It's quiet. Mama's gone. Yay. No-body home. No-body to say what to do. Make me do homework. The chores: clean my room.

I can do what I want now.

What to do? Hmm…

I'll play. Yes, that's what I'll do. Barbie and Ken lined up on by shelf beside Jemima; it's time to get you down. Mama won't be home for awhile.

And then we'll eat the ice-cream in the fridge. Mama won't see a few spoonfuls.

I'm bored. Mama? When are you going to come back? Barbie and Ken are tired. They've gone to bed. Jemima's falling apart; you'll stitch her back up, won't you?

And the ice-cream's making my tummy hurt. Will you kiss it better?

Mama? Mama? Where are you? I'm lonely now. I cleaned my room, just like you told me to. I did my homework – all of it. I want you now, Mama. Barbie and Ken and Jemima aren't you.

They're not real. They can't talk to me. Or hug me.

I want a hug Mama.

I don't like this anymore.

Mama? I'm scared now. It's dark out; I don't like the dark. My heart's going boom-boom-boom. I don't like it.

Did I make you mad? I'm sorry, I'm sorry –

I'm scared.




Why…won't you…come back...?

Someone's outside. They want to come in. They want to talk.

They can't. 'Mama tells me not to open the door,' I say. That's what you taught me, right Mama?

They say they are child ser-va-ses. What's ser-va-ses Mama? Why are they here?

Mama, is there something wrong? Something bad? Is that why you haven't come back?

Mama! They're taking me away! They're bad people; they say bad things about you. Liars! Tell them they're wrong! Tell them you loved Papa! That you love me!