No footsteps were heard. As Godric Falco moved through the manor, the old floorboards no longer creaked, as they normally did in the manor. He ran up the stairs, occasionally catching the movement of a shadow out of the corner of his eye. He stumbled several times, holding back a whimper and mumbling a prayer.

"Oh god, oh god... Don't let me be late." He arrived at the top floor, and pounded his fist against the door. He waited a few seconds, pressing his ear against the door, despite knowing that the wood was too thick to hear a reply from the other side. "Please... Please..." He tried knocking again, just the once more. He tried the doorknob, but as he suspected, it was locked. Then he took a few steps back, and attempted to ram into the door. It didn't budge. He pushed against to the door, but all of his attempts ended in failure. He felt his knees buckle, causing him to fall to the worn oak floors.

A few seconds passed as he tried to recollect himself. Maybe she wasn't in her room at all. Perhaps she was in the garden. He stood with a shaky breath, having to support himself against the wall as he left the hallway, and against the railing as he nearly fell down the stairs. Still more shadows seemed to pass him, but they didn't stop him from tearing open the back door. Not a second later, he heard a high pitched scream. He froze. Then ran. Her body laid over the wrought iron fence. The spikes gored through her body, the warm red fluid staining the woman's delicate sundress. Godric pushed past the rose bushes to reach her, ignoring the vines and thorns that tore and tugged at his clothes. He took her wrist to feel for a pulse, but her last breath had already been used. Up above, the window to a third story bedroom hung open.