Hi, how ya doin today?
I'm sorry. I can't come out to play.
My mummy and daddy say
that I've got to go away.

I'm going to see a man,
he's going to do a scan,
to go with the other tests they ran
They'll make me well, they say they can.

I went into a tunnel small,
would've been more fun if they'd let me crawl,
but I wasn't allowed to move or call.
Had to stay still through it all.

The doctor came out with a smile,
called mummy and daddy in for a while.
I counted all the ceiling tiles,
they stretch for miles and miles and miles.

When they came out mummy's eyes were wet.
Daddy said they couldn't talk yet,
"Not to worry though, cos you'll get
better soon, I promise pet."

We came home then (that was yesterday)
and evrytime they look my way
they look like there's something they want to say
but all they've told me is "Go on and play"

You can see them over there, looking out,
watching us as we play and shout.
I know there's something they want to talk about
but they'll tell me soon no doubt.