Death is all around me

Life seems but a dream

And therefore only

A dream away

So I need only

Close my eyes

To see the light of day

But shadows come and go

Twisting in the snow

Of this eternal winter

And suffering seems all I have left

I cannot close my eyes

Cannot sleep for fear

Fear deep inside

Keeping me locked up inside

Eternal insomnia, suffering and despair

A never-ending


Taking all that I have

And leaving nought

All the battles I have fought

Both won and lost

Will they all be in vain?

Fear is only in my mind

But it's still a force

To be reckoned with

I'll lose myself in this war

So I must, be brave or die

Would I take,

The second option?

So many lives have I seen end

It seems like hell to carry on with my own

But what awaits me

Beyond the grave?

A paradise?

Or a place of torment and suffering?

I can hardly imagine

What horrors might await me

I long to leave this place

Misery, suffering, death and despair

I'd leave it all behind

Go somewhere else

A realm of fantasy

If I only could go

But I'm left here all alone

Left to contemplate why

Why this all happens

Not just to me,

But happens at all

Unjust, yet still here

It will never end