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It's never been a secret that the Larva Mansion was spooky. Everybody within a hundred-mile radius knew it, and yet, people still live in it. There have been legends about the house, and how it came to be part of the Beaumont Estate, which eventually became Beaumont International School. It isn't a very pretty story though, and this will be your only warning. Please read at your own risk.

Jenine Bonnet was always a very beautiful woman. From the very beginning. She was born into an aristocratic family, and yet, she stayed a humble person. Jenine did as her parents pleased, and, since her time was sometime in the nineteenth century, she got married at a young age. Pierre DuPont and Jenine got married at the age of seventeen, and in their first ten years of marriage, life couldn't get any better for the both of them.

It wasn't until Jenine turned thirty, when her parents died. They were on their way to England and were crossing the English Channel when their vessel was sunk by sever waves and rain. She was devastated. Because her parents didn't have any other children besides her, she inherited everything. The huge lot of land that was situated in the outskirts of Nice was hers, along with the family jewels. The family jewels were passed along the line for generations, and they were worth millions, and millions of Francs. Although Jenine wasn't tempted with the money, Pierre surely was. His family had cut him off, since he still hadn't had a child with Jenine. He insisted, and kept doing so, for Jenine to sell the jewels. Jenine refused, since she knew the true value of each and every one of the gems that were incrusted into the jewelry.

Years went by, and Pierre started to get desperate. He started to take them, one by one. Jenine tried to fight for them back, she really did, but it was no use. She feared that he would find 'the Special One'. The ring with the thick platinum hoop, and the large, dark blue sapphire. It was the ring that her family was entrusted to keep safe and away from the wrong hands. It was the ring she died for. In her family mansion, she kept the ring in a small, velvet box and hid it. Now one knows exactly where, but it's there. Jenine hid herself inside the mansion for days, and eventually, Pierre started to get frustrated.

Legend has it that in the attic, where she was hiding, Jenine was confronted by her husband. They argued and argued about where the last heirloom was, until Pierre got fed up. He reached for the nearby axe, and beheaded his wife, right then and there. Blood splattered everywhere, and Pierre showed no sympathy towards Jenine.

Pierre died alone, somewhere. No one really knows what happened next. Some people say that he found it, some people say that he died trying to find it. To this day, there is not a soul out there that really knows why the ring was so special that Jenine had to die for it. Rumor has it, that it causes instant death to the people who touch it. No one knows what to believe, but everything after the legend ended is nothing but fact. The lot of land, including the mansion, was bought by Sir Beaumont, and was combined with the other surrounding pieces of land to create to Beaumont Estate. After the Great War, the American's established the Beaumont International School on the same land for the children of the American diplomats. In the end though, it just became a boarding school for American kids. Just like me.

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