So you're going to read this and say, "Ohhh, a love story..." Don't be fooled, my dear reader. This is going to get weird, creepy, and...Kind of funny, really fast. This story means a lot to me, so please review and what not! I'm nice, I answer questions, so go for it!

Her mind had been in a rushed, sickening panic at the time. They both knew she couldn't have changed the outcome of that night no matter what. They had both been forced simultaneously onto an endless path of guilt and sorrow.

"Hey Zacky, great drumming tonight!" chided Beck as he came out on the balcony, sitting beside his friend and patting him on the back.

"Thanks man, sweet vocals," smiled Zack, playfully putting an arm around him.

Their band, Angelorum, had just played their first real gig, and was celebrating at Beck's house with their closest friends afterwards. The rest of the band, Ace the bass player, and Leonard the guitarist were also taking a break from the rest of the party.

Beck smiled at Avarielle, one of his closest friends since high school, sitting on the other side of Zack. Her help with every gig they had ever done left him always in debt with her, though she never asked him for anything in return. She looked stunning tonight. Her long dirty-blonde hair was perfectly layered and shining in the light from the bonfire. Her endearing smile was enhanced with adorable snakebites.

Beck grabbed his guitar from the chair beside him and began playing for his guests by the fire. His sweet tenor wavered through the cool air.

Halfway through his flawless rendition, Ace and Leonard got up to get more alcohol and chat with the girls they invited. Beck, more interested in Ava, and Zack, being too shy, stayed behind.

The three friends relaxed by the fire a little longer before Zack decided to get more drinks, "Want anything?"

"Can you get me a coke?" asked Ava with a kind smile.

"Sure," he answered, almost embarrassed.

As soon as he left, Beck turned to Ava, "Hey, thanks for all your help."

"Aw, you didn't need me, the crowd would have loved you no matter what."

"Yeah, but I couldn't have sung so good without the support of my best friend."

Ava inwardly winced at the word "friend," but answered genuinely, "Thanks, but you are way too talented for that to happen."

He smiled, taking in this moment with her, "Thanks Ave."

She shrugged and he began strumming his guitar, effortlessly breathing the lyrics, "Let me be the one who calls you baby all the timeā€¦" Ava smiled at her favorite song.

They made eyecontact halfway through the song. It wasn't awkward, surprisingly. She almost made him laugh a couple of times with her reactions to the lyrics. When he finished he leaned over the instrument and kissed her. He was trembling, and she was surprised. But they didn't stop. He grew more confident and placed a hand on her head, stroking her hair while continuing the sweet kiss.

He caught a glimpse of Zack move away from the door awkwardly at the sight of them, with two drinks in his hands. However, he forgot his guilt as Ava pulled away and rested her head on his chest.

"Sorry," He said with a hint of laughter.

"Don't worry about it," she looked up and they grinned at each other, exchanging one more light kiss before Ava stood up unexpectedly.

"I have to go," she stated as if nothing had happened.

"Already?" he asked, shocked and disappointed.

"Yeah, I have work tomorrow," she shrugged, relishing his confusion.

As she started walking away, he asked, "You're my girl now, right Ave?"

She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him wickedly, "No. You're my girl," she laughed at the look on his face and went back to kiss him once more. "Just kidding, sure I'm your girl, Beck. I always have been."

He chuckled softly and answered, "Good, because I really like you," he said really with a hint of laughter.

She calmly answered with shining eyes, "I like you too. Goodnight Beck," she sang.

"Goodnight, Ava," he laughed.