L.P Minting High School sucks. The homework, the teachers, my friends and the guys. Especially the freaking guys. They think they're all that and think they can take advantage of us girls. But not me. Hell, I think that three fourths of them lost their fucking virginity to one guy. Sorry if my opinions are a little bias but I'm me and you're you. And now I know why the whole thing happened at our school anyway. I personally found the thing that was responsible for it. And I fell under the curse too.

It sat on the hill next to the abandoned castle. Yeah I know, this sounds creepy already but it was perfectly fine to me at the time. Peter was with me too.

"What the heck is that thing?" Peter asked as we both stared at it. Peter and I liked to go up to the abandoned castle to study for tests since it was so quiet. Yeah that's crazy but now you know why it seemed fine to me.

"Why don't you tell me?" I asked him.

"I don't know…"

"Same here idiot," I said, "but I know for one thing it's a well…" We got closer to it and I felt a weird vibe. "I don't think-"

"Cool!" He said suddenly, very excited. "This thing must have been built forever ago and it still stands!"

"So?" I asked bored still feeling the weirdness.

"It still has water in it!"

"It might have fungus in it…"

"Vanessa-" I glared so hard and steely he flinched. I hated my real name. I never wanted to hear it again. Not after my dad died saying it. Instead I substitute it for Tessa, I like that name too. "Tessa," he said finally, "it's fresh trust me. The river would've killed the bacteria in it since it's so cold."

"You want me to drink the freaking water in there?" I squeaked. He looked at me.

"Not exactly…no…" He trailed off. But I knew he wanted me to and I knew he would never try to push it because I could send him to hell any moment. "But I will. I want to see what it tastes like."

"You're crazy." I said staring at him bewildered. I also knew he was going to drink it no matter what.

"You're right." He cupped his hands in the water and lifted it in his hands.

"You have well water at your house though; I bet it will taste the same…" I trailed off.

"You worried about me?" He asked.

"Hell yeah! I would be a freaking idiot not to!" The water drained from his hands and he frowned at me. A flicker of empathy crossed his eyes then he put his hands in the water again and drank it this time. He looked at me then grinned.

"See?" The feeling came back. "It's not that-" then he rushed to me and grabbed my wrists.

"Peter what are you-" he stopped me with a hard rough kiss. I tried to push him away. "Peter!" But he still had my wrists in his grasp and kept kissing me. He pulled me to the ground and surprisingly it was soft, which was weird figuring we were just standing in waist high grass that was mostly all weeds. "Peter…" I trailed off. "What's wrong? Is something wrong?" My other side came out. One side I cared, the other I didn't. Or maybe I just wanted him to stop this. Peter occasionally had outbursts of anger or happiness.

"Very wrong," he murmured.

"What?" During this time he stopped kissing me, but he still held me.

"I just noticed you were the goddamned sexiest woman I've ever knew."

"Peter you said that about your mother." I pointed out. Now that I thought about it, it was hilarious. It was a joke but it was funny.

"Did I?" He said giving me another deep kiss, his hand sliding up my shirt.

"Yes." I said and laughed a little, but I was annoyed by now. Did Peter really like me like this? He never showed any sign of it. Never. "Peter?"


"Can you get off me? I feel weird…" He unclasped his hands and that was when I took the time to push him off of me as hard as I could. He snapped out of it a minute later and I already had picked up my book and started reading it.

"What happened?" He didn't know? He didn't have a single clue about what had just happened? I felt like smacking him to death.

"I decided to study here instead. The ground is soft." It was all I could say and when I looked back the well wasn't there. Strange…