Look at me
Just simply me
I try to be
Exist simply

Lost in a world of dreams and more
Caught in a world of macabre and gore
An "innocent" land of rich and poor
Articulate dreams with no open door

I lose myself in a world of shame
I forget myself in hopes of fame
Together we look to point the blame
Forever we forget to hate the game

This game I tell you is just not fair
Why is everything just a dare?
Stop covering your eyes with darkening hair
You run from life as though you don't care

Don't live so internally
I see much more outside of me
It's not always bad to live individually
It's just that it's hard to live functionally

Together let's disband the gates of an earthly hell
This world is wrong, an empty shell
Try to change this blessed cell
All before the angel fell

To judge who is wrong, that doesn't matter
Live a little and act like the Hatter
Life can be a messy splatter
That inner happiness has a funny chatter

There is a golden key called patience
For in its time, all has sweet ambience
For some, the game is defiance
For others, the game is called reliance

Which is more important, the hand or the tool?
Ah, look how easy it is to fool!
In order to live, you don't need to be cruel
A person's not always meant to duel

Speaking of which, there's only so much one can take
The voices lie, and you become fake
Asking for help is like a much needed shake
Not everything in life is always a mistake

Give a break to those of the mind
Take a moment to rejoice in their find
Do that for all, and to all be kind
Give them a chance to get out of their bind

I don't understand why I don't mind this blank wall
Do the voices help me get through it all?
All I want is to scribble and scrawl
And pour my soul out to you all

Then how can it be hard, then
To reach out to a friend
To stop the pretend
To start to mend

I want to be a lot more positive
I want to take some initiative
Why must I be so destructive?
My life shouldn't always be so vindictive

The next time it rains, don't be in dismay
To the High Powers of All, there's much you could say
Instead of vendettas, there's surely a better way
If plans have been changed, there's another day

I wish our morals wouldn't shift
Since many things in life are a gift
We have the ability to love and uplift
To reach out for help or makeshift

Spread a little love and cheer
Find some happiness this year
Don't have life be run by fear
Forget the drugs, forget the beer

Not to say you should live life as a nun
Everyone needs a little sun
But I'm sick of living life of the run
But I don't want it over and done

A yippity-skippity hop-and-a-jump
Friends in love, a little heart thump
A wrong word said, gets rid of that pump
All it does is Leave you in the dump

For life, 'tis not the end!
For you have a friend
For they want you to mend
They're there so on them you can depend