About the story *important to the series*


it all started in 1984. everything on the inside was fine, but on the outside is where this story will begin. once upon a time it was inside.

in 1984 Lynel Zhen started Zhen corp by himself at 20 years old, as a young succsesful asian man from Hong Kong. zhen corp was a artifactual company when it started. lynel then over time of only one year started making museums and buying artifacts with money everyone could only Guess where he got from. his museum's started becoming achauly popular ,and making him ton's of money sence he had such a good touch with history. in a cold winter in 1986 Jack Michado's blew up a building in america. by know time everyone was saying Jack Michado was one of the worlds Biggest terrorist because jack didnt stop with one building in america. he practicly tortured smaller country's america seemed as a Gamble for him. zhen corp then made a giant Genorious donation for the citizens and everyone who got hurt. lynel zhen became a Hero through out all of america. after an american agent named Nathaniel Plisken started investigating the terroristic attacks in country's coming from a mercenary regiem michado started. he relised that jack michado wasnt the only High rolling mercenary in the blackmarket. there were international Theives practicly Praised for there actions among other theives. one of the biggest ones at the time was a mercenary named Hannibal Rigley Some Redneck Outlaw persona'd man. after a month of investigation he found the name familiar name of Lynel zhen. he informed his base in america he had a clue who was doing everything but know names were said.

saddly enough, Agent Plisken never returned home to his 2 children and pregnant wife. there was a search team sent out imediently after america figured out he went missing. nothing was found not even the papers nathaniel claimed to find stating something of some importance to america.

the international affair's agency agreed with the president that it wasnt safe to let the media figure out about how inlarged the black market was at the time. so on, Lynel zhen became a common donator to charitys for almost every reason espeacily terrorist attacks by Jack michado. lynel became a Cherrished citizen in america.

but that was only the inside.

on the outside there was the black market. that didnt only come from america but almost every country in the world. america never let the citizens know how bad it was on the outside. they were told just practicly Ocean. but it wasnt the truth, over time grew international Slave Traiding organizations. (Most owned by Red Radcliff)

assassin guilds

modern day pirates



and so much more over time. people came and go ,death was practicly a common nature on the outside, it was an animal kingdom and for the theives and Bolth the mercenarys if they had one there King would probably be hannibal rigley the up and coming hot shot in the blackmarket. he could find money Anywhere and that's why he never got killed off ,he was practicly an outlaw for hire.

but at the time hannibal rigley was almost the least of there worrys.

Lynel zhen and Jack michado had an agreement after the terroristic attacks in america. lynel stepped in and said he'd pay him off to stay away from the country. they bolth agreed knowing if more things started happening america would be Forced to let the public know which meant more Heat on the black market. everybody was happier that way. so jack took the money. till 3 months later when lynel figured out he was on top. jack was just a terrorist. titles were only titles to lynel, he was very confident in his company. till a man named Bardock Cane started showing up Everywhere bardock started working for Bolth lynel And jack behind there backs and in a very short time he turned them against eatch other. starting a full out war between a regiem and lynel. lynel then made an anouncment that he was investing in buying a security company and so he did in a short time also. he hired mercenarys and created fake contracts for all of them, practicly creating higher class criminals without Anybody knowing other then the company and few in blackmarket. creating Zhen corp Task force. a company that protected against zhen corp and helped gaur political figures once public started thinking blackmarket was a threat. once again lynel was the hero. nobody questoned his task force because people knew black market Was getting bad, and zhen corp travelled so much. they needed to be safe. he used 40 % to protect his buseness workers 60 % to fight jack michado. the war has techncly ended in 2004 because they were bolth so exhausted sending people in and out just to fight and die. suddenly the war stopped but there was no truce, jack michado qouted "this was just a battle. a long battle persay. but the war isnt ended till i win. and i will Win."

meanwhile in england Charles crosswell passed away and left his daughter integra crosswell in charge of everything. crosswell corpwas a small museum busines till integra came in office, she learned it quick and easy and became almost the same hero lynel acheived in america, but only in england. she pulled a good old fashioned Lynel Zhen strategy and got the public on her side

years later. jack michado was Still a threat, but he wasnt like most men on the run, Most men didnt have a designated Team, and jacks did of 4 people Him Mikey Renae, Oscar Kelly and Rachel Luka. the team broke off years later for a reason that never lef the team, and jack suddenly started Hunting his old team members. everyone high enough in the black market still rememebered the fued of the corperate Lynel zhen and terroristic Jack Michado. the blackmarket was achauly calm (as it could be) for a while till people like Matt miller a Theive/mercenary group. Kano Balcoin an assassin. and more genres of groups and people. then it became violent again.

lynel still kept his task force to watch after his black market maters and his corperate market maters. own owned by his son who is no reflence to his highly proffesional father, and that child was Yahn Zhen. highest task force were basicly Mercenarys/theives with a higher paycheck. yahn seemed Great at it though. he was nothing like his father, he was very cocky and loud, as his father was very calm, well spoken and manored. nothing like his son ,yahn. yahn barley even looked like his father, he looked like he belonged somewhere in the Triad's with his tattoo's and not very Professional clothing. yahn still had his own team which he Forced himself to earn. which he achauly did. nothing seemed to work in yahn's favor as Usauly being the boss's kid. it was achauly a Curse for yahn, to get respect from co-workers and other's in his work feild. but it never stopped him and he contenued with his team.

then there was Lynel's Favorite. E.j Lancaster. ej worked there longer then yahn, longer then yahn Could, but still at a young age. ej never took lynels task force, ej decided to make his own and he did he hired a young girl he saved life, Shivon Mendly. ej trained her and took care of her when she was 15 years old. ej then trained her well enough to be on the team at 20, he then hired Reid mathews a theive with a cocky persona, ej qouted "he's just a taller Yahn zhen. but unlike yahn, he's good at his job" reid was on ej's team for 3 years till ej figured out about reid dating shivon. ej had a problem with it but got over it for shivons sake. 1 week later ej figured out reid was a difector to jack michado, unfourtunatley enough for zhen corp. mathews made it out without a few bruises from ej, till reid shot ej 3 times. likely enough ej survived and after 1 year of just him and shivon they hired a theif named Ken Masters. he wasnt much better then reid persona wise. achauly a little more joke friendly with a Gianormus Ego to inflate his personality even more, he had a movie-star look to him. people still say he was only alive because of ej.

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