Phil Stands Cleared

I drove Adrian and Phil to my home where they shared a drink while I drank juice (I did not drink; but I kept some wine with me anyways). I checked by phone and found out that I had a voicemail from an unknown number.

"Hey Peter. It's me, Antei. If you're wondering why I'm calling from a new number, I bought the new Galaxy S III. My HTC was getting old so I gave it away. So, how you been? I just returned to town, should've told you before I left but then I sold my HTC for my new cell and the process took a while because I was from another state so - yeah. I am back. I'll come over to your house tomorrow afternoon. Tell Susie hi from me." The voicemail ended. I just stood next to the phone, an amused look on my face (as Adrian told me later).

"So, he gave his old cell away huh?" Adrian said in a mocking tone. Phil stood there confused while I chuckled and took out my mobile.

'Stop with da susie jokes. u know I dont like being reminded. btw, which sewer did u give ur HTC to? XD' I wrote and sent the message to Antei.

I immediately recieved a reply. 'U have been talking to Ad, havent u?'

I replied back. 'Yup. he told me ur HTC is doing just fine. at da bottom of da pacific'

'Im gonna deck him in da balls'

"What'd he say?" Adrian asked.

"He's embarassed," I replied.

"What are you two talking about?" Phil asked.

Adrian explained what had happened to Antei, what he had told me in the voicemail, what I'd messaged him and what he'd replied back,

"Deck you in the balls," Phil repeated with an impressed look. "He's embarassed alright." We had a good laugh at the whole situation. Then Phil turned to us. "Thanks guys, for helping me out."

"I had a fun time exercising my - OW!" I had stomped on Adrian's foot.

"You know what he means Phil," I said, shaking my head. "Besides, he was livid when he found out you had been arrested," I said.

"I was not livid. I was composed when I was arguing with Cuth," Adrian defended himself.

"Yeah. So composed I could hear him from the other room," Phil added with a laugh.

"You could?" Adrian asked, embarassed.

"Every word."

Adrian became quiet at that. It was after a while that he spoke. "Thank goodness that girl gave in so easily. She could've easily argued citing lack of evidence."

"But you did give evidences didn't you?" I asked.

"Circumstansial evidence. The wife could've put that knife in the cake and she could've been the one to kick Damon. She was sitting right beside Dianne."

"When you put it that way, it could've been Jeff too," I said.

"Oh but it was Dianne. When she collapsed to her knees, I could tell from her face that she knew she had been caught and there was nothing she could do. For a person who planned such a crime, she was rather weak, not standing up for herself," Adrian said.

It was later confirmed that Dianne was suffering from a mental illness. Adrian had tried explaining it to me but I couldn't understand a word he said. All I knew from the report was that her mental illness was not the 'crazy/bonkers' type. It was subtle and was responsible for making her extremely agressive and violent at times. I was shocked to find out that the behaviour could be a result of abuse during her childhood.

"Could be that's why she killed her brother," Adrian said later.

"That's pretty sad," I answered.

"They're digging into it," Adrian added. "They called up her parents. Divorced parents. Turns out they had fights on almost a daily basis and more often than not, Damon was left alone in the house with his sister."

"If what you're implying is true, I say the sick bastard deserved it."

"Well, Dianne has a good lawyer fighting for her so you don't have to worry. He's trying to lessen her punishment by as much possible."

"I wish Phil wouldn't fight against them. I'm sure he will because her crime got him into quite a hassle."

"On the contrary, he is the one who's fighting for her," Adrian said, shocking me. "Do you think he'll marry her?" he asked nonchalantly. I almost choked on my coffee upon hearing it.

"What?" was all I could manage.

"C'mon. Why would he fight for a girl who caused him such trouble unless he liked her?"

"Okay ... I guess that makes sense but it'd be totally weird ... having her around," I said slowly.

"Was it weird when Charlie started hanging out with us? After all that had happened?"

"It was at first but we got used to it."

"Then we'll get used to her too. I wonder what they'll name their child..."

This time, I did choke. "Adrian! That's too much. Shut up and drink that coffee."

"Okay okay. You don't have to be so harsh." Finally, he grabbed hold of the cup of coffee I'd made him almost and hour earlier and drank it. "I wonder how it'll turn out..."

This is the first story where I've attempted to hint at the main character's pasts. I don't know how it turned out; that's for you, the reader, to decide. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this story (I come up with the weirdest crimes). Please rate and review. Thanks! :)

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