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(Same Date as Last Entry):

Ohmyfreakin'gosh, that lawyer is the most nosiest person I have ever met! He, Mr. Carmickel, kept asking the usual questions that I have answered a million times in the past few days, all falling in the nearly same pattern. This time though he goes and insults my parents and me as well by saying "I understand that you have had a difficult childhood. People have complained that in a period of two weeks there were consistent screeches being emitted from your household only with only you, your mother, and your father. Now I perfectly understand that you may have felt frightened to confide the truth to a truthful and helpful adult for the fear that you'll receive punishment." Okay I am going to say this one time only: My parents have NEVER hit me for any reason. End of story. If he talking about five years ago when our house was infested for mice, then yes of course there was screaming. Honestly I was four. What four year old doesn't get the creeps when hairy rodents are crawling around in the attic that occasionally drop by the kitchen for an afternoon snack. There are papers to prove it too.

Then he asked the most irritating question that I have answered repeatedly. Don't these people with the sad disability to smile read the files. He asked, "Now Ani, I want to who you are covering up for. I, along with the rest of Court, doubt that you actually murdered Mr. Andrew Marx. Just tell me who actually did it and all this constant questioning can all be over." I pity him, really I do. It must be hard to sit there and talk to a girl while forcing a smile on one's face and attempt to make your voice sound reassuring.

Anyway, I replied to his question with the same answer, but this time Hope didn't come to help me, so my smart-aleckness got the best of me. I placed my hands on the edge of the table and used the motion to lean forward with a small. real smile playing on my lips. "I'll tell you the same thing I told all the other hairless grandpas. I simply could. I never forced a knife through someone's stomach and I wanted to know what it felt like. How much can one person bleed? Well, I wanted to see first hand for myself. Reading facts from books is so boring and you don't even get a good mental picture. I know you are incompetent at your job, but before you take a case, please read their profile it'll save a lot of time. If you're persistent in asking these troublesome questions, then I suggest you start with 'What sound was made when the weapon pierced the body?'"

I think I stepped over the line with him on that. He looked a bit horror-struck after I finished... and a bit sick. I thought he was about to lose his lunch. I stayed in perfect character. My eyes curious and I didn't let my face turn to disgust even though that was how I truly felt about the words that had just rolled off my tongue.

"Your response, Mr. Carmickel." Deciding that it was best to be considerate with him.

"...Uh, what?" He replied, a little jumpy.

" I wanted to know what your thoughts were. Surely you were paying attention. If you weren't, then your skills for being a lawyer and interrogated as an FBI agent is certainly lacking."

"What! How did you know that?" he asked as if I guessed the code to the White House's security.

I rolled my eyes. I have ears! Just because I was a kid, did they think that I did not use them? " I heard you chatting away with your boss outside the door. Not the best place on trying to discuss identity issues, in my opinion. Also I am not going along with the FBI's plan. I refuse to have people look at me as if I were some science experiment and not an actual person."

Picking the little dignity he had left off the floor, he glared me with cold gray eyes. "Your perspective of the situation is understandable. You have a gift though Ani. Don't you realize that? To remember every word, phrase, sentence, smell, name, and numbers is phenomenal. If we master that ability and people have accessed to that... then the possibilities would be endless." His words were sincere. He's one of those people who are distracted by success and he spoke as if he was speaking a great prophecy.

'It's not as great as you would think.' I remember thinking. Regarding my emotions, I pointed out the major and most disastrously dilemma in the plan. "So by 'we' you mean terrorists, right? All they have to do is read a computer hacking book, a couple computer codes, and some radioactive chemical compounds and where to get them and you have Necropolis USA. Well, only if we're still 'united' by then."

Mr. Carmickel opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. I probably wouldn't be able to if I was just talked down by a child that eliminated the most popular topic that the office was blabbering about. Watching closely, his hands were curled into tight fists. He was most apt to be thinking about what to do next. He sighed and to my surprised, Mr. Carmickel abruptly stood up, his mouth in a thin line.

" I'm sorry you feel that way Miss Rist, I wish you luck with finding someone who, if possible, is able to and willing to help you. You have my word though, your dexterity will be of benefit to America and only America."

He shook my hand briefly and left. No other word was uttered as he calmly walked to the door, he kept his attention focus on the exit of this torture chamber.

I know now, thinking back to the confrontation, that this game has just upped a few levels on the danger scale.

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