I stared at him from across the room, smiling deviously. A new conquest. I had been yearning for one in the past few days and now I've found him.

He was the most attractive guy in the room and as I was the most beautiful girl, we must definitely be together. We would be the most perfect couple in the world…well, until I dumped him.

I nudged my best friend, Jennifer, who was standing next to me, sipping some champagne from a chute. 'Hey,' I whispered, keeping my eyes on him lest he escaped my view. 'Do you know who that guy is?'

She followed my gaze. 'No, do you want me to find out, Juliet?'

'Of course. Why do you even need to ask?' Jennifer's response was to sneer and glide off.

I twirled my hair with a finger before placing it back in its rightful spot. I looked at the reflective window and surveyed myself. My hair was up in a style where curly ringlets fell and framed my porcelain face. My big blue eyes lined with eyeliner matched the sapphire blue of my Juliet-inspired dress.

Currently, I was standing in my father's mansion where numerous guests wandered around, dressed in a variety of costumes. As you could probably tell, this was a costume party and I was dressed as Juliet from 'Romeo and Juliet'. It was only fitting since it was my namesake.

After ensuring that I still looked gorgeous, I scanned the room to check that I could still see the guy. He wasn't there.

I frantically turned around. Where could he have gone? Then I sighed out in relief when I saw him talking to a guy that looked his age. I gasped in disbelief. This guy appeared to be even more handsome than the other!

I had to find out who they were. Fortunately, Jennifer sidled up to me. 'His name's Mercutio,' she announced in a bored voice.

'Who cares about him? I want to know his name.' I pointed at Mercutio's companion. Jennifer sighed exasperatedly.

'Make up your mind,' she complained. 'Which guy do you want? I hate talking to people beneath me.'

'I want that guy.'

'Luckily, I already know his name. If I tell you his name, can I have Mercutio?' she asked.

'Yes, yes,' I said impatiently. 'Now tell me his name.'

'His name is Romeo.'

I sighed dreamily. His name suited him…and it also suited mine. We must have been destined to be star-crossed lovers like 'Romeo and Juliet'. Maybe he was from the Montague family, my household's enemy. I grinned. Oh, wouldn't that be brilliant. It would fit in my plan.

'Thanks, Jenni,' I drawled, knowing she hated that nickname. 'You can go away now.'

She narrowed her eyes at me before huffing and strutting away.

I checked my reflection again. Spinning around, I sashayed towards Romeo and Mercutio.

'Hello, boys,' I smiled flirtatiously. 'How are you doing tonight?'

Romeo's eyes instantly became hazy from my stunning looks. Yes, the plan was working. I grinned inwardly. On the other hand, Mercutio glared at me coldly.

'What do you want?' he demanded.

'Mercutio!' Romeo scowled at him. 'What do you think you're doing?' he hissed.

'Don't listen to him,' Romeo smiled charmingly at me. Oh, what a hottie. 'He's an idiot. I'm Romeo Montague.' Oh how wonderful. He was a Montague. This was going to be very similar to Shakespeare's play, except the ending would be different. I would not die. I would make certain of that.

I beamed at him, looking at him from under my eyelashes. 'Nice to meet you.'

He opened his mouth to speak but Mercutio abruptly pulled Romeo a few metres from me. I crossed my arms angrily. This wasn't following the plan.

They had a quick, hushed discussion before Romeo glanced at me with wide eyes. I waved in his direction. I was a bit worried. What was Mercutio saying to him?

Romeo started walking to me while Mercutio smirked at me from behind. I frowned back. What did he do?

'You're Juliet, right? Juliet Capulet?' Romeo asked politely. His eyes no longer looked dazed. What was going on?

'Yes, that's me,' I fluttered my long eyelashes, deciding to continue on with my plan. I must not be deterred by Mercutio's interference. 'How did you know?'

'I've heard about you.'

'Oh, really? Good things, I hope.' I giggled.

'Quite the opposite, in fact,' he stated emotionlessly.

I was startled. 'W-what? What do you mean?' I stuttered in shock and puzzlement.

'I heard you're a heartbreaker and a two-timer. You've hurt so many of my friends with your cheating.'

I blinked. 'That's not me,' I lied convincingly. 'You're talking about my friend over there.' I indicated Jennifer with a wave of my hand who was watching Romeo and I.

'Really?' Romeo said sceptically.

'Yes.' I nodded my head vigorously, but not too much. I don't want to mess my hair, do I?

'I don't believe you,' he growled. 'And before you say anything else, I don't want to talk to you or even be near you. I don't even want to see a hair of you. If I do, you'll regret it.' He bowed curtly before stomping away while I gazed after him.

I sighed. Wow, he was still beautiful even with an angry look on his face.

Jennifer smirked by my side. Where did she come from? 'You didn't get him, did you? It must be a first for you.'

'I don't care. I'll get him eventually. No boy can resist me and moreover, I love a challenge,' I answered, watching as Romeo and Mercutio strode towards the door.

Before disappearing out of the door, Romeo turned around to glare at me. I smiled coyly at him, wiggling a few fingers at him. He sniffed and sauntered out.

A knowing smile gradually widened on my face. Goodbye for now, Romeo, but I shall certainly see you again. I have to finish my plan, don't I? And like all the other guys, you will fall in love with me. I guarantee you will.

This definitely won't be like any ordinary 'Romeo and Juliet' ending.

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