I don't like it here.

The kids gawk at me and make snide comments.

The teachers think I don't understand a word they say.

I don't.

My old school was further behind this one.

No one offers help.

They all think I'm stupid.

A freak.

There is something wrong with me.

There's not.

I think.

I'm just different.

My old school used to embrace diversity.

We had assemblies that ended in tears,

and heartfelt exchanges.

Bringing our school together.

The assemblies here are cold.

The teachers drone about seemingly pointless subjects.

The students snicker and catcall.

It seems to pull them apart than bring together.

I wasn't odd at my old school.

But here they act like I have blue skin.

They say I worship the devil.

I have gone to church all my life.

They call my hair freaky.

Girls say I look like I got a makeover from hell.

All the kids at my old school dyed our hair.

It was groovy and the cool fad.

The boy behind me tugs my hair until I cry out.

He doesn't get in trouble.

I do for calling out.

We never rose our hands at my old school.

Our desks weren't lined in orderly rows.

The teachers never disproved of doodling on our papers,

They encouraged it for helping concentration and creativity.

This school is ran like a dictatorship.

A prison.

I think this is why people drop out.

I would if it were legal.

Girls mock me.

Boys ridicule me.

Teachers taunt me.

I don't like it here.