Chapter 17


Hong Kong


"and who the heck is Enrique Alejandra?" the younger miller brother, Angelo asked standing beside raffiel. "Some Spanish fuck: i don't know." Yahn replied standing beside his own, Task team 3.

yahn had a rather larger group, but nothing the size of haymidge's. task team 3 consisted of Yahn Zhen himself. Raffiel . Leo . Trish . and Angelo.

all placed beside eatch other on the left side of the room. in the middle was Task Team 2, consisting of E.j . Shivon . and Ken.

and since Task Team 1 consisted of 22 people. Only Haymidge and his Elites were there. consisting of, Clyde (Ayame Zhens Husband to be.) and then Jennifer.

and standing infront of all of the task teams was the Brittish nigerian ,Ashley.

"well your Spaniard;" ashley went to explain. "that's not what i said ,but okay." yahn said smirking slightly as E.j tossed a glance to him and gave his glance back to ashley.

"im saying Spaniard.. Anywhom, Enrique Alejandra: Former Black market king pin."


Mean while in ,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


"Black market KING PIN, you say huh?" Navarro said sitting at a both in the hotel bar with Rowan ,Luko and Viola.

"Tis what they are saying about him." one of the frenchmen ,Captain Rowan Avaline, Replied.

"Alright, but why are you here? aren't you doing integra's dirty work while jacks gone." Viola said. "Enrique alejandra is the reason i made the deal with her. Seeming how you two had no clue who he was, i feel like i made the right decision." Rowan said.

"OK. but why do you need to be here with us?" viola asked him.

"Because right now ,he's acting like a politician. i don't believe that is going to last long. and Navarro here, is a rather large ..Target ,if you will; to the black market. and even though navarro can defend himself and i'de rather have me and my good man Luko here, to handle it.

"Your kidding me aren't you? a Babysitter?" Jack said raising one eyebrow at rowan. "you could call it a body gaurd, dosen't sound so bad like That." luko said as he nodded his head to the side.

"The only Body gaurd i've ever had was a nearly Nine foot tall Somoan man, named Khali. you see where it seems odd to switch from Khali, a Giant. to switch to Six foot two Frenchmen. with odd's like versing Mercenarys, it becomes as clear as day that size indeed does matter." Jack explained sternly.

"and this is even me forgetting the fact that having a body gaurd on my vacation, is nothing less but disrespectful. and as a man who has spent countless hours and days Disgracing other people, i would probably know." jack contenued.

"Depends on if your a Qaulity-Or-Qauntity type of man." Luko said, clearly on his captain's side.

"Well ,jack. it is either, deal with us: who you don't currently have a problem with, Or fight integra over it. and i think we can all agree on, Integra can be, pardon me, but quite a Bitch sometimes. Espeacily to yourself." rowan said leaning back in his chair.

... "Fuck it, you got me. Only because we both agree that integra is a bitch." Jack said with his usaul half serious-half smart alec tone as rowand and shrugged at the same time. "you have to be kidding me.." viola said under her breath, Annoyed.




"Where in the hell is your girlfriend?" Wade complained. "Sidi? She's with Alejandra right now. Supposedly picking us up , in do time, Here." Niles said standing at the old damaged fuel pump. with luis to his right and wade infront of him.

"Why?" luis asked niles a bit conserned. "Because she's the only one here who speaks his first langauge." niles ansered.

"and you just let him take her with him on the plane?" wade asked crossing his arms looking at him questonabley.

"No ,dumbass: I was going to tell him to go straight the hell else, but the bloke insisted he took her." niles said.

"Sidi said it would be easier then pissing Enrique off." niles contenued.

"Theres something off about that guy." luis said standing beside niles. "You seem to be the only one who cares. the bastard can do whatever he wants as lone as ,I ,get My pay." wade chuckled a little.

"Pay or not ,he's still pretty Off to me." luis murmured. "no, i do have to agree with wade on this. But i Do agree he is an odd charector, him." niles said lighting a ciggerette.

"How can you be smoking out here? it's like a hundread degree's." luis asked him with one eyebrow raised. "i've smoked since i was 15 years old. i don't think Today will be the day it kills me." niles said teasingly.

"Plus, if that big bastard in the building back there desides to achaully Use that machine gun he's stairing at us holding, ide rather blow up his damn fuel pump and bail before getting shot." niles said suprisingly calm.

"your fucking kidding me.." wade sighed looking over niles' shoulders into the old Falling Apart and Rusty gas station.

luis looked to the window of the gas station and saw the man niles was refering to, but how did he even See that? niles had his back facing the gas station. "What should we do?" luis asked wade. "don't worry , we'll be fine. this island is ran off of Race." wade said

"Or, we could think of it like, killamanjaram people have been dealing with White men coming onto there island and trying to make it a democrisy. if anything he'll shoot us Twice for being white." niles said smoking his ciggerette glancing his eyes to the road as they heard a jeep on the dirt road covered Slightly in grass.

"a bit of the racist here ,huh?" luis said as sidi pulled up beside them in the old beat-up jeep and they started getting into it.

"can't really blame them. they've never had a Good experience with a white man. it becomes instinct. it's not there fault." niles said as he groaned a bit climbing in the back of the jeep with luis as wade sat in the passanger.

"Just fucking Great. were on an island.. Filled with people who hate us." wade said adjusting in the seat.

"Filled with Racist people who hate us." niles smiled sarcasticly as wade gave him a glare. as luis broke the quick dead silence with a small whisper, "you should probably brush up on your comforting skills there buddy.."