Chapter Zero:

When life got better…

then took turn to be worst.

Alois was a 16-year-old teenage boy but he didn't look like it. He had jet black hair that was cut short but not too short and bangs that reached to his eyebrows. His doe-like eyes were cobalt blue—it 'fits perfectly with his dark hair—and he also had long (girly) eyelashes. He had cute pointy nose (don't ask me what a cute nose looks like) and pink plump lips. He's got a small and petite body (seriously, he's a little short for a guy his age) and his skin was a little pale. Overall, he looked like a girl.

But, don't say that to his face if you want your face away from his fist. That guy's like a girl on PMS. So, just don't.

And currently, (little) Alois was sitting on the floor of one of his best friends—Trish's—room with his other best friends—Gio and Yuki—trying to calm the crying girl down.

"I can't believe he dumped me for that-that b-bitch!" sobbed Trish. Alois's eyebrow rose. Wow. Trish never cursed. It must be really bad.

"You just said bitch," stated Gio. Trish glared at him. "You never curse," he added.

"I don't care."

"Come on, Trish. Stop wasting your tears for a guy like Trevor," Yuki spat Trevor's name. She was sitting next to Trish, rubbing the girl's back soothingly. "That guy's stupid and a fucking bastard. He's stupid for letting you go for that fucking bitch." Trish kept sobbing. "You look like shit, by the way," she added. The girl with brown hair and amber eyes—Trish—glared at her. Yuki just shrugged.

The half- Japanese girl had short black with a tint of dark blue hair that reached her shoulder. She had a pair of dark brown eyes and she was wearing a pair of black-framed eyeglasses. She also had pale skin but Alois's a little paler than her.

"Yuki's right; you don't need to shed tears for guy like him. He dumped you, his lost," Gio said.

Gio had shoulder-length auburn hair that framed his face and a pair of emerald eyes. He was about four inches taller than Alois. And unlike Alois and Yuki, he's got normal coloured skin—not too pale, not too dark. He was wearing a big-glassed (you now, the nerdy one that has thick black frame? Yeah, that one.)

"If I see that fucking bastard tomorrow, I'll kick his sorry butt," hissed Yuki. She's not kidding. She might look nice and gentle but she was a little harsh and had a very colourful language. Last week, she had punched a guy because the guy had groped Trish's butt. Poor guy. Not.

"Well, I don't really like that guy in the first place so I'm kinda glad you two broke up; you're too good for him anyways," Alois pat Trish's hair.

Trish chuckled. "You guys are so sweet." She wiped the tears off her face with her hands. "And I guess you guys are right. Trevor's a bastard. I shouldn't be crying for a guy like him. And Yuki you don't need to kick his butt. No need to waste you energy," she smiled at Yuki. Yuki nodded.

Alois knew Yuki was disappointed with that. She was looking forward to kick the bastard's butt. But, Trish told her not to do so, then so be it.

"You're okay now?" asked Gio. He had a small smile on his lips. Trish nodded and pinched his right cheek. "Yeah, I think I am. And you're just too cute, Gio!"

Gio sent Alois a look that said 'please-help-me-I-love-my-cheek'. Alois just shrugged. Gio glared at him.

"Trish, you're killing him," stated Yuki. Trish let go of Gio's now-red cheek and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry." Gio nodded.

"Okay, so problem solved; everything's okay," Alois voiced. The other three nodded.

"Where's Will by the way?" Trish asked. Gio and Will were very close. Wherever Gio was, Will will (haha) be there.

Will is actually Gio's cousin; a year younger than him. But, they're like brother. He had short dark-brown hair and dark-brown eyes. And he always carries a book with him; every time.

"He had a fever so he's staying at home and I don't think he'll be at school tomorrow too," Gio replied.

"What time is now?" Yuki asked. Trish looked at her watch. "7.46 p.m.," she told her. "You guys going to go?" she asked. The three other nodded.

"Yeah, no need to see us off. Go lie and get some sleep," Gio ordered. "Wash your face first. Like Yuki said 'you look like shit'," Alois added. Trish nodded.

"Oh, okay then. Well, see you guys tomorrow." Trish got on her feet and the others followed after. After saying their 'byes', Trish went to the washroom. The others went downstairs and bid Trish's mom goodbyes before going out.

They walked together for a few minutes talking about some random stuffs before breaking up at one junction—Gio with Yuki while Alois was on his own. Gio and Yuki's house were on the opposite way of Alois's.

About ten minutes later, Alois reached home and went straight to his room. His mom and dad were going out to have dinner with old friends, as his mom had said this morning. That mean he was alone in the house. Wait, no. There's still Niel, Alois's little brother.

Niel's the same age as Will. Niel is loud but he can be quiet sometimes (you know, once in a blue moon?); totally different from the quiet and timid Will. He had short black hair and his eyes were a little lighter shade than Alois's. They were less girly and a little sharp. He was a little taller than Alois too.

Alois couldn't hear his brother's voice so that must mean he was asleep. Well, that's the only time when the guy didn't make any noise-yes, he didn't snore and he's really quiet in his sleep. But, once he open his eyes, it will be hard to shut him up.

He changed into his black pyjama after taking off his shoes and throwing them in a corner. He switched off the lamp (it wasn't really dark) and lied on his bed after he was done. He pulled his blanket up to his chin and closed his eyes.

Trish's okay now and they don't have any other problems. Good. His life was good and he hoped it lasts. With that, Alois went to sleep.

But, sadly, his hope will never come true. He didn't know what await him the next day.

Oh, life's not and never going to be easy, my dear Alois.


"A new guy?" Trish looked interested. Yuki did too.

"Yeah, his name's David Whiteriver," Gio said. He took a bite from his tuna sandwich.

"Is he hot?" Yuki asked. Gio nodded. "He's tall," he commented.

"The Devil." They heard Alois muttered. "The silent bastard."

"Yo, Al. You okay?" Yuki stopped munching her apple.

"What the fuck is that guy doing here?"