Summary: What if crowdfunding could start wars?

(The following is a special blog post from Warsparker founder Victor Sierra.)

Greetings, everyone. I'm proud to announce another group has made its funding goals. At some point within the next month, the Patriotic Front will commence its operations. They not only made enough for conventional operations, but more than enough to fund a postwar administration. While only the campaign organizer knows when they'll start, this is a victory for all freedom-loving peoples. As much as I hate to directly comment on politics on this site, I have to say I have personal reasons for caring.

I remember back in the start of the War on Terror. The US government and its allies lost billions of dollars in wars and thousands of their own soldiers. The result was accelerating government debts, vanishing liberties, and even more instability in the world. You might not remember when the Israelis considered striking Iran, their media tried calculating the economic costs of war. The effects on oil prices worldwide were set to go through the roof. Another major war would've driven even the superpowers' economies into the toilet.

It was about then the zeitgeist seemed right. This was right after the Arab Spring revolutions and the rise of crowd-funding platforms. My idea was to change the costs of war from the people to the private sector. After all, we've all heard of mercenaries and arms dealers trying to get the state to march to war. So, I launched Warsparker, and donations started pouring in. Despite all the media fuss about their nuclear program, it was good old opportunists who initially picked up the tab. Plenty of oil companies wanted that sweet Iranian oil, the Sunni Gulf states wanted their Shi'ite rival weakened, and the mega-banks wanted to seize any assets left.

Warsparker has been used for over a decade since then, and we've had some successes and failures big and small. We've started insurgencies, hired mercenaries to protect refugees and endangered species, ended inconclusive wars, and even seen a few attempts at whole regime change. But today, I've seen a huge outpouring of success for something I would have never dreamed of. I doubted many of the people who once enthusiastically used my site for their own ends ever expected to be on the receiving end of its operations. The Patriotic Front will be commencing their march on the Beltway soon, backed by supporters across the political spectrum, Federal defectors, and the good will and hope of the world. Thanks to your donations, you can say you brought real change to Washington.