Seems like I am getting too poetic these days… Here is another romance poetry.


How well can you get me with your arrogance.
With those eyes, you can crush down my defense.
I love that stern face you make when you concentrate;
Your beautiful smile gives me a perfect checkmate.

I try to push you out of my mind,
Still you come up every single time.
I don't know why someone just mentions you;
Just when I get back my sense,
Why do they speak out of the blue?
Well, I can't really blame them…
It's because you're just so influential,
So much like significance of a differential.

I love physics just like you,
I love writing you do too.
You are confident, witty and ingenious,
I am shy and sometimes capricious.
Yet I feel we perfectly match,
I feel we are meant to be, in fact.

I know a little of your sad past,
I know you have gotten over it at last.
I won't pity, console or sympathize
Because that's exactly what I despise.
I don't want to make any more mistakes,
For the extent to which I have hurt you is already too great.

Though I really can't help it if you take my breath away,
In front of you, I just can't say
I fell in love with your smell,
But I don't have the courage to tell.

I don't know if you'll ever know, Senpai,
I don't know if it reflects in my eyes...
I wonder if you'll ever find out,
Know it's you this poem is about.

For now, writing this I'll cease;
And go study some capacitance in peace.
For now, I am happy enough to let my feelings flow,
And say that the night we met forever glows.

- Tensai-Teki Kuroneko