Dramatis Personae

Please note all names have been changed. Well, actually, it's kinda obvious. If you thought I actually hung out with people with such weird names... you have problems.

Nero - -That would be yours truly.

Moony - She be the smart cookie(COOKIE!)

Prongs - She be the tall, judgemental one.

Stanley - She be the one with the imaginary bro (Yeah, she's a chickO_o)

Dumblymort -The nice, supportive friend

Tonks - The one who gets high on my writing (seriously, it's like a drug to her)

Joey-Chandler(JC) - Tonks' best friend who I may or may not have a crush on (HE'S A GUY, IT'S ALL GOODS)

Other people will appear along the line, but these are the ones that will appear the most (I think...)