Cassandra didn't know what it was; she didn't think... No she knew it wasn't normal. Had it come through her genes? That was another question she was unable to answer. At first it was little things Cassandra would see, and it was before they had even happened. Items belonging to her and her family would be misplaced. She could see where they were and who would find them before they had actually been found. Cassandra saw her mum and dad missing their flight to the Canaries for their tenth wedding anniversary. She saw it like a dream, but she was really awake. She saw this the day before it had even happened, and that one time had been the most notice she had ever had with her visions. Cassandra eventually realised that, once she had foreseen an event, she had minutes, maybe seconds, to change the outcome.

For a long time, she refused to acknowledge the fact that she was in a way different from everybody else. Who else could see the actual future before it had happened? That kind of thing only happened in books, movies, and TV series, but not in reality. In real life it would be considered insane by doctors. Maybe that was it; she was clinically insane and no one had noticed yet. That would answer a lot of her questions.

Cassandra just wanted to be normal like everybody else. Isn't that what everyone wanted? Sure, there were those who thought it would be incredible to have some form of a super power, but Cassandra would bet anything that they wouldn't be too long in changing their minds if it actually happened to them. She was seventeen years old. She should've been thinking about her leaving cert, college, and future drunken nights out with her friends. All the ordinary and fun things girls her age think about. Instead she was busy contemplating her sanity. From what she could gather, nothing special seemed to really trigger the visions. Cassandra used to ignore them for a long time and pretend that they were just dreams she had had.

Cassandra had a good life, aside from the unusual part. She had great parents that were still together and happy, an annoying little sister that she really loved deep down, and a boyfriend of two years, named Bradley. The two of them were both hopelessly and completely in love with each other. She called her premonitions at this time a curse but if Cassandra was to ignore that curse this one time... it would have meant a future without Bradley in it. She would have lost him forever on that fateful day.

Cassandra was dropped off at school by her dad as usual. She had just climbed out of the car and barely closed the door when it hit her. He was crossing over the road to meet her and his face lit up with a smile when he spotted her. Bang... a massive white lorry came out of no where and hit him before he even had a chance of dodging it. She opened her eyes and felt sick to the stomach after what she had seen. Cassandra knew what had to be done with every fibre of her being; she couldn't and wouldn't ignore this vision... not if she could help it. She knew there was a few seconds to spare, or maybe minutes if she was lucky. Bradley was always on time to meet her. He was there usually just a few minutes before the bell rang. Cassandra whipped out her mobile and saw she had one minute to change what was about to happen. She frantically rang his number and it went to voicemail after a couple of seconds. She damned his mp3 player to hell; knowing it was in his ears and definitely blasting at full volume. Then Cassandra saw him across the road. He was smiling at her but his earphones were still in his ears. She gestured for him to take them out, but he still couldn't seem to hear her. Cassandra's heart jumped around frantically in her chest. She raced across the road, willing her legs to go faster. She could see the lorry out of the corner of her eye and Bradley stepping off the pavement and onto the road even closer to the lorry. Cassandra was almost in arms reach of him when she lunged and pushed him, with every bit of strength she had, back onto the pavement. He stumbled and they both fell hard to the ground. The breath was knocked hard out of him, but they were safe and out of harms way. The lorry swerved as they hit the pavement and it slammed on the brakes; by then it would have been too late if she hadn't of intervened.

"Ouch, Cassandra, what the..." He stared at the lorry, and shock registered on his face at the realisation of what had almost happened.

A man in overalls got out of the lorry. His face was as pale as a ghost. "I am so sorry...I didn't see... the cd was stuck in the thing...," he stuttered.

"It's ok... we're was an accident." Cassandra reassured this stranger who had nearly took the love of her life away. All she could feel was numbness and relief. It was something she had never felt in her entire life when it came to her visions. Just maybe it was a gift and not a curse? How could it not be when without that vision she would have lost Bradley forever? Cassandra shuddered at the thought of how close she had come to losing him.