had came into the bathroom while I was showering at least I could wear something fresh. To my relief there was new underwear as well. The clothing was slightly big for me, including the bra but I was gonna have to live with that. I was now wearing black skinny jeans and a plain blue t-shirt plus some muddy trainers that I assumed belonged to a boy before hand. I made my way downstairs, praying to somebody that they had something to eat down there.