When words didn't work…

do some actions.

It was 7.17 p.m. and Alois found himself together with Niel and their parents outside of a house a few blocks from theirs. His father rang the bell and they had waited for a few moments for the door to be opened. And voila! There stand at the door was…not David?

Alois blinked. Oh. It was David's brother, Alex. Alex's cool unlike Mr Grouchy Pant. When Alex saw Alois, he smiled, went in front of Alois and pat his head. "Long time no see, buddy." Alois looked at him and blushed. What? Can't blame him; the guy's really hot!

"Y-yeah, you too, Alex," Alois flashed his oh-so-charming smile. Alex chuckled then proceeded to say hi to the other three and invited them in.

"Mother and father are glad you and your family can come, Mr Haven," Alex had said.

"Of course," James smiled, "we are looking forward to come here." Alex smiled.

"Please come this way," Alex asked as he led them into a room; the dining room.

After David and Alex helped Sicilia to serve the food, the others waited for the three to take a seat before they started to eat. They were all seated around the dining table. James and Jonathan each sat at the end of the table while the others sat at the two sides; Elena, Sicilia and David at one side; Alex, Alois and Niel at another. The parents started talking about house and work stuffs so the four teen decided not to disturb them.

When Alois looked up from his food, he saw David staring at him. And the guy was smirking. Alois glared. Alois mouthed a 'What' to him. He just kept smirking. A few moment s later he gave a look to Alois that say 'Missed me?' Alois fought the urge to snort. He met David eyes and mouthed 'ew'.

Yes, as you can see, they can communicate through looks and silent words.

"Are you okay, Allie?" asked a concerned voice next to Alois. Alois stopped glaring at David and looked at Alex. "Yeah, I'm fine." Alex nodded then went back to eating. Alois decided to ignore the presence of David and started attending his food.

Not more than five minutes later he felt something moving up his right leg. His head snapped up and met David's smirking face. Then, they started their 'look' competition plus glares.

'What the fuck are you doing?!'

'Nothing,' David mouthed while he put on the most innocent face he could muster. It wasn't really working with that smirked plastered on his face.

'Get your foot off my leg!' Alois was glaring at him.

'What foot?' Again David put up the oh-so-innocent face.

'I hate you,' Alois mouthed. David smirked.

'Love you too.' Alois rolled his eyes.

"So, Alois dear, how's school?" Sicilia asked. Alois looked at her.

"It's cool, I guess."

"Got any girlfriend?" Jonathan teased. David snorted. Alois glared at him.

"David dear, that's not nice," Sicilia scolded David.


"Um, no; I don't have any," replied Alois.

"Really?" Alex looked at Alois. "I mean; you're really cute." Usually, Alois wouldn't like it if anyone said he was cute. But, this is Alex. So, Alois blushed.

"Thanks, I guess," Alois muttered. Alex smirked at David.

"What about you, Niel dear?" Sicilia looked at Niel. Niel smiled and nodded. "Her name's Jess," he told. And from there they started to talk about Jess. Sicilia was listening intently and Niel was telling them about his girlfriend. Alois tuned them out. He had listened to Niel talking about his girlfriend for hundredth times already.

"So, Al, how was the date?" Trish asked as the four friends (Yuki, Trish, Gio and Alois) were standing in front of Alois's locker.

"It was not a date. Our parents were there too."

"Well, then: how's meeting with the parents go?" Yuki chuckled. Alois glared. "Haha, very funny."

"No, seriously, Al," Trish said. Alois grunted.

"That fucking bastard always seems to find ways to annoy the hell out of me." Alois snapped his locker shut.

"Whoa, what did that poor locker ever done to you?" Gio raised both of his arms.

"Shut up, Gio," Yuki said. Gio shrugged. "Whatever."

"What did he do?" asked Trish.

"He ran his foot up my leg, he threw meatballs at my face, he accidentally spilled his water on me and so on," Alois replied.

"Wow, he hated you that much?' Gio chuckled. Alois gave him the look that said 'duh?'

"But, I managed to do a few things to him too. That was why I had to wear Alex's clothes last night." Alois sighed.

"Who's Alex?" Yuki asked.

"David's big brother," Alois replied, "a college student."

"I bet he's hot," Trish grinned.

"He's hotter than Mr Grumpy Pant, obviously," Alois stated. He thought for a moment before he said: "Heck, that bastard's not even hot."

"Puh-lease, Al; you so know David's hot. That guy's like sex-on-leg!" Yuki exclaimed. Trish smirked.

"Really? Ew." Gio and the girls rolled their eyes.

A few seconds later, David came and stood in front of Alois. Alois glared at him. "What?"

"Your clothes," David said and took out Alois's clothes from his bag. Alois took it. "Thanks." David shrugged.

Alois waited but David didn't leave. "What?" Alois hissed. David looked at him and smirked. Alois know that look.

"Fuck you."

"Love you too." David smirked then walked away.


Alois's friends stared at him. The girls were grinning (smirking in Yuki's case). Before the girls could say anything, Gio spoke.

"I never heard his voice before," Gio stated. The girls looked at him. "He's in you class, right?" Yuki voiced out.

"Yeah, but he didn't talk. We couldn't even hear his voice when he introduced himself," Gio said.

"Really?" Yuki looked at Gio. Gio nodded.

"But, damn; his voice's hot just like his face!" Trish said. Yuki nodded. Gio shrugged. Alois rolled his eyes.

"Gio, let's go," Alois tugged on Gio's collar. A few minutes later, the bell rang.

"Love you too, Al!" Trish shouted. Yuki giggled. "Trish, David will hear you!"

Damn girls.

"Okay, why is he here, again?" the raven pointed his index finger at the blond direction.

"Rude," pointed David. Alois glared.

"Whatever, bastard."

"Midget." David retorted.





"Fuck you."

David smirked. Alois's eyes widened.

"Ew, not that way, you pervert!"

"Okay, okay. Jeez, calm down you two," Tyler said. Gio sighed. This is not going to be easy.

Alois grunted. Why the hell was he stuck with the bastard? But, look at the good side; Tyler 'hot-stuff' is there too. But, still…

"Gio," whined Alois, "I can't stand him! Can't we join another group?"

"No." the raven pouted.

"Okay, so, what're we supposed to do, again?" Tyler asked.

"Spend time together; get to know each other, asked questions to each other, and then write an essay about one another. That's basically it," Gio explained; if you can call that an explanation.

"Wait, spend time together? But, Gio…" whined Alois. Gio rolled his eyes.

Alois turned to David and glared.

Don't you miss spending times with me, dear?

"I know that look and EW!—don't you dear me." Alois made a disgusted face.

"Um, what?" Tyler looked at Alois. Gio did too.

"Not you guys—I'm talking to the bastard here."

"But, he didn't say anything," Gio pointed out.

"He didn't. But, he thought about it," Alois stated.

"Okay… How did you know what he was thinking?" Tyler asked.

"I'm just that awesome."

"Kay, whatever. When can we start?" Gio looked at them one-by-one.

"Okay, should we start by introducing ourselves?" asked Tyler. "Name, date of birth, hobbies, ambition—stuffs like that."

"Um, sure," Gio said. "I'll go first." The others nodded.

"Okay, so my name's Giovanni Hayden, no middle name. My birthdate is 7th September. My hobbies are reading, sleeping, studying, and reading, yeah… And I'd like to be a doctor," Gio finished. "Alois, go next."

"Fine." Alois puffed his cheeks. "My name is Alois Miguel Haven, born on 25th October. I like to watch movies, sleep, bake and many other things. My ambition is…I haven't really thought about it. Okay, maybe a pastry chef." David snorted. Alois glared at him.

"My turn!" Tyler beamed. "I'm Tyler Paige. My date of birth is 12th January. I like to play many kinds of sport and I want to be a professional basketball player."

"Your turn, bastard."

"David Whiteriver—4th June—Drawing—Artist." Gio and Tyler stared at him.

"Let me rephrase all of that," Alois offered. "Hi, my name is David 'Bastard' Whiteriver. I was born on 4th June. I love to draw and I want to be an artist. I'm also an annoying prick who thinks he's to cool to speak in full sentences. Thank you." Alois smirked at David's direction.

"Okay, now what?" Gio stepped in before the two start insulting each other.

"Miss Bianca, what should we do now?" Tyler asked Miss Bianca who was passing behind him.

"Hm, well. Get to know each other better," she suggested.

"We already introduced ourselves," Tyler added.

"Talk about your interest or anything. Just get to know each other and find out the things you can fit in your essays," she said and stalked off.


"This is awkward—why can't Yuki and Trish be in our class?" Alois grunted.

"Brat," David started.

"Pervert," Alois retorted.


"Grumpy pant."

"Cut it out, you two. Seriously, you guys are acting like kids." Gio rolled his eyes.

"He started it!" Alois protested.

"Whatever," David said. Tyler chuckled. "You guys are like bickering lovers."

"That was unnecessary," Gio hinted.

"No way in Hell." Alois glared harder at David who merely shrugged.

"Okay, why don't we go to our favorite places sometime this week? Then we can 'know each other better'. But, make sure your favorite place is not a strip club or such," Gio proposed, joking a little.

Tyler chuckled. "You're cute."

Gio blushed. Whoa, whoa. Mr. staying-at-home-reading-under-my-blanket-is-more-fun-than-spending-time-outside was blushing. Alois smirked. Hehe. Gio shot him a look.

"Who should go first?" Alois asked.

"I'll be first, if that's okay with you guys," Gio said.

"Nah, you first then," Tyler smiled. Alois nodded.

"Okay, then let's go tomorrow, after school." The others agreed.

"…Your room?" Tyler voiced out.

"Um, yeah…" Gio nodded slowly.

The four teens were currently inside of Gio's room. Tyler and David were still standing, Gio was sitting on the end of his bed and Alois was lying on it. As it seem, Gio's favorite place was his oh-so-peaceful bedroom. No surprise—he kind of spent almost of his time in there.

"Is that Death Note?" Tyler pointed to a DVD on Gio's TV. Gio nodded. "You watch it, too?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's cool," Tyler smiled. Tyler then plopped next to Gio and David sat on the other end of the bed.

"Boys, you guys want anything to drink?" someone from the door asked.

"Sure, orange juices and cookies maybe," Gio said.

"Okie dokie~" Dean, Gio's mom sang. "I'll be back in a while."

"Your mom's nice," Tyler commented.

"Thanks," Gio smiled.

"Gio, I wanna sleep," the raven snuggled into the pillow. "Your pillow's really soft."

"Lazy ass." David spoke. Alois head snapped up.


"Oh, come on, guys. You gotta stop this childish act," Gio sighed.

"Whatever, Mr. my-bedroom-my-heaven," Alois said to Gio.

So, from then the boys started to talk about Gio and his interests and else; mainly it was Gio and Tyler talking. Alois just gave some (unneeded) input here and there ("Those mangas were killing your brain cells," Alois had said. "Did you say something, Mr. barely-passed-Math?" Gio asked in his yes-do-you-think-I-give-a-shit face.) And David was just…sitting quietly. Gio's mom had come with their drinks and cookies a few minutes ago.

"Hey, Tyler," Alois called. "Are you and Mr. I'm-too-cool-to-utter-some-words here close?" he referred to David.

"Nah, I just know him. He's one of my close friends' cousins."

"Oh." That's why he was with Tyler and co. during lunch.

"Who's next?" Gio asked. David raised his hand.

"I bet it's the graveyard," Alois said with a smirk gracing his face.

"No," David started, "it's your closet." Cue The David Smirk™.


"Just for you."


"Guys…" Gio glared at the two 5-year-old-trapped-in-16-year-old-teens-bodies.

"Then, I guess, I'll see you guys tomorrow," Tyler said. The others just nodded.


"You sure this is the right place?"


"Well, I don't see any tombstone…"


"Surprise, surprise: it's not a graveyard!"

"Shut up, idiot."

"Whatever, duck."



"A Day-care?"

"Yeah, why? You have a problem with it?"

"No, sir, no."


"T, will you kiss GG if you can catch me?"